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So here was the strategy. Gardy or Wade gets on pitcher bunts him over for Rizzo. Now I get it.

@KrelchScranton2 Man, I really feel bad for Rossy. I hope the front office gives him time to succeed. Rizzo to the Yankees is a real kicker👎🏻

@RyanGarciaYST Monty get him to 2nd then rizzo rbi hit plz

@HeidiA1438 @ARizzo44 @Cubs Doesn't seem right. So hard to watch him in a Yankees uniform.

not rizzo actually turning the yankees season around

@JrrizzoYT Happy birthday Rizzo!! Thank you for always being such a source of happiness and memes that have helped through a lot of tough times 🙏 I hope you have a great one sir and enjoy your time with family and friends!! 🎂

@The161Boys But not as big a travesty as batting Rizzo

Former Cub Anthony Rizzo Called David Ross on Yankees Debut

⏰ FINAL DEL PARTIDO EN EL IVÁN ELÍAS MORENO: @Cusco_F_C (Edson Aubert 24' y Gonzalo Rizzo 78') 2-3 (Jonathan Ávila 14', Diego Manicero 72' y Joyce Conde 81') @AlianzaUDH @DeChalaca 👉

@VinRBI Adding Gallo and Rizzo is huge for them could honestly be the difference whether they make playoffs or not.

Anthony Rizzo games reaching base 3+ times including a homer in 2021: With the Cubs: 3 times in 92 games With the Yankees: 2 times in 2 games

Bro this is so painful watching Bryant Baez and Rizzo man we should have never let them go this will be the worst moment in Chicago cubs history watch

Why do Yankee fans think other teams will trade them their young talent for over-rated bloated underachieving way overpaid over the hill never amounted to anything players? Now the better free agents don't even want to play for the Yankees. Rizzo will be way overpaid by Yanks.

rizzo coming to the yankees was not on my 2021 bingo card but you will not ever hear me complaining

Creo que me puedo acostumbrar que Kris Bryant juegue con los giants 🥰 pero Rizzo con los yankees no 🥺

@Yankees I don't like the lineup.. I think it's should have been.. I like rizzo in the 2 spot ALWAYS in case lead off man gets on to start. Torres Rizzoli Judge Gallo Sanchez Odor Wade Gardner Montgomery I don't know what Aaron Boone is doing out there. Smdh

@Mike__McKenna Rizzo- HRs in first 2 games. Baez- HR in first game. Bryant- ????

Baez hitting a home run his 2nd time at bat and Rizzo 3rd

@M_Montemurro I was just telling my cousin yesterday that Baez was gonna hit a HR his first start with the Mets. Pederson did it, rizzo did it, Baez just did it. Wouldn’t surprise me if Bryant hit a moon shot today

Congratulations to @ARizzo44 , @javy23baez , and @Kimbrel46! Great debuts. Also, you're welcome New York. It's tough seeing them in without the @Cubs blue. Here's to @KrisBryant_23 with the @SFGiants.

@pinstripealley Did they "rest" Gallo when he was with the Rangers or Rizzo when he was with the Cubs? Will they be "rested" now that they're Yankees?

@dgodz At least the Giants SM team is smart enough to catch KB with a smile on his face. NYY haven't done that yet with Rizzo that I've seen. Though it's not like I'm combing through everything looking for it.

@JCBOYD_SPORT360 Ok que Rizzo a estado bateando bien, pero llevarlo a primer bate🙄

LOL @ cubs fans saying Rizzo doesn't "look happy" with the Yankees. I feel your pain but come on 🙄. He's happy.…

Happy national girlfriend day too my 4lyferrrrr 🤞🏽❤️ @jay_rizzo_813

First Rizzo, then Baez, then Bryant. Now this. I hope I’m not next…. #Cubs #CubTogether

Rizzo, Bryant, Baez. Los tres están en sitios que no son suyos, que no les pertenecen y no sienten. Rizzo y sus expresiones en estos últimos dos días con los Yankees, duele. Sus corazones siguen en Chicago y el luto por sus marchas dudo se vaya esta temporada. #cubs

@Rizzo_TV Did u get one of da hot dogs or pizza slices because u definitely deserved it

"Man, the American league is pretty easy"- Anthony Rizzo (probably)

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