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@theAliceRoberts I don't agree with Prof Roberts view on assisted death. But she's absolutely right here. I just think the little old granny thinking she's in the way and should get on with it, is too high a cost.

Journalists Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts uncover a massive corporate conspiracy in I Love Trouble. Romance was never more dangerous (or improbable!) #BestOfBOB…

@JHowellUK We are so desperate for trade deals in our new isolated, diminished position it seems we are signing up for ones that actually make us worse off. Sensational stuff.

Ni hablar, ayer falló Julio Urías y los #Dodgers estan ya prácticamente eliminados, por que sigue habiendo errores, no se les ve esa hambre del año pasado, sin mencionar que Roberts sigue experimentando con el pitcheo q no ha ayudado nada, igual hasta el último out #RepitamosLA

The core reading for this week is "Psychiatry Beyond the Brain: Externalism, Mental Health, and Autistic Spectrum Disorder" by Tom Roberts, @joelwkrueger, and Shane Glackin.…

@ESPN_Beisbol Roberts trae un desmadre con su pitcheo. Si la lógica se da, hoy LA queda eliminado.

@WONF4W That is the BEST explanation I've ever heard 🤣

◥•ﻜٕوِدٓ•◤ ﷼ ﺧٕٓصٍٓمٍٰ ﷼ ـــꝏ Ahu6446 ꝏــ.أيـهـــيرب ـــꝏ S33 ꝏــ.سـيّـفـىْ ـــꝏ y5 ꝏــ.نمشــــى ــꝏ WW ꝏــ.ََٔأََدَئََدٔأَس ـــꝏ Mj ꝏــ.نــّؤنْ .َٔأَََئََهرَبْ Be kind. Everyone is still healing from things they don’t speak S46G

@mdnij34 Nope. Not at all. Zero faith, zero trust that they're working for the good of the people. Barrett, Alito, Kavanaugh, Roberts, Thomas--they all have their own agenda.

@LewisDeighton17 On form alone Roberts and Rodrigo wouldn’t play but I think they will start?

@Truiz_24 Bellinger has sucked all year and he has been clutch at times. Maybe Roberts BELIEVES bro lol

@MayoIsSpicyy But the voters gave Republicans the power they have in most states. They sold their souls for tax cuts (and racism). State power overrides federal power in most instances. Voters and not the politicians own this.

Eight years ago, John Roberts blew up a key provision of the Voting Rights Act. The result: an ongoing attack on voting rights.… via @HuffPostPol A reminder that the first "politicians" to destroy our Voting Rights Act in modern America was SCOTUS.

Where have the #Luddites gone? They're right every time... Starting with computing as a time-saver always leads to relying on computing. Example: Timesaving online banking enables more payments, which become incompatible with cash & paper-based bookkeeping.

Igual te digo, con tal de que no jueguen Roberts y Cooper que pongan a mi vecino si quieren. No los soporto más

Lloyd Mangrum, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Clifford Roberts at the Record Fountain in 1959 -

@TalkinBaseball_ Yes..he probably should've given a better effort but, if he doesnt make the play, more runs score..if later in the game, for blame..puts his 20 game winner to relief..when he shouldn't have, him for the start.....bullpen has Beckford etc...Lux isn't

@Miya_Micole man i had a blast still can’t believe i fell asleep the whole way back

@Vigilante_Eagle by 2024 Florida could be doing it's own thing anyway. It is time for a national divorce. I am not talking looking at other states as enemies, but we clearly have irreconcilable differences in many ways that are beyond coming together for.

Funding from @NEHgov will support three prongs of democracy-focused programming: 1) the continuation of our Maryland Voices oral history project on democracy (participant and @UMESNews student August Roberts pictured here),

@ChargersWin2021 After signing Andre Roberts I would settle for a Dustin Hopkins signing. With that said if the price is right and they can get Akiem Hicks. I would be thrilled. Not sure what that price would be. I've heard 2 picks is what it would take. If they're later rounds it makes sense

Collaborate with them to make Edmonton better for all. I look forward to that.

@michaeljanz I would like to congratulate you on your victory. I would hope now you are elected you find time in next few weeks to reach out to @kirstengoa & @HaruunYEG . They have great ideas and challenges which need addressing, today not in another 4 years. I hope you can 1/x

@malpatta1 @DeItaone @EBUYUKARSLAN Not necessarily. Plus it was just a build in Crude inventories last month.

@jlz0z @brexit_sham He's got his eye on the prize - the peerage is only a few years away!

@HunterOpp2 I've still got Pixel 4, but need upgrade. I'll be checking it out. Love my Pixel phone .

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