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@RacerX00 @LATiffani1 I figured. He’s hiding somewhere. Or he kill himself? We don’t know yet.

@kanino_rocker @mmdeportesmx Para calenton el video xxx de tu jefa 🤣🤣🤣, saludos 🤣🤣

No doubt! Cities like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, ad nauseam!!…

@Division1979 Echt? Belehrungen habe ich immer überhört.😂

@chinaBML Uf... si tuviera el poder, moriría tocando Rock & Roll.

@RepMTG Below is a list of your accomplishments for the people since you’ve been in congress:

I have to warn my superiors! [the recording would end with a click…]

Wait…why is there so much redacted info on this page of her file…strange…I’ll put in my clearance code and done now i can see- [an audible gasp from a female could be heard these were obviously recordings from someone…] S-She c-could cause a end of the universe senario…fuck

When she does travel to different universes she tends to take on a new identity as there are other people like her out there who hop universes, though she has formed a bond with a certain hellcat in her home universe whom she finds a comfort in being with.

The multiverse for new prey, as a very special fox youkai she needs to drain the life force of other living beings to survive she does so through her concerts which allows her to mass drain from all those who attend she has been known to leave her victims alive too

Though not much is known about Miyuki she tends to disappear for long periods of time and then reappear somehow having gained a significant boost in her life expectancy, most likely due to either trips to the outside world or uses an immortal time travel as a tool to explore+

@MrBulwarker @axios False life all slime there are one hundred percent vetted

@NickClams I don't really care. They already have the Rocker pick which they can't lose to another team. Finish strong and go out and grab the pieces you need. Start with resigning Stroman and Baez and then go out and get Correa

Yep, in WRONG location - and we PAID for this display of force via farce!…

@LATiffani1 @RacerX00 I heard about her found body. Was she murder? I haven’t heard news yet. So sad RIP Gabby.

@By_Grace_saved1 @axios That is absolutely 100% false none of that is happening

@CaptTimothyP @rpm002 @amyklobuchar States can make their own laws only if those laws are not at odds with federal law or the U.S. Constitution. Read the Supremacy Clause. “…Anything in the laws or constitution of any state to the contrary NOTWITHSTANDING.”

And as far as first round draft picks, we already blew it with Kumar Rocker, so how much would losing another one be, if it means transforming the organization for the better, right?…

Megadeth Rocker Dave Mustaine Tells Concert Crowd ‘We Have the Power’ to Push Back Against Tyranny…

@RiverSo52546499 @axios Might want to check on history a little bit federal law supersedes any and all state laws

Twitter wants me to turn on notifications. I wouldn’t get any anyways.

@GOAwayIamStoneD Pados ko gao se suna hai ki yaha chumma mil raha hai isi liye hum bhi lene aa gye 😁chumma Fresh hai ya kal ka hai🤣

@ScubaMySteve Siri, why is the Libertarian Party a joke?

@Unsilent_TX @Julia20526177 @axios Simply because you have not had the necessity to have an abortion other women do

@RCachanosky @soyheimdal @SantiCafiero Secretario de asuntos institucionales para la relaciones heteronormativas vigentes en la estructura unilateral del medio ambiente y fuerzas le la otan.

@nipponkairagi 河野氏は米国仕込の合理主義と直言志向だから日本式の官僚答弁は許容しないんだよね。 でも高市氏は官僚のそういう性質も織り込んで(官僚の協力を引き出して)議員立法を実現している。河野氏はなにか議員立法したことがあったかな? 殿様気分の恫喝は反感を買うだけで総理になっても官僚は動かんよ。

I know I’m never on my rocker but I’m extra off of it today.

@bsquare68027934 @axios Because it doesn't work it's for worms in cows and horses not for a virus and anyone says that it does work needs to get their heads out of their ass cuz they're lying to you

@Kingsley_Zizzou @AdamInHTownTX @axios @POTUS No idiot those Haitians are being sent back to Haiti

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