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@larryelder Yeah fucking let me guess who you want instead... Oh, also, since when did anyone give a flying fuck what Rogan thinks about politics?

Obviously a nod to Plato. Which @jordanbpeterson is considered a modern Plato(great thinker). The problem with the current video format, is that you can see the awkwardness of the guest in the recent interview. Got to make people comfortable. Rogan has mastered this.

@Rogan_OConnor Only if you put it in after I get in sir

Watching Joe Rogan describe chickens to Duncan trussell is truly uplifting to the soul

I can’t wait for the Men’s Health article sharing Gudetama’s glute day routine with me. Why does this lazy egg yolk have such pert buttocks? (And other sentences I never thought I’d type)…

He really wants to say the word and just like Joe Rogan and Russel Brand, they are laying the foundation for a public awakening. Soon, very soon 👌…

@larryelder So? Who gives a shit what Joe Rogan says? I was told by your cult that’s led by a celebrity to not care what celebrities think. So where does that leave us?

With that Seth Rogan ass laugh is fuckin CRAZY 😂😂😂😂😂😂…

dream: everyone is great <3 dream stans: dream is hot because hes skinny…

Million Dollars Worth of Game The Roommates The Table With AO Amen Podcast Not a Cult Podcast Jocko Podcast Joe Rogan The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast PBD Podcast…

Idk who needs to hear this, but Joe Rogan is not your Ally Here’s him just recently calling Barack Obama “the best president of [his] lifetime” and “everything you’d want in a president”

“Tom Brady Was a Giant [Donald] Trump Supporter And…” – Joe Rogan Reveals Why ‘Lefties’ Couldn’t Cancel TB12 Even on His Worst Days #SmartNews It was no secret, but you’re both still p*****s & nobody really cares.

Everyone saying that Alex Jones is “normal”, people like Joe Rogan and Glen Greenwald, should watch the channel 5 interview. He may be a funny clown to some, but he’s a horrible anti-semitic white Supremacist monster. #RememberSandyHook

@tweetbyAki わかります。本当にその通り!今まで沢山経験してきました 笑

@TedScheck76 Right!! Dustin Hoffman, jack black, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogan.

Joe Rogan & Mark Zuckerberg Augmented Reality IS THE FUTURE OF Technology!


@Q_RomieRome 🤣😂I mean...I don't know how much inside knowledge Rogan has (I'm assuming a lot). But that place is empty almost. It sure looks like a private party to me, and Zuck is sitting front row center.

i hope u guys like my rogan quotes posts

自分の知る限りアルコールの影響を最も受けるゲームがスプラということを日々実感してます #スプラトゥーン3 #Splatoon3

@LetsJustBeFoes @MoPOP Perhaps a rubber stunt prop for wide shots or when the actors had to run

@ConEarl @RebelNewsOnline Hahaha you have been fully manipulated by Rogan and the media. Have fun with that. Voting for Trump is un-American.

"On my left knee I have a long scar from an ACL operation. I've had both knees reconstructed." -Joe Rogan

@rogan_brendan Yes and now we have charcoal toothpaste that costs a fortune. Our parents were ahead of the time.

@ClutchRipz Yeah he talked about it on Rogan. Not doing this but to have it for UFC in future. He’s been spending most of his time with work on various VR stuff

@gr4vegutz He is a funny man especially when he's paired up with Seth Rogan in the night before lmao

Seth Rogan's really going from producing The Boys to voicing Donkey Kong.

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