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No @joerogan , you didn't build natural antibodies. You injected mouse antibodies into your body. Had you taken a vaccine, THEN you'd have natural antibodies you made yourself. #Science #vaccine #Antibodies #pseudoVax #MouseAntibodies

To be fair, it would simply say: “Joe Rogan Promotes Ingesting Engine Coolant”.…

I knew Rogan was dumb as dishwater but this is next levels…

this Is the smoking gun for joe Rogan that he should pursue legal routes to sue either CNN or MSNBC…

@DeuceInTheQueue @russellmz @raydubejr @elikasadeghi Rogan is a giant pile of 💩, but tiny for a human being and yes I'm basing my opinion on his show Fear Factor. I tried listening to his podcast, but gave up after about 10 minutes, the guy sounded like a 10yr old having a tantrum.

when did like 30% of online political debate become joe rogan

Joe Rogan must be incredibly confusing to woke white people.

Joe Rogan gets about 100 million listeners a week. CNN on-air windbags get family and friends. Sorry CNN, you have ZERO cred, and zero audience.…

4 key moments from Dr. Sanjay Gupta's appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast

@Bahler Before I watched it Sanjay wrote an article about how he thought he debunked his rhetoric and I’m listening and I’m like it sounds like Joe Rogan is debunking him smh

@joerogan well Dr. Sanjay was waiting for you to “throttle his neck” that is funny.

@trapsixthecat @peterboghossian @joerogan Perhaps Peter or Joe or Trapsixthecat has your answer. What the heck is the question?? The mat? Duh mat?? I dunno. How bout da mat?

4 key moments from Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast…

@SaraMcflying Gupta should have explained there are two forms of ivermectin: a veterinary form & a human form of the med (as is the case with MANY meds).Joe Rogan did not take the veterinary horse dewormer (which is what CNN had been reporting). He took the human form, as prescribed by an MD.

The heads at @CNN better lawyer up, @joerogan is going to sue you royally out of your offices! #LawsuitTime!…

@RealCandaceO I’m convinced your genuine. Your discussion on @joerogan is surprisingly prescient. You truly do rile the feathers of ANYONE trying to box you in. You are very inconvenient. And if your not a hustler, which I don’t think you are, I applaud you! NO BOXES.

@RobertGrulerEsq Rogan owned him. Credit to Gupta for going on tho

@maxfawcett There’s a reason Rogan doesn’t return Rubins calls and this is mostly it.

I have watched Joe Rogan dismantle @drsanjaygupta and @CNN 100x today. I want @joerogan to become Orthodox, he is a big force against evil these days.

@LateIrving @hillc25 @ROGERSAYER6 @peterboghossian @joerogan I’m genuinely curious: did you not know about this data or have you been willfully ignoring it because it’s not convenient to you?

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