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Rolling Stone ranks “Essence” by @wizkidayo as the #1 best song of 2021!

@Aaron_Good_ @RollingStone So your position is that it doesn't matter that Trump believed the investigation to be a threat, and sought to stop it?

New Evidence: Trump White House May Have Worked With DOJ Official in Scheme to Overturn the Election… via @RollingStone

Sham GOP Election 'Auditors' Want to See Your Ballot -- But Hide Their Own Work - Rolling Stone…

กรี๊ดด Rolling Stone จัดให้ The Feels อยู่อันดับที่ 50 เพลงที่ดีที่สุดในปี 2021 เริ่ดมาก💅 #TWICE

RollingStone (op-ed; Aug 2020), “The Unraveling of America”:…. #anthropology

@thesolarcoffee You see that rolling stone top albums list? A complete joke.

@Onitaset You can’t completely get mad at black people when rolling stone and billboard etc will have greatest albums list and greatest and mention a bunch of black artists (even tho this list my be Questionable) and wonder why there confused about representation

Karol G Comes Home to Herself at Historic Medellín Show – Rolling Stone…

📰| @RollingStone ha dichiarato "drivers license" la terza miglior canzone del 2021. "Ha reso facile per persone di ogni età immedesimarsi nella delusione amorosa di una diciassettenne" 💜

Rolling Stone Names #Essence by Wizkid ft Tems The No 1 Song of 2021 !!!! Record Breaker

@heyjudeletitbe1 @Babs_Jlb @Bookaddict20211 @HumanBean00 @hawnted @Cali_Girl090 @ganvaltv @911LAPD @TMZ @cnnbrk @RollingStone @nickcarter @FeelFreeToPanic @schmils @InstagramComms The investigation being open for 45 days is “a case” as far as I am concerned. 1) you have to meet requirements. 2) they can come in and out as they please. 3) it will be mailed to you when it is closed as substantiated or not.

💥#พรีออเดอร์ นิตยสาร : Rolling Stone Korea special 02 – REVERED AS K-POP’S SUPREME : #CL ✅ ราคา 490 บาท ✅ reg.50 / ems.70 *ข้างในมีคนอื่นด้วยนะ ตามรูปที่แนบข้างๆเลยค้าบ💘* #นิตยสาร #พรีออเดอร์เกาหลี #สินค้าเคป็อป #23holangkpop

A Revista @RollingStone nomeou o remix de ‘WITHOUT YOU’ como a 48° melhor música de 2021. “O hitmaker australiano dá ao single um pouco de seu brilho emo-rap com a energia de festivais cheios. É uma dupla peculiar, mas que acabou saindo surpreendentemente ótimo”.

Why Cannabis Brands Should Prioritize Intention and Conscious Consumption… via @RollingStone

@TheUFOTrail Sure it’s not a brimstone baritone anticyclone rolling stone?

@Babs_Jlb @drealities @Bookaddict20211 @HumanBean00 @hawnted @Cali_Girl090 @ganvaltv @911LAPD @TMZ @cnnbrk @RollingStone @nickcarter @FeelFreeToPanic @schmils @InstagramComms This is true Tiff. An investigation is done first, if needed a case will be made. If not it will be documented. The investigation will still remain open for 45 days & be under the watchful eye of CPS.If anything else happens then it can deem a case, if not,it closes investigation

Rolling Stone จัดให้ Solar Power เป็นเพลงที่ดีที่สุดอันดับ 21 ในปี 2021 นี้ค่ะ✨…

@DearAuntCrabby @RollingStone The silver lining is higher death rates. Can't fight nature.

Michael Imperioli aka Christopher Moltisanti is a real life renaissance man and it was very fun to dig into his work and life and chat with him about it for @RollingStone…

@drealities @Bookaddict20211 @HumanBean00 @hawnted @Cali_Girl090 @ganvaltv @911LAPD @TMZ @cnnbrk @RollingStone @nickcarter @FeelFreeToPanic @schmils @InstagramComms @heyjudeletitbe1 I have worked in family court. Assessment is what they do before ever contacting the family. They assess if an investigation should be done. Investigation then happens to prove/disprove the allegations. If proven then a case is opened.

INFO | 📰 Las 50 mejores canciones de Rolling Stone de 2021 - # 16 Butter " BTS celebra el poder de los ritmos sedosos, las armonías de rayos de sol, los raps de fiesta y los coros de salto con una alegría tan descuidada que hace que todos los demás estén en las listas de +

Steve Jordan on Touring With the Stones: ‘It Was Like Being Strapped to a Rocket Ship’… via @RollingStone

📍 ¡"Butter" de @BTS_twt fue nombrada la 16ª Mejor Canción de 2021 por Rolling Stone! ©️charts_k…

Watch Lizzo Cover Erykah Badu’s ‘Tyrone’ With Shout Outs to Chris Evans and Drake… via @RollingStone

#CRÍTICA: Rolling Stone listou “Happier Than Ever” como a 7ª melhor música de 2021: “A magia de ‘Happier Than Ever’ está tanto nos versos insanamente citáveis (‘I'd never treat me this shitty/You made me hate this city’) como no crescendo furioso da canção em torno da marca de

Butter (BTS) y The Feels (Twice) están entre las 50 mejores canciones de 2021 de Rolling Stone, sin duda reyes y reinas 😭

Sham GOP Election 'Auditors' Want to See Your Ballot -- But Hide Their Own Work - Rolling Stone 🚨🚨🚨…

Trump Just Wanted to Remind America that He Committed Obstruction of Justice - Rolling Stone…

@RollingStone Who knew America's greatest line of defense against fascism would be Covid-19?

@drealities @Bookaddict20211 @HumanBean00 @hawnted @Cali_Girl090 @ganvaltv @911LAPD @TMZ @cnnbrk @RollingStone @nickcarter @FeelFreeToPanic @schmils @InstagramComms @heyjudeletitbe1 This isn't true. An assessment and investigation happen before a case ever does. She even said it o. The live. She said no you do not have a case, this is just an investigation. If the report is substantiated or the find any other reason to require CPS then a case number is made.

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