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Vamo’ hablarlo que voy pa’ dentro como Ronaldo

@chirichampions Todos saben que si el Gordo Ronaldo no tenía esas lesiones, hubiese estado cómodo entre los 3 mejores de la historia...

Wtf? Ronaldo is better than messi I betttttttt

@n1ls3 @breathMessi21 Bet this would have been a different tweet if Ronaldo had 7.70+ ratings.

@Manu83449580 Semplicemente deve tenere fede al suo personaggio. Fra lui e Ronaldo non so chi mi stia più sulle palle (forse lui, visto che si è permesso di mettere le mani addosso a Simon, anni fa)

@UTDphantom @ronogoat7 @cr_ronaldostan @NotBadAbdel @Cristiano @instagram My niece account was hacked and Banned some days back, thanks to my friends who recommend he to @Tec_Ricyrek on Twitter he is a life saver and a professional 💯% you can inbox him on Twitter he Will help you out as well 🙏 💯👍 trust me his gonna help you too.

alan pedro > ruan nascimento > ronaldo > GOL…

There were 0 doubts at that time, even Bayern & Ronaldo fans admitted Messi would win Sigh

@FCB_Shaheem @ronaldo_goat___ @MessiLad30 @WhoScored How many UCL Ronaldo won during his time in Madrid? This is the stage were the best players has to shine. Unfortunately Messi has none without Xavi or Iniesta. How is this possible?

@Cristiano 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Bella canción de Cristiano Ronaldo 💕

The amount of "Pogba will flourish under Rangnick" I've seen today wtf how you lot have faith in a guy who had 10 good games for us in 5 years and constantly wanted to leave, yet y'all gave up on Ronaldo and the concept of pressing in mere minutes.

@TMForever30 There is no doubt Messi is the best footballer but ask almost everyone who they would rather have on their team and the most will say Ronaldo

@mikmacr Quindi Ronaldo pagato 105 milioni sopra ai 30 anni è follia? Meno male ci sei tu a valutare 🙌

No te veo por aquí, y eso que te piensas que eres poco menos que Cristiano Ronaldo @joaofelix70…

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