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Ekovolt is a proud partner with Microsoft to deliver affordable Internet access and cloud solutions to underserved communities and small medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. #Ekovolt #wirelessInternet #HomeBroadband #StayConnected #staysafe #wifi #wireless #broadband

я буквально сейчас лежу на снегу под two queens in a king sized bed

synthesizing Skyway transmitter Bacon Right-sized extensible South grow digital Mouse Gorgeous Kentucky…

Green on $NVDA Puts...In: 9:35 Out: 9:36 Sized In for quick 1-Minute Trade. Thank You AJ @AjTrader7 for Today’s Notes! 💵✅ #ACTFamily #ACT

#CARIBBEAN: Cocaine valued at an estimated US$22 million was last week seized by the Miami-based United States Naval Forces South Command during an operation in the Caribbean Sea. Five suspected drug traffickers were also detained.

@ZevFima Nanobots bro — Tiny, molecule-sized smart bots flowing through your physical body that manipulate the electrical impulses governing the synapses in your brain and nervous system and thus, every aspect of your physical and cognitive perception…

so far today at the print shop: -trimmed down the prints I made yesterday -organized the cards ive made so far -cut some more tarot sized practice paper -typeset the high priestess! -set up the plate for the second printing on the empress #jameyprints

Okay Economist Twitter, do we think the trend of young people moving to cities looking for jobs has has led to the decline of good jobs in medium sized communities in Canada? Or the decline happen first and then young people started increasing migration to Urban centres?

Small and medium-sized managed service providers (MSPs) could find themselves subject to the Network and Information Systems Regulations under government plans to tighten cybersecurity laws – and have got three months to object to the tax hikes that wil...

The Big Sprawl is coming, and it's another city-sized gift to sprawl developers of our precious farmland and nature. Join me in taking action to Stop the Big Sprawl! #ONPoli #BigSprawl

what i mean by that is if a plus sized valentines set came out, other people who didn’t like the set or are not plus sized/ do not have plus sized ocs would be missing out on a set they could have and i feel like it would lead to a bunch of people getting angry 2/?

@murderxbryan any house with a “free the smiles” lawn sign should be raided and all electronic devices seized

@ZeBandrew I’ve been good just working these past few days hbu?

A giant iceberg that detached from Antarctica in 2017 released the equivalent of 61 million Olympic-sized swimming pools of fresh water as it melted, according to research published Thursday, raising questions over the impact on the marine ecosystem.

Had a medium sized row with someone on another, more public, social media platform which felt incredibly cathartic for some reason. He ended up going full China Stan and arguing out loud that the public are stupid and selfish and can only understand simple rules.

OK. HEAR ME OUT !! 1/? my opinions on plus sized sets rh needs to add more body representation but i dont think making specific sets for specific body types because then other people are missing out.

@KronoGarrett @Mat_sutzu Not normally one for tubes but I gotta say this raft sized friend does look like fun at a lake.

Walking along Green Lanes, officers spotted a driver using a mobile phone, pulled over and driver did not have insurance. Vehicle seized and traffic report issued. #Hackney #NeighbourhoodPolicingWeek #SaferRoads

open-source Loan Interactions Sports Car Clothing Shoes Generic Down-sized Naira withdrawal copy…

Down-sized deposit Future Interactions Plaza GB payment invoice generate THX synthesize Virginia…

Lucy has ventured into short stories, which are extremely fun and warm hearted snippets of fantasy fiction. I absolutely loved the first one, and they are perfectly sized for distracted brains who can't handle a whole book right now. The first one is free to read!!…

@CantHandleMillz Only way you can outpace inflation is 1. Learn a highly desirable skill and sell your services at a premium or invest in the markets. But inflation will only get worse. I’m in LA and I just saw a box of family sized honey bunches go for 8 bucks. It’s nuts.

Are you a small-medium sized enterprise? Learn about how the Hol Up project will help SMEs across Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Romania, Portugal & Ireland below! #HolUpProject #ulusalajans #erasmusKA2 #SMEs #upskilling #digital #skillsforthefuture #futureworkforce

@ArtSurfRum @andreapitzer I gave 5 hours of my time for this and bite sized bits were used… And I’m still proud understanding they had to condense everything down to 22 minutes. This isn’t a Netflix limited series or a full length 2 hour documentary — it’s 22 minutes.

@Miss_Muzz Thank you thank you I'll be here all day and all night and also all the time

@Ursidae89 fursuit makers be like here is your average human sized fursuit 😞

@Battlefield @StoneMountain64 Okey, i havent complain on this game ever! But now i will! 3 main so annoying things are: 1. Map rotation! Theres no fun keep coming on new server every round and same map round after round! 2. Game modes on normal sized maps! 3. VOIP VOIP VOIP!!! Why No Voip?????

@landforce I down sized from the max starting with the original iPhone X. Never looked back. Physically it’s just too big and ease of use is everything.

Controls over pool size are currently a bit 'all or nothing' — easy to create small or very large ones but nice medium-sized ones are a bit elusive. Planning on implementing a 'max water' variable — which will be a % of the total gameworld tile count. Will see how this works...

@scorched_water @gbennylola @moneyymaya Put it this way, because im plus sized i had to see 5 different doctors to diagnose my endometriosis because all of them just prescribed weight loss for my pain. I work manual labour and work out. Im just fat and fat people can diet and work out and still not lose weight.

@Fun_Sized_Wife That’s a cracking bottom madam. Love it.

@DavidButler34 @TWBFarms They’re not there yet reading this. “As part of our journey towards Net Zero, we have plans to create a ROOT ZERO BIODIVERSITY WOODLAND, a 30+ acre-woodland, (that’s the equivalent to 22 full-sized football pitches!), planted in the heart of our beloved Pembrokeshire.”

@ndv0r @bourgeoisalien Tell that to the 23M afghans starving in the middle of a massive humanitarian crisis bc the US has seized $B’s in bank holdings of the Afghan govt. it’s not the warlords or politicians that suffer; it’s afghan women and children that the establishment pretends to care abt

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