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@glasses_gf be prepared for me to call you a fancy-pants and/or say "well! don't YOU look fancy" with a grin on my face

@Nierofate @Max0KE in case you didn't know, the stuff pictured is being Iblis in the future; Superheating the Black Asteroid to point of explosion from inside its core, and causing a planet-wide EMP Achieving the impossible by sloowwly escaping the Omni-Viewer (that's why he got sealed in the rock)

Essa professora exala energia da UFMG e eu odeio isso. Vou processar essa vaca por tortura psicológica. Me fez abandonar a matéria de ódio

@Nierofate @Max0KE OHH! I see what you meant now. I thought you were referring to the times Super Sonic has ACTUALLY quantified himself as a low-tier god in that universe.

Chorei por causa de geometria ? Chorei e tá tudo bem !

@Max0KE "When I'm through with you the only thing left... is going to be a red puddle!"

@LmfaoWith the last time I heard this audio was in a GMod video, what the hell is it?

@killingmadje Ummm…. I have no clue sorry bestie- is soh cah toa usable there?

Dear Mr Adams (7th grade), This weekend I was standing in my driveway thinking ‘SOH-CAH-TOA’ to decide how tall of a ladder I need to reach my Christmas Light goals. I thought you would like to know. Thanks, Chance

i want na christmas break lmao haha fr fr tho ngl sohcahtoa roygbiv

@panurrr thank you ngl smh tbh sohcahtoa pemdas iupac fr tho

madali lang yan nung jhs e😭😭😭😭😭 tamang SOH CAH TOA lang. ngayon aaaaa ayoko nalang magtalk di ko rin naman naiintindihan

Minha amiga respondendo o menino no grupo de trabalho com essa vibe :

Kumain na ba kayo tho ngl fr rn pemdas soh cah toa roygbiv?

@GHOneTV Currently studying Electricals engineering…dream to elevate poverty from my region by pushing fellow youth into lots of vendors and making my region politically independent.

@monokuromii fr fr tho deped dswd pemdas sohcahtoa 🤙

soh cah toa soh cah toa nakakaputa

sarap sakalin 'yung mga ka-groupmates kong pabigat fr fr ngl pemdas sohcahtoa 😬

@givemenameiwant sohcahtoa gave me issues for like two years straight

Flertando com uma pessoa que eu não tenho ideia de quem seja, mas apareceu no meu WPP

@whistlesuperior SOH: Sin(θ) = Opposite / Hypotenuse. CAH: Cos(θ) = Adjacent / Hypotenuse. TOA: Tan(θ) = Opposite / Adjacent. 😼

Em janeiro vou ninar meu sobrinho ao som de Dilúvio da Karol Conka

Tô muitoooo feliz que minha amiga ganhou babyyyyy. Eu sou tio, viu

@RSmaker25 @Supreme_Owl_FTW @paulg now: teacher 1: "sit down. don't hit him. stop chatting. if you throw that..." teacher 2: "sohcahtoa get it? hahaha" future: teacher 1: "sit down. don't hit him. stop chatting. if you throw that..." teacher 2: "sit down. don't hit him. stop chatting. if you throw that..."

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