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El Volvo C40 Recharge acaba de salir del horno y ya está agotado: Volvo comienza a cubrir pedidos de este SUV eléctrico para 2022 -…

@laurenboebert please stop giving attention to anti-Semite, anti-white, anti-police Communist @IlhanMN who hates America, but chooses to live here. She’s completely irrelevant as a politician-just a diversity token who gets paid to HATE. She serves no purpose in Congress.…

Nissan Chill-Out concept previews sub-Ariya electric SUV; Max-Out, Surf-Out and Hang-Out also shown -…

@CNN Yeah im sure if it was a white man who drove his SUV into a crowd of black people. And they found 1 thing in his social media be it music opinion picture or comments saying something about trump or not liking poc. You wouldve worded it differently to maximize outrage and anger

@crtyx_ Thats clean. Would be a nice cop for sure. Thinking about making the move from a coupe to an SUV myself. It's just more practical for everyday use.

@LouDobbs Time to ban those fully automatic SUVs. People don't kill people, vehicles kills people.

I definitely want another small SUV next. I be having a lot of shit to take when I do these pop up shops be tight asf in this lil ass car 😂😂

I want a sedan so bad SUV are not for me at least not right now maybe when I’m a mom lol

@FoxNews It’s crazy to think that this could read “suv drives into crowd” and it would literally mean just that. Makes it worse that a person made this decisions and irresponsible of cnn to blame a perfectly good car

No. Remember, it was just an SUV that ran all those innocent people over.…


Rs. 20 lakh SUV with panoramic sunroof under: Hyundai Creta to Mahindra XUV700 – EV & Moto…

@daverudd @CNN No, I don't. Some articles said it was a car some article said it was an SUV some article said a driver & a few articles said it was a man. I am assuming those articles got it verified that it was a man. Really? How often has it been a woman?

mind you... NC, FL, PA, Ohio, and Wisconsin are all in play + they need to retain GA, NH, and Vermont...none of which will be easy tasks.

@TheFamilyAliens A fun thing was people in luxury SUVs going over the plastic flexicades to merge left faster. But if the rich knew how to read or use twitter they would have known that the right lane was the only one open.

@RomancingNope I just purchased a Tesla and my small town family is baffled how I afforded it. My response was asking them how much their massive SUV or big ass truck cost them.

#CNN Says it's been one week since an "SUV" Crashed into parade goers. When will the silent majority (aka: civil citizens) speak the [email protected]#$ up to people outside their safe circle?

Apparently kindly asking a driver not to use his massive SUV in a bike lane to cut around traffic warrants being called a "f-cking Democrat cuck" multiple times, and threatening to fight me. Nice guy!

@just_spy @RealCandaceO Can you add a pic of the SUV? It hasn’t t gone on trial yet but you can be ahead of the curve!

@SkipMcQ @FoxNews It’s crazy that this really could be the case. “Ford suv drives into crowd”

5 Upcoming Maruti Suzuki Cars Set to Enter India: New Vitara Brezza, Jimny SUV and More…

@WNK_Life @Public_Citizen Trust me... I'm 38 years old and have been living Chavism since I was 15. There are thousands of people starving to death, meanwhile our left-wing politicians are wearing Rolex, driving luxury SUVs and with their sons studying in the USA o Europe

referring to every SUV type car i see as “that big bitch” >>>

SUV that smashed into rockface near Highway 97 was fleeing a traffic stop: police |…

@NelsonBrn @gregkellyusa Yes, I have no interest in defending SUVs. We all know the high noses and gas guzzling are problems. How much of that increase is due to a similar increase in numbers? I don't even own a a car. If I buy one, I don't want a low car that's bad for my legs and lower back.

all this attention on 2024, but no one wants to accept that we're dangerously close to entering midterms with no federal voting rights legislation and democrats are in danger of not retaining congress again for a long time. but, hey, manchin and sinema amirite? lol…

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