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@KnicksCentral I mean Philly fans booed Santa Clause, this is common knowledge.. the guys can’t be this soft or let fans get to them mentally.. some franchises, you have to be mentally tough to tune everything out so you can flourish, lots of talented guys fail because they can’t tune stuff out

@TransComrade36 Looks like Commie Santa Clause is in there too XD Glad to have made a non-negative impact on someones life!

The bread dough reminded her of Santa Clause�s belly.

ICYMI We released a new Movie Mondays episode on all your podcast apps this week! We talk Ben Affleck returning as Daredevil, Tim Allen's Santa Clause revival & rumours of the Joker appearing in the Gotham PD series Link:… #Comics #Batman #moviepodcast

@ofctimallen So happy to see the Santa Clause getting a new home and closure

@TherealRVD What you talking bout Willis???😆😆😆 yeah they not related and Santa clause is fake then to right 🙄🙄 I need proof of this lop

Syempre dagdagan pa natin ang dugtungan pang ambag. Ang hindi dumugtong crush si santa clause😔 "Pasensya na kung papatulugin na muna" BAZINGA KEEP THE BUZZ WHAT FOR BBHTS @SB19Official #SB19 #SB19TopsBillboardsHTS Listen to #Bazinga_SB19 and #What_SB19

This is legislation designed to combat an urban legend. It is like legislating against Santa Clause, except more pernicious in that it will send people to jail based on police officer panic attacks.…

@Rex60242703 @ryanbeed @Alexandradal1 @Awithonelison @danielmalmer Saying the virologist is not normal is ad hominem. The santa clause comparison is a straw man.

@___J__O__E__ @kurtwuckertjr Bro, I’m livid rn. I just discovered Santa Clause is fake. Thanks a lot @kurtwuckertjr

Santa Clause made a stop at the fire training center this morning. The fire recruits received their structural firefighting gear. #futurefirefighter #newlook #thankssanta


@tonyscampanelli Oh for sure. Little Women, Reality Bites, True Lies, The Santa Clause, Clerks!

Need someone to shoot and edit a short film about a secret Santa clause who’s wife thinks is just a drunk loser but is actually a real great guy.

Believe in love. Believe in magic. Hell, believe in Santa Clause. ☺️ P10 ✅

@ofctimallen Where can I find The Santa Clause items? Shirts caps etc. My 3 daughters and I have been watching The Santa Clause ever since they were little. They are now in their 20s and 30s. It's a Christmas edition 🎅🎅🎅🎄🎄🎄

Disney Plus está desarrollando una serie/secuela de “Santa Cláusula” (The Santa Clause)…

@Ryan5ZN Damn, glad I’m on the good list, Santa Clause

The reason the Trump election challenges failed were that the issue was not the ballot counts. The issue was that the ballots were incorrectly submitted and still counted. When there is no identifiable number/signature on ballots, Santa Clause may have voted. You can't confirm...

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