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After a year of Joe Biden, how come we still have Donald Trump's foreign policy?… The fact is Joe Biden sleeps a lot. You need more time.

@Str8bR @nabertroll @sakeen965 @vivsfifa @HamzFUT @narcoinsfc @itsZTradingx @AtiiFut @Criminal__x @FUTMentor @sbc_tips @spartanfut1 He’s not wrong though, psg should have dominated with the squad they had last season, the competition is good in ligue 1 but psg are miles above the rest of the league

.@JamieCallender I was shocked to learn that many physicians hesitate to seek mental health support because they're afraid of career repercussions. I urge you to immediately act to remove legal and licensure barriers that make it difficult for them to get care.

How Biden torched the Trump recovery… Is there a penalty for lying to we the people? Biden does that everyday. If you lie to the FBI you can go to Jail.

@SussexFriends She should go visit Israel and then make an informed speech. Her lack of first hand knowledge is inexcusable

1/20/1986: the Oakland Athletics sign Dave Kingman as a free agent. In what would be the final campaign of his career, Kong launched 35 home runs. In MLB history, only Kyle Seager (35; 2021) and David Ortiz (38; 2016) recorded as many or more home runs in their final MLB season.

$PL just beginning it’s long journey upward imo. I am underwater but scaled in/progressive exposure in the 5’s and 6’s has reduced cost basis. Now price is in the 7’s. Still opportunity to scale in imo. Can get to 15 faster than many people think.

Hilton, for example, have brands like Canopy or Curio which while obviously being part of a global hotel group and aren't independent at least try to reflect local character and aren't identikit (and are often very good, speaking from personal experience).

@XVBolts So... So much wrong with this. Although I do enjoy KitKat, some of the earlier rounds? We need to have a talk...

I would have never thought Seager would get the amount of $ he did so I guess anything is possible. I'm not sure what teams will pay 250M or more…

Seager Slugs Dodgers to 9-0 Win #BaseballPool98558 #OOTP22 @ootpbaseball Yesterday, Corey Seager was a major factor in the 9-0 Los Angeles win over San Francisco. My Dodgers shortstop hit 3 home runs. The win elevated my Dodgers to 70-27.

$UPST scale in tweets at 123, 118, 108, 115. Slow progressive exposure is generally a good idea imo. Big picture. Huge long runway for $UPST. Rev growth guide 200 percent.

Hmmm - I'm sure the initial reports were about a "boutique" or even "up-market" hotel, not a travelodge. Not sure a budget hotel is the right thing for this location if I'm honest (not being a snob people get just as boozed and rowdy in 5 star hotels)…

In addition to everything previous, added $UPST at 115.…

Ohhh I Can’t Wait for Seager to see Stella’s Ring!!❤️❤️ #Stellaride #ChicagoFire @NBCOneChicago @WolfEnt

Guys I've been worn down. I'm finally going to listen to Neck Deep

......Later on... Could you let me touch some animals? Maybe they'd like me now...

......I see. I guess that's what family is like. ......

Taking care of your possessions may be a priority for you toda... More for Cancer

Took profits on some of my $VOO hedge this morning.

Tell the truth about everything.

#Dodgers son una verdadera máquina de fabricar excelencia!!! Vean del 2015 hacia acá!! Con exito confirmado, Will Smith, Alex Verdugo, Walker Buehler, Bellinger, Seager, Julio Urias y el error mas grande de todos los tiempos....Yordan Álvarez!!!!!!!

@SNY_Mets @fangraphs Not as good as Seager or Correa who we should have pursued

@wbstarling @MeetUsatMollys Now that Stella has her ring, i think the possible upcoming angst if there's one might revolve around work related stuff. Something like them having disagreements or something while on calls and maybe something related to OFI and Seager's dynamic with Kelly.

@GuitarGuyHaner Got about 2 episodes into season 3 and my girlfriend had to stop and take a break because she keeps crying. Wanna finish it though it's unreal

@RobWoodfin1 It was a tight groin as reported pre Forest I think

It did happen in the past though soooooo 🤷‍♂️…

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