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@OCon119 @Gcarmi21 I agree that it’s naive, but- Other than the Sean Taylor Tribute fiasco, even the email thing is from the past. (Not thrilled with the ST thing either though.)

@DrewHolden360 And HEY, look over there. The WFT is retiring Sean Taylor's number on 3 days notice!

They need to postpone that Sean Taylor ceremony thing bad timing with everything going on

The fact that WFT tried to use retiring Sean Taylor number as a distraction….

Sean Taylor’s jersey retired by Washington Football Team — Clinton Portis explains the impact Taylor had on him I Club Shay Shay…

@franklinnb Kinda but not really. Fred Smith flexed his @FedEx muscles to force his sake of shares. Name change was a casualty and as big a fuck up as the #SeanTaylor #21 retirement. #HTTR #WashingtonFootball

@JPFinlayNBCS This is a 100% Snyder move. He's using Sean Taylor and his legacy to cover his own ass. This is totally disgusting. Sean and his family deserve better then this. I thought when they finally got to retiring his number it would be a celebration, not a distraction.

@elkabong82 @Bucket_WFTFan @LoveThePuck @Kgskins26 The other thing is, Dan might be a complete piece of 💩 and incompetent at running a football franchise but I'm not sure even he would stoop so low as to use Sean Taylor as an attempt to save face. I'm not even sure it's necessary. His reputation's too in the toilet for...

@jemelehill That Sean Taylor number retirement and super bowl halftime lineup reminds me of when the racist managers would pay their r&b and blues acts in Cadillacs instead of cash Shiny new objects are distractions y'all

Let’s just push back the Sean Taylor thing please . At least to a divisional game against the giants or something because were gonna get spanked by kanas…

@FullerDPOY @saquonfora2nd Idk about ten times but this Sean Taylor thing is unbelievable

Sean Taylor jersey retirement: WFT president Jason Wright apologizes for timing of ceremony announcement

Sean Taylor jersey retirement: WFT president Jason Wright apologizes for timing of ceremony announcement ▶️ #BetOnSports #OnlineBetting #NFL

@JPFinlayNBCS Is this the first sham jersey retirement? Like it sucks because i love Sean Taylor, and his family deserves better. This is clearly a haphazard deflection by Dan Synder.

Can’t believe #WashingtonFootball is using Sean Taylor to distract what’s going on right now…

The fact that Washington Football Team is using Sean Taylor’s jersey number for a PR stunt is fucking disgusting Synder needs to be fired

What worries me the most about this game is that the team may get smacked around. That would be utterly embarrassing. Imagine, on Sean Taylor Day, losing by 20+ points in front of alumni. Thats rock bottom. What could be worse than that? #WashingtonFootball…

@juliedonaldson_ The only right thing to do is to reschedule this event. It's not too late. The team can still have the Alumni week but move ST number retirement more like against the Cowboys whom Sean Taylor loves to beat. Watch the stadium sold out with Real Redskins fans to honor Sean Taylor!

@wfteamjordan Well Dan Snyder has shown that he really doesn't care about this team or Sean Taylor. He's using this, obviously, to cover for his disgusting past

The punter who took the hit on the infamous Sean Taylor Pro Bowl hit proceeded to get up and congratulate Sean

@johnnylocal Maybe. Maybe he wanted him to be focused in on his training I don’t know man. Lol all I know is that Sean Taylor legacy was not tied to Dan Snyder. Screw Dan. I’m going for Sean

The fact that Sean Taylor’s brother didn’t find out about the ceremony until a few days ago sickens me. #WashingtonFootball

@steveumberger1 @BennieBlades36 That’s saying something when you say he’s better that Ed Reed and Sean Taylor!

Are we really surprised the @WashingtonNFL muffed the jersey retirement of Sean. As a lifetime washington fan, I’m not. #SeanTaylor #WashingtonFootball

Sean Taylor’s brother fuels skepticism over Washington ceremony timing… via @yardbarker

Stefon Marbury Calls Out Stephen A. Smith Over Kyrie & Washington Uses Sean Taylor As Distraction via Rokfin… #Rokfin

Listen to @granthpaulsen & @funnydanny's full interview with Gabe Taylor, the younger brother of Sean Taylor. He talks about learning of Sean's number retirement four days ago and why he's so excited to attend.…

@KMBmoreX My passion hit its peak during Gibbs 2.0. When we had to win out to make the playoffs with Sean Taylor, Portis, Brummell etc. Taylor’s death set a lot of sht in motion.

Sean Taylor’s Jersey should’ve been retired

If Sean Taylor family just found out about jersey retirement why can't they just reschedule it?

They ain’t doing this because it’s the right thing to do. They did it to look good with all the Jon Gruden shit going on and take some pressure off. Sean Taylor and his family deserve better. Much better than this. Sadder than hell man.…

@OmegaJolteon Wait til whatever Snyder was hiding in those emails comes out. Being a Sean Taylor fan (only reason I played safety) them doing this as basically a cover up to the garbage that has come out hurts.

all that shit hit fan about Gruden messaging people in Redskins office. Sean Taylor getting his jersey retired and now fat trel free. Wild lol

Washington doin Sean Taylor so dirty man

It’s gonna be mostly Chiefs fans in FedEx field to watch Sean Taylor’s number get retired

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