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They’re the most relatable characters I’ve ever seen, down to the Jersey accents…

Quite possibly the most meaningless statistic I have seen in my entire life, and I've seen more than a few.…

One of the most fluidic dancer I've ever seen. He set a high bar in all his abilities. Gone too soon. RIP David Dalaithngu. You did yourself and your ancestors proud.…

"Excluding the host He Jiong whose birthday post was liked more than 30 million times. Xiao Zhan is the single Weibo post with the highest number of likes I have seen, & it was completed quietly. The most worth mentioning is that Xiao Zhan’s birthday..."+

The thing that #IRKSMe the most is people repeating talking points they’ve seen on TVs, movies, or the news. No critical thinking skills whatsoever!!! Please delete and block me if you’re one of those…..…

the actresses who play the teenage version of alex and kara danvers were literally the most perfectly cast people to play younger versions of the leads that i have ever seen from any movie or tv show ever

@Right_Sensing @MerusFelix Precisely. Aus is a nanny state & we should have seen this coming. Extreme on many metrics & this has translated into being the most extreme on covid in many measures

@bhnicholls @0xClaylings Lmao that’s one of the most dangerous looking clayling I’ve seen hahahah

@DarthMano @Tomahawq970 I've never seen anything like that before. I've heard stories but that just put the most horrifying uncomfortable feeling in my chest.

I never quite know how far Australian cinema travels, but I’m assuming that most people haven’t seen The Tracker. If you get a chance, check it out. Fascinating little film and David Gulpilil’s finest performance.

@LBank_Exchange @SplashSwapcom The most beautiful things in the world cannot be touched, cannot be seen with the eyes, they have to be felt only with the heart-love & Good project.. @Kikiamelia1989 @Lucky_Pick_Me_1 @dumdicky #SPL #LBank $SPL #Giveaway

@sharkSlayer4994 @meedoS23 Well he’s not from what I’ve seen, most of the issues I’ve seen from him seem to be he’s new to the team and problems around the quarterback

@MonkyPrivate @stonefoxx02 @LilHotPxcket Well actually: - Giveaways of the rainbow loomians - Providing events despite there being no need for them to deliver one - Fixing bugs where bugs are raised The devs may seem like they don’t care but they do, they care a hell more than most devs I’ve seen.

@JMcK2018 Wow! Big kicks in the pants to both Dutton and Payne! Two of the most ineffectual ministers our country has ever seen.

seeing foolish cry over the dxd statue's anotomy is the most relatable thing I've seen

@iamdavidcorwin @martjacques Bingo ! The most accurate observation I've seen in a long time.

@w_white18 You’re one of THE most special humans I’ve ever seen. So much love to you♥️

@colincidence Yeah truly one of the most horrifying posters theatre has ever seen.

@lextaliones_ OLD, that is the most hilarious film I have ever seen.

@TANK75632 Thats the most click bait thing I've seen all day 🤣🤣🤣

@Tomahawq970 That's the most evil thing I've ever seen in my life

@MrBananaSocks Thanks! Most of these I’ve doodled ins sketchbooks for years but this is the first time I’ve seen them all in a group like this.

@MMCrypto $SNOOD has tons of potential/ one of the most innovative projects I've seen so far 🚀🚀

Some of the Hottest & most beautiful Ladies of Power I've ever seen are right here on Twitter. But not one is in Philadelphia Pennsylvania or simply lQQking for a playful submissive to enjoy or maybe collar & train me. 2 Old & very doubtful. No one wants a 1950 model sub.

@SenatorLankford This is the most irresponsible tweet by you I've ever seen...what on earth are you thinking

@ChampionsLeague Total cheat. The greatest player of all time is CR7. He has proved it in any league, but pessi is still struggling in the farmers league and also playing along good players. Don't ever compare pessi to the REAL GOAT (CR7). THE MOST USELESS AWARD ever seen.

@grasiras this is the cutest most tender shit ive ever seen

This is the most gaudy looking Christmas display I have ever seen. #JillBiden…

Well that was one of the most uncomfortable episodes of television I’ve seen. #Succession

what I think the true staying power of Dark Souls is, and which I've seen very few people point out, and which still sets it apart from most trying to emulate it's success, was the decision to make the game really good

You know, I JUST start feeling sympathy for Kai and then he *reactivates his old account AGAIN to continue bitching at trolls.* This is the most infuriating and pathetic shit I've seen in a hot minute - sorry to be super hecking blunt.

@afloenews The most racism I have seen in my life is by MSM.

A penis, when seen in the right context, is the most wonderful sight for a woman. - Michael Scott on Women’s Appreciation

@brightwinhugbot ok but lets return to the fact that your brother hasn't seen the most known anime in history

@chlomson @Jacop83 @IMDb It's the most unique film I've ever seen and I really enjoyed it!

spiderman nwh is one of the most anticipated superhero movies ever to the point where tickets sold out within hour yet it has some of the worst movie posters i have ever seen

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