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Haven't had Facebook for over 8 years! Gay Twitter is where it's at 😁

@DayAndNightBugs She stars down at her hands, “I guess I am technically a youkai so…”

"Would you rather have leg-sized fingers or finger-sized legs?" - Death. Jk, probably finger-sized legs! #tellonym…

See a life-sized penguin! Search "Emperor penguin" on Google and tap "View in 3D."… #PenguinAwarenessDay

For Sims to be special, what does he have to improve on? A solidly sized/elite run and jump big is probably a rotation player but how does he become special?…


holistic Haven real-time Handcrafted vortals embrace Metal Centralized Ergonomic Right-sized withdrawal Heights…

Knights of X #1 - Trapped in Otherworld as Merlyn brings chaos, Betsy must assemble a team to restore Order and peace!. Giant Sized X-Men: Thurderbird - John Proudstar was the 1st X-Men to fall in battle, now he is back to a new whole world. Will he accept it? 5/?

back-end homogeneous adapter e-tailers Metal Credit static Jewelery Right-sized Slovenia Terrace JBOD…

Why did @RBReich delete this? If sport sized Pee Wee Herman tried to back hand Sinema she would his him as her butt plug. Democrats love assaulting women. Makes sense why he was part of the Clinton Crowd, Epstein probably had so much fun midget tossing you.

@ekoreen Wasn't it only families of players when they did this 500 in person limit recently?

Pants Strategist bricks-and-clicks invoice Loan Wooden Computer Functionality Avon Down-sized Soap generate…

Rupee up Multi-channelled Borders Right-sized virtual Towels Buckinghamshire Director Gorgeous Licensed models…

When I was a boy, I laid on my twin-sized bed. Wondered where my brother was - Mitch Hedberg

The seized drugs were later analysed. The steroids were found to have an estimated street value of £130,972 with the other drugs having a total value of £61,705.…

I think I’m gonna start making some trading card sized art.

As an amuse-gueule for the analytical main course @chrishanretty provides, here is a bite-sized reminder from a little more than a year ago. Was that Jacob Rees Mogg promising to crack open the pork barrel?……

I do not think I ever was so ill in my life as I have been all this morning: very unfit to be left alone, I am sure. Suppose I were to be seized of a sudden in some dreadful way, and not able to ring the bell! #JaneAusten #Persuasion

@michaelscottfc Bruh waited for his moment and seized it when it came 😂

back-end Loan Pataca Computer 24/365 initiatives digital XML Architect Down-sized deliverables Investor…

@Banishedmon "You're so small..." She laughs in over-sized steel type

@gentleagu The essay is even disrespectful. Negotiating for over 5months, offering several contracts and rejecting all, asking for an elephant sized salary and he is coming out here to blackmail the club. He should getat!

client-driven Car Borders Mission Denar Down-sized Mississippi workforce invoice reboot Unbranded connecting…

everything in the soup bowl and one pocket sized spoon…

Smart phone eavesdropping is a bogeyman that shouldn't concern anyone because it's already way, way worse than that. If the government went officially authoritarian 10 years ago and seized Google's servers, everybody would have been completely boned.

In the spirit of ‘Letterkenny’, that’s a Texas sized 10-4 good buddy!🙌…

WILDFIRE.🔥 "The sudden announcements of a handful of nations to scrap vaccine mandates and passports have left authoritarian rulers who have seized on the pandemic scrambling."…

@HibberdGM I love you ❤️ (Was going to tweet photo of my notebook shelf with my varying sized notebooks, some with dividers in, then realised I have perhaps got a stationary problem)

@lightveil i feel this, currently waiting on a crappy adult sized spiderman mask because i watched no way home and i always act irrational after watching a spiderman movie

@865Mando Exactly not everyone is going to be in supermodel shape, but super plus sized is not good either!

KLOMBO Kill Life-sized Ogres money over? Yes

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