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The NHL's never been able to clean up officiating. But Brendan Shanahan had DoPS moving in the right direction. Until everyone else knee-capped him about suspensions being too punitive. And the rest is history.

@DoubleMCards @bridgetbaseball According to Shanahan, Lance knows the entire playbook. And has known it all since training camp.

@49ers 😂🤪😂🤪😂🤪😂 Whiners won’t move forward till Lynch/Shanahan are gone. Brutal drafts and FA signings. SAYING NO TO TOM BRADY!! it’s OVER this will never work.

454: Dr. Cate Shanahan on Deep Nutrition and Medical Brainwashing…

I still don’t understand why shanahan ran the ball twice inside the 10 when the game was on the line after garoppolo got the 9ers there from their own 1 yard line w his ARM. So stupid. Keep the momentum going.

2022 Shanahan Narrative: “But we’re starting a second year quarterback.” #49ers #FTTB

Miss me with the “fire shanahan” and “jimmy’s trash” talk. I’ve been living this 49ers life a while now and seen fireable coaches and quarterbacks who are trash and this ain’t it.

@adamlevitan S/O Shanahan and the 2 snaps for the prop though

@startkyIeorton @jerry_eldred I think Shanahan has even said that he needs game reps...? It's so bizarre.

@Seahawks @lumentechco This was a really weird quote from Shanahan: "You know, we felt we had a lot of self-inflicted stuff that's always caused by other teams" it self-inflicted or caused by other teams?

@cb_shanahan @wilson5000_s @jsaintnick @davenewworld_2 Nice 🤜🤛 Way to fight the good fight. It’s def an uphill battle trying to enlighten those who prefer living in an echo chamber of misinformation but it sounds like you are having some success, and that’s awesome

@Competente13 @BackcountryFam I know, it's a waste of a year to not be giving the future playing time because Shanahan can't get his team behind the new guy. Must be pretty weak not to just see what every rational fan can see.

@UNK_Athletics @UNKvolleyball @RyanWeaverPhoto Lopers most certainly play with heart! It has been a pleasure to watch the games from NJ!! Building an east coast fan base!

@timkawakami Honest question: what actually would cause Kyle Shanahan to play Trey over Jimmy this season? Is it strictly injury?

@LeafsNation8894 @carmelmaker1 @grantcohn One game? Have you seen his career so far? What are you watching? There’s a reason shanahan and lynch said he need to take the next step. not because he was doing so

@Mustangs64NHalf I say maybe put Kyle Shanahan on the hot seat if Jimmy Garoppolo is still QB1 for the 49ers in 2022. #FTTB #NinerGang #JimmyGaroppolo #49ers

@FireKyle444 @LowellCohn If Kyle's last name wasn't Shanahan, would he still be a head coach? I don't see what he's done to deserve the job.

@txhsfbchat Chris Fisher OL Coach Ridge Point HS My ideal offense is would be a combination of the Shanahan zone run game and the West Coast Offense passing game My ideal defense is the old Miami 4-3 #12DaysFBTwitter #TXHSFBCHAT

@EllertNick @Mrimpala1 @JL_Chapman Why in the F did JG not give it to Kittle on that last goal line drive to go to OT?! Shanahan doesn’t trust himself. Played to not lose, not to win. Just like the SB.

@Nick_BPSS yep. just the weirdest handling of a rookie QB I can remember in a while. like we know why the Dalton/Fields thing was mismanaged, Nagy's a fucking idiot. Shanahan's logic is imperceptible though

@Wittnessed Shanahan is a great Schemer but not a good play caller and let's not talk about the guys he has starting over young raw talent that should be playing

it’s the most wonderful time of the year for john shanahan

@startkyIeorton It's hard to know because Shanahan is such a freak with personnel choices.

@mirtle George Parros hates the leafs. DoPS has been a joke since Shanahan left.

The LameStream Media a story that Bernie Marcus, more than 350 being considered Here it China have held Media asks Defense, Patrick Shanahan, Sneaky Dianne Feinstein, Increase because is a real work fart!

@KingMyro @wilson5000_s @jsaintnick @davenewworld_2 Nope. My coworker has a constant barrage of questions because he now realizes there is actually right wing spin. Baby steps.

@49ersfangirl 🤷‍♂️ Weary acceptance of perennial inconsistencies under Shanahan. We’ll probably smash the Bengals next week.

@LowellCohn That's pretty much the Shanahan Era 49ers in a nutshell.

49ers RBs with JaMycal Hasty back yesterday. Kyle Shanahan is in love with Eli. * Eli Mitchell 49 snaps (17 routes) * Jeff Wilson 2 snaps (1 route) * JaMycal Hasty 2 snaps (1 route)

Perfect pick play from Kyle Shanahan on the 4th-and-goal. It’s a touchdown to Trent Sherfield if the ball isn’t batted down.

@LowellCohn So much of their issues have to do with coaching. Harbaugh had a veteran coaching staff that made players better. Shanahan has a bunch of unproven coaches that are in over their heads.

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