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Ben Simmons Calls Out Shaq For Leaking His DMs & Talks Championship Hopes With The Nets

Every superstar needs a second option. Sometimes that second option is one guy (MJ, Shaq, Etc) Sometimes it’s a combo of 2-3 (Lebron, Bird, MJ?) Sometimes it’s just a great supporting unit as a whole (Hakeem, Dirk) No one does it without top tier 2nd options. NO ONE!!

Shaker Stevenson is masterful in that ring #ShakurStevenson

at the bar networking on LinkedIn we are not the same.

@azurabhumaira Tadi udah selebrasi siuu eh taunya offside 🤣

Dan Allah kuba Speed 😭😭

Koi shaq ni kae Qyamat anqareeb ha Koi shaq ni kae hame bi girebanun sae Pkra jaye Koi shaq ni kae ham may koi aesa Gunnah ni bacha jin ki wja sae pichli quomen tbha huwi. In sbh ki wja Hmara deen sae dur hona ha

Miniminter >>> Iniesta


I could've gotten a free meal. The worker came out and said "Question Mark? I have an order for someone named Question Mark?" They had a big ass bag too, but no one claimed it.

@HERMIS_44 قربونت برم ایشالله زود خوب شی مراقب خودت باش #مهسا_امینی #OpIran

@izzypvh I don’t respect the lakers legends they see this ish and don’t say nothing Shaq , magic, Kareem sometimes call this dude out it’s easy to call out and blame Westbrook but stay on hush mode for lebron y’all don’t see the main problem. They will hype up these players then blame em

Ingresso de teatro tá careiro em

When are they bringing Fanduel to Maryland?

Gib is the worst player in the country

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