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Sami Zayn anunciou que os leilões para a calça e a jaqueta utilizados por Edge na sua match final, em Toronto, contra Sheamus no SmackDown, começaram! Ele lembra que Edge disponibilizou sua ring-gear pela primeira vez na carreira, e todos os lucros serão destinados ao……

@WrestleFeatures I would put Gunther vs Sheamus Clash at the Castle on that list and Ultimate Warrior vs Macho King at Mania 7 as well

@big_shakh @BeAnuraj @SeanRossSapp I wouldn’t count Rey because he left in 2014 for four years Sheamus was the one I forgot in terms of wwe talents that has consistently stayed in WWE

@LUCHASZN @BackupHangman @HighFlyLo I mean the last good example I remember was hearing people in 2019-2020 saying Sheamus was washed and cause of his back problems should just hang it up. Then he decided to go crazy on the thunderdome era and have is best run ever with the Gunther stuff and still going

@KingofIWC If anything the guns stole from Sheamus and Cesaro and Lashley

What year you started watching WWE? • For me it was 2009, where Sheamus beat John Cena in a Tables Match at TLC, to become the WWE Champion for the first time in his career. This was also the time where i thought the WWE was real lol 😂

@ghostnutt @pawgtism I knew he was gonna say Sheamus for Denji just before he said it and that's how I knew he was onto something here

@Inside_TheRopes Sheamus is the 1st ever Irish born WWE Champion and he doesn't have a tattoo because it will change his skin color

En juin 2012, il profite de la blessure d’Alberto Del Rio pour défier Sheamus avec la ceinture mondiale en jeu à No Way Out Ziggler perd, mais le match reste parmi les classiques de sa carrière

@SMJ012022 @WrestlingWCC He will get it eventually. Gunther needed this run. They've restored interest, value, and overall importance to the I.C title. Sheamus will win it during a time its not just a prop, when Gunther is ready to move on to the WWE / World titles.

@CenationRealest If that’s the case the Gunn’s copied Sheamus and Caesaro’s entrance.

@SMJ012022 @WrestlingWCC Sheamus has been with the company for 16 years. 14 not counting FCW. He's a former World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Champion, Tag Team Champion, United States Champion. MITB winner, Royal Rumble Winner, King Of The Ring winner. He's already done everything but I.C title

The IWC: Theory and Waller are copying the Gunn Club’s entrance Sheamus and Cesaro for nearly a decade:

@DaltonP2099 @WrestlingWCC I mean Sheamus is clearly frustrated with his creative so it’s not a given at all

WWE2K23 Universe Mode |EP73|: THE GREATEST EPISODE EVER!! 🚨OUT NOW🚨 On Tonight's Show: - Brock Lesner Vs Shinskaue Nakamura Vs Gunther (WHC Title) - LA Knight Vs Sheamus (Universal Title) - CASH IN!!! #WWE #WWE2K23

🎙️ NOW ON WRESTLERANT RADIO! 🎙️ -#SmackDown moving to USA in 2024 -Edge, Sheamus contract updates -#AEW expanding PPV schedule? -#WWE announces Australia event & MORE! WRESTLERANT:… iTUNES:… SPOTIFY:…

Sheamus met my dad once at a WWE taping and talked to me on the phone when I was in elementary school. After he laughed at my screaming he helped me with some problems on my math homework I was struggling with 🥹…

@gillyball13 @rasslin4freedom @davboro123 They didn’t steal anything theory has been doing this for well over a year your and if anything it looks like the entrance of the bullet club was copied from sheamus and Cesaro which was wayyyyy before them

@PolitiShawn_ Gunther vs Sheamus Vs Mcintyre TLC 1 Rvd vs Cena “One night stand 06”

@laporta_suporta I simply said sheamus hs been doing it before they did. I thought that was the game who did this type of entrance.

Sheamus has been doing it longer than both. Other wrestlers before Sheamus did it as well. What are we doing here?…

christian: Maybe We Might Go To Spencers And See If They Have A Father Sheamus: Hell Nah

Glad D-Mac shot Sheamus, I was sick of his ass #PowerForce #PowerBook4         #PowerBookIV #ForceStarz     #PowerNeverEnds

@RossIsClutch @PromoJoeYT @theaustingunn @coltengunn Didn't theory do it before them?.. Also I think The Bar/Sheamus & Cesaro did it 1st.

@CenationRealest pretty sure sheamus did this before all of em too lmao

@WrestlingWCC This is like the 4th person whos been posted ''contract is up in 2024!'' Sheamus being another one. Yes thats how contracts work. Theyre not infinite. They're going to resign when the next negotiation time comes to the table. This is just clickbait at best.

@Botcysincara69 @TheSwerveShow @oxyinthedark__ La Knight and Sheamus botched what was supposed to be a top rope superplex when Sheamus didn’t lean forward far enough to grab Knight and he slipped off. Bret hit his head cuz Goldberg didn’t grab his knee on the ring post figure 4. Sometimes its the person who gets hurt fault

I can see Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, potentially even someone like an Edge or a Sheamus filling in for that spot at Fastlane. All are definitive faces & pretty much all have had past history with The Bloodline. It would be really cool to see an Orton or Rock fill the spot but unlikely

@AdamGoldberg28 Top 5 (no order) Gunther vs Sheamus vs Drew Ospreay vs Omega 2 MJF vs Cole 2 Balor vs Rollins SS Gunther vs Gable 2 It’s been a really fantastic year for wrestling so far

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