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Simone Biles habló sobre el "horror" que vivió por abuso sexual.…

@Simone_Biles @GoldOverAmerica @Athleta My lo is so upset she won’t be able to go. Wish more people in Tucson were responsible

@GMA @Simone_Biles @KayleeHartung I can't believe this starts on the same night as DWTS.

@Simone_Biles @GoldOverAmerica @Athleta Whoa! Y'all looking fierce and powerful.... let's GOOOOOOOO!!!!

@Simone_Biles @GoldOverAmerica @Athleta "You can't be afraid of what people are going to say, because you're never going to make everyone happy." ~ Selena Gomez

You have to choose to do it! ~Simone Biles~ Thanks 98.1 CHFI

Simone Biles: '"To be clear, I blame Larry Nassar and I also blame an entire system that enabled and perpetrated his abuse," Simone Biles said in her testimony, alongside fellow gymnasts McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman and Maggie Nichols.…

@Simone_Biles If you retweet, I will follow you. Love people who spread kindness!

Hoy empieza el tour de Simone Biles alguien que me adopte y me lleve plis 🥺 yo quierooo 😭

@LegoCylon I only learned this embarrassingly recently as well, old man. And only because Simone Biles is, in fact, the GOAT.

@EnriqueAVaca1 @TheIssyMae You are a Simone Biles fan? Definitely worth a follow back 🙂

The very idea of the @Simone_Biles live show is so fascinating. So many Olympic athletes train from such a young age, pressure, possible injury or deformity from the strain…all of that, and they never find a way to make money from it, and they deserve it. they found a way

“My Heart Goes Out to Simone”: Simona Halep’s Coach Draws Parallel with Simone Biles Situation

@CowboyCouy @boottmills228 @JoyAnnReid where's your outrage for Simone Biles? I don't hear you on the fake media bullhorn sticking up for this women of color who was sexually abused by Larry Nasser. Oh doesn't for your race baiting narrative. Your day for reckoning will come....

@RileyBraswell @ibellaline I completely agree. She is an inspiration for all athletes, and she is bringing progressive and positive energy to a sport that has previously been filled with tension. #simonebiles #TIME100

#SimoneBiles comienza hoy un tour por 35 ciudades de Estados Unidos en el llamado #GoldOverAmericaTour donde ofrecerá un show a sus fans #GimnasiaArtística

@sugarcane_tea @FoxNews Ask Simone biles brother how the legal system treats black people. You won’t complain about that one though.

The mental gymnastics Ben is pulling off here to rationalise this behaviour is the sort of gymnastics not even Simone Biles could pull off. Absolutely unbelievable that he’s playing the victim in this situation.…

@ibellaline I believe Simone Biles is one of the greatest athletes and inspiration to women of all time! I applaud her for doing what is best for her mental health. #TIME100

@GMA @Simone_Biles @KayleeHartung I got my diamond VIP package ticket. I can't wait to see @Simone_Biles and the rest of the gymnasts in the Gold Over America Tour in Houston on October 8th. I am super excited, I can barely wait.

Olympian Simone Biles Is Making A Fortune Off Of Endorsement Deals

I salute Simone Biles and everything that she is doing.

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