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@RearTodd @JoeBiden Yeah, no. A vote is a vote. If you honestly think Joe has any chance of winning if the election was tomorrow.. you’re so far gone. You’re likely to blame everything on Trump or Covid, and that’s so tired. I loathe Trump.. but people are going to flock to him now. Joe shit the bed

A large portion of people are so far gone at this point the truth about everything could come out tomorrow and they would still hang on every word the MSM says and wear masks while driving alone...

Rocky Badd - So Far Gone [Explicit]

I feel like the old drake I’m so far gone my 🧠 been going crazy lately but I’m continue to stay strong

@cleromance @crowkids so sqh sees sy's very hot brothers but goes crazy over a cute shen yuan pic with a lil dog... he is so far gone already

Only our Faith and trust in God will help at this point, because America is so far gone, that only Divine intervention can restore things! 🙏🇺🇸…

@kallyjpeg so like nwts, take care, so far gone, views...that’s not good should and it’s just “sales”?

On and on, I'm so far gone On and on, I'm so far gone On and on, so far gone On and on, I'm so far gone

Don’t bother trying to wake people up, they’ve picked their side & are so far gone we’re just wasting our breath.Anyone who says these people are still thinking for themselves is fooling himself…it’s a complete trance, a spell. It can’t be much longer before the aliens appear.

@shrekthepunk @TeahCartel Either you're trolling, which good on you, or you're so far gone that it's not worth continuing this farce. I have no time to deal with freezer temperature IQ lunatics regardless.

She's so far gone, is embarrassing! @PressSec @jrpsaki they used to lock up people like you and throw the key…

Lmaooooooo he really was though lol with So Far Gone playing in the background lol…

@ACTforAmerica World is so far gone sin is good and good is sin

yesses this love bitch is so far gone in the murder game 😓💀💀

i can’t believe “telling kids / ur friends to starve is weird” is a controversial take u guys are so far gone

@tomdoorley I completely understand where you're coming from Tom due to frustration, but think of the people who fight against you as victims, they have fallen victim to the virus of misinformation unfortunately and they need help, only problem is some are so far gone there's no helping them

I'm so far gone in my intentionally created bubble where adults respect children and strive to live in partnership with them that I forget people like this still exist, then I remember and feel sad.…

lol Starbury was acting a fool with So Far Gone delivering all time classic vibes in the background…

@Labssssss I was a hater of hers but Gaga was running shit that year. All the big hitters dropped. Drake dropped So Far Gone as well, which was fire. That was the beginning of his rise to superstardom. 2009 was a great year all round musically.

@cathalbrae It’s for sure a don’t know/don’t care thing. How can we the humanity in ourselves and in others when we don’t get to acknowledge how messed up this is? And if we lose the ability to see the humanity in others then we’re so far gone.

@RevDWC Some of them might, a proper mandate may get a few, but the hard core are so far gone. I had a fair bit to do with folks like that when I lived round Mot, just unbelievably frustrating people, day is night & the sky is green & if you cant see it then you're in on the conspiracy

@Esther9Guerra People like that are so far gone. All they know is they truly believe they are right. I am done with these people. I seriously have zero tolerance left for them. I now understand how people lose their shit in public because I’m almost to that point.

@24DustinJ @WazzaBarlow @SkyNews i never said the left never committed large acts of violence either LMAO you are so far gone there is no going back

@FnkyColdModerna These people are so far gone there is no bringing them back. It’s sad.

Ice is so far gone. Did you know that the RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) protocol was invented in 1978? Did you know that the physician who created it declared that it actually delayed healing in 2015? Let’s talk about why! 🧵

@mishkajassiem I find it so relevant because we can all relate. We learn a lot about people personalities through social media and we could use that info to manipulate people, like he did in season 1. We so far gone down the rabbit hole at this point

@david_darlo7 @edward73408712 @JoeSchmoe_K @GBNEWS You are wasting your time trying to reason with somebody so far gone as him David.

No ceilings, so far gone & writing on the wall…

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