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@LiberalPlano … And The Space Force, trump announced? … forget I said That! … Keep A low key, Don’t engage When He starts His Nonsense… Andstart removing Your ‘Stuff’ to a Safe Place! … He has/is ‘losing it’. Stay Safe!

#USAF abandoned the airborne laser bc US #SpaceForce as a much better platform in space. Without going into details.. it works! #DirectEnergyWeapons #DEW🔥 #TRUMPARMY🇺🇸© @thomasn61710689…

US Must Build Space 'Superhighway' Before China Stakes Claims: Senior Space Force Officer ……

@RealSpikeCohen But Space Force receives full funding on the false narrative we’ll live on Mars because we’ve polluted the Earth. BS cover story for the real reason there’s a race to get there - $$$ in mining it. Need workers to live there and reliable payloads back.

NEW: The Space Force is here to stay. But the debate over whether the military's newest branch should have its own dedicated National Guard has turned into the latest space-based political brawl. w/@BryanDBender…

On today's @WashTimes Front Page #Podcast: Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe is looking to to regain his footing in the race against Republican Glenn Youngkin, the state of the U.S. Space Force, and more. LISTEN:…

Lawmakers say the Space Force needs it. But the White House says no way.

Lady on my plane is talking loudly about how her husband is in the Space Force. “It’s like the Air Force, but now he is basically working for NASA.” 😂 😂 😂 Bless her heart.

President Trump had built up our Military and was replacing worn out equipment, building new ships, starting the Space Force & increasing recruitment. Biden is tearing it all down.

"Venable said the Space Force is also behind adversaries such as China in terms of offensive capabilities in space... China has anti-satellite missiles on Earth and laser platforms on orbit right now." Nope, neither of these things are true… 1/

@ChangeofPace414 could easily double up as launching of a new space force.

@oHeviii @engadget Pretty sure that GPS (to name just one of the constellations Space Force operates) is exponentially more useful than an social network tfg might found.

Simon Parkes update: Military operations globally citizens are notified of local operations. Facebook data backup by space force Programming of kids Deep State trying ton flee with gold and money…

Altered Carbon: 두번째 타이탄폴의 정신적 계승 AI연애시뮬레이션 작품, 추리를 좋아한다면 괜찮음 Space Force: 우주는 원숭이랑 개 밖에 안 가지만 일단 SF라고 봐야할 것 같음, 트위터리안의 자부심을 확인할 수 있음 The 100: 뒤로 갈수록 기술력이 퇴보하는 것 같지만 기분탓임

Aircrew readiness has been a multifactorial trainwreck years in the making (and it defies quick/easy solutions). As for the Space Force findings, there's a reason why Congressmen Cooper & Rogers insisted it needed to be yanked out of the AF in order to flourish.…

@L_Phase SF? Space Force를 이야기하는 것인가?

@Lucky_2B_Me @obaidomer I am because, « Space Force » is a waste of money and resources that could be better utilized. We have a few « priorities » ahead of this, get it?

On Thursday's #TWTFrontPage: Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe is looking to to regain his footing in the race against Republican Glenn Youngkin, the state of the Space Force, and more. Stories: @MicaSoellnerDC @mrglenn @SeanSalai

US Must Build Space ‘Superhighway’ Before China Stakes Claims: Senior Space Force Officer…

Gen. David Thompson, Space Force commander, warns of China's growing threat to U.S. in space - Washington Times…

To build #Space superhighway in order to protect interest : United States…must rapidly act to take the “first mover advantage” for itself to block Chinese ambitions,… #SpaceForce #technologies #Spacepolicy #Spacerace #Spaceeconomy

@mtgreenee Got it’s mom out of the nursing home before they started euthanizing, managed one of the stop voting at 3am swing states, went to high school with gen Milly, becomes health official after he gets in. THEN SKIPS 3 stars goes straight to 4 star admiral. Next Space force commander?

China is threatening to overtake the U.S. military as the most dominant force in space, says the second in command of the now 3-year-old U.S. Space Force. #TWTFrontPage

Hvorfor har ikke Biden lagt ned Space Force?

@BYounger13 Seriously though, what do they gain by lying about our shortcomings? Unless.... it's controlled opposition reporting for Space Force 😁

Ran into a deployment of very friendly Space Force officers eating lunch in Alexandria, VA. about a mile from the National Guard Bureau. They said they were on the way to meet with DARPA. Very interesting times. 🇺🇸👊🏻…

@FebsGello What is your age, highest level of education completed, citizenship status and zip code? Ray U.S. Air Force and Space Force Recruiting

EXCLUSIVE: Space Force commander warns of China’s growing threat to U.S. in space - - @WashTimes

#Qanon is right when he says my new #SpaceForce will use satellites to track (and take out!) the gangs of space hangmen who are plotting to carry out hangings against political prisoners. The FBI should punish the dark lords who lead them!

Hey #Anonymous, the @NSAGov has to bow down to me. They tried to kill me with Space Force. Under Trump. Obama’s NSA targeted me first. #WhistleblowerProtection @ggreenwald you’re all pardoned by the aliens.

@bennyjohnson Trump, Durham and the military have it all... CP didn’t die of c19. Military(space force)captured all the vote fraud and what do you think was inside the soccer ball Putin gave Trump.30,000 emails?? People disappearing, dying, resigning, fleeing, etc. The Storm is here.buckle up

Man the Space Force is such a stupid idea! Why would we EVER waste money on this??…

@n2play @ComradeSilencer @JenfromMaryland @ProudSocialist @TheDemocrats Biden kept Trump's mass deportations, kids in cages and forced hysterectomies, the useless and wasteful Space Force, defending Devos and Trump's student loan policies in court, DeJoy still at USPS, has given MORE money to cops & military, has INCREASED drilling on public lands

ada konten baru lg tp space force academy aja ku blm nonton🙂…

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