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MICHAEL ODOM: INF Cooper Clapp (Savannah, Tenn.) commits to Notre Dame for 2022. He is the son of Stubby Clapp (Windsor, Ont.) St. Louis Cardinals 1B coach @Cardinals @NotreDame @baseballcanada @BlueJays

@cardsfan0000 It is going to be Ollie Marmol, Pop Warner or Stubby Clapp. Those are the only possibilities....

#STLCards Candidates for Manager Ethan Katz Bruce Bochy Joe McEwing Yadier Molina Stubby Clapp Oliver Marmol Jose Oquendo Carlos Beltran Buck Showalter Skip Schumaker

I, for one, want the Cardinals to hire Stubby Clapp as their manager and hire Rusty Kuntz as his first base coach.

@bschaeffer12 Stubby Clapp won multiple championships while managing Memphis with some players who are on the major league roster now. He also has a rapport with the team, knows the players and visa versa with being in the bigs for the last few years. He’s the easy choice.

@JDKennedy14 Stubby Clapp was the nickname of a kid I went to school with.

@skip_duncan @bschaeffer12 Umm...they had two outfielders and DeJong himself on the DL for a good chunk of that. Did you want Shildt to send Stubby Clapp out to play 2B or something?

Yadi as player/manager would be a neat concept. Realistically, Stubby Clapp, José Oquendo, or Skip Schumaker would be my in-house picks. #STLCards…

I hate this idea of getting a former favorite player to be the Cardinal's manager...hardly works IMO. Stubby Clapp did really well as the AAA manager a couple years ago José Oquendo has been a quality coach for a while, but is he healthy enough to coach? Cont.

I would pay an amount of money for an XXL Stubby Clapp @memphisredbirds jersey

@katiejwoo Stubby Clapp had unparalleled success at Memphis with a lot of the current roster. Where do you think he stands?

@atlbaseballtalk Wasn’t Stubby Clapp a teammate of Rogers Hornsby?

@drewsilv Stubby Clapp? I thought this was a regurgitation of that "lacrosse names" meme from the other week but apparently this is a real candidate?

I need the Cardinals to make a person named Stubby Clapp their next manager.

These odds come from @betonline_ag: Next #stlcards Manager Stubby Clapp 3/2 Skip Schumaker 4/1 Mark McGwire 23/4 Buck Showalter 13/2 Oliver Marmol 15/2 Joe Espada 8/1 Jose Oquendo 10/1 Bruce Bochy 11/1 Brad Ausmus 12/1 Matt Holliday 12/1 Jeff Banister 14/1

a man named stubby clapp? in THIS economy?!?!??…

@RealMichaelKay @DonLagreca @Rosenbergradio - watching yesterday’s @TMKSonYES before 3:00. LOL at “Stubby Clapp”. My 1st thought that came to mind was the fictional movie “Chubby Rain” from the Steve Martin/Eddie Murphy vehicle “Bowfinger”. The 2nd thought…y’all already know 😬

@bschaeffer12 Kinda bummed that Marmol isn't doing better here. Maybe it's a name recognition thing, though. It's literally hard to forget a name like Stubby Clapp, and the average fan loved Skip.

1. Stubby Clapp: Other than having one of the best names in baseball, Clapp has recently coached the likes of Bader, O’Neill, Edman, Flaherty, etc with Memphis in 2017-18 and everyone loved him. He was named PCL coach of the year both years and led Memphis to the AAA title.

ICYMI: On Thursday's show, we discuss the Yankees decision to make 3 coaching changes and how it might impact Aaron Boone. Plus, Kyrie speaks, Vin Scully weighs in on Dodgers-Giants and is Stubby Clapp a real person? LISTEN:

@JonHeyman @MLBNetwork Maybe Stubby Clapp can bring on Jayce Tingler as a bench coach.

Would hate for the Cardinals to hire a manager which such a likeable name as Stubby Clapp

@jmjones It will be Stubby Clapp. That's my bet.

Oliver Marmol looks like the favorite from here, or maybe Stubby Clapp. Some more good names here. One I’ll add: Walt Weiss, who has experience, has a good rapport with Arenado and at least must know John Mozeliak from the Rockies @MLBNetwork…

Would you want Stubby Clapp to be the next manager of the Cardinals?

@bschaeffer12 I'd be perfectly fine with Stubby Clapp or Skip. My main issue for the last few years has been that I don't think Mo deserves to have the job he's in anymore. So any decision he makes at this point is one I can't really get behind.

@RedbirdReject Anything for Memphis legend Stubby Clapp

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