Top Tweets for Suns in 5

@Sirpsychosexy36 1. Sunset Blvd 2. All About Eve 3. Carmen Jones 4. A Place In The Sun 5. All of Shirley Temples Movies 6. The Bad Seed 7. RoboCop 8. Casablanca 9. Gilda 10. Shawshank Redemption

@calliesloane Considering kool aid isn't even a thing in the UK... How does making up a 5 litre jug of Capri sun grab ya?

Unusual #volume spike in $SUNUSDT - 4,136,236 USD worth of $SUN traded in the last 5 mins. - 32 times the average volume in $SUN - $USDT

We were skeptical of @ResurgenceBrew new Watermelon IPA, because we weren't sure how the flavors would marry. But we came away pleasantly surprised - the melon notes were light and served as more of a refreshing accent to the base IPA. It drinks light for 6.5. Try it in the sun.

Y’all go get some Fenty lip paint if you’re looking for something that will not move no matter what, for reference, first pic is my lipstick after standing out in the sun for 3 hours, second pic is from when I got home at 2 am after a 5 and a half hour concert, not one smudge

every time that a video of me doing something at the bakery I work at gets posted on their instagram I always screen record it so I can rewatch it and show my gf & friends 😌 on an entirely unrelated note I have 5 leo placements in my chart including sun & moon 😌

I read chapter 📖 from this manga Tomodachi no Imouto ga Ore ni Dake Uzai #c16 In 18 jul 2021 sun At 3:43 am ⏲️ Pfp 3,4,5,9 Now the response to Mashiro's confession

whole family was drunk & high asl at ihop at 3 in the morning last night 😭😭 didn’t leave until 5 sun inna morning .. ts was sooo fun

Why do people have such a problem wearing shoes? Just wear shoes. It ain’t hard. Plus these fuckers would be hotter than Satan’s balls within 5 minutes in the sun.…

I haven’t worked a Sunday in like 5 years ! This is a challenge for me

@lulapinn @KamuyCentral It’s true! We finished the script and art in 2018, but it took 2 extra years to get a dedicated coder. Our coder has been working on it for 8 months, while our beta testers worked really hard on detecting bugs and making sure everything flowed smoothly. Our final build is 5.0

If you want to feel better tomorrow do these 6 things - Move more - Drink enough water - Eat healthy, nutritious meals - Get the amount of sleep you require - Go walk outside in the sun for a little bit - Write down 5 things you are grateful for

@910Vengeance @hatchell_jr Never a good idea to be downhill in a bleacher brawl. Suns in 4 guy was a true underdog story lol

@ObserverX01 @Bim_Just_Bim @OdinSkoll @Mimothekitten @STFloggers @FreeAtLast2021 @StephFeminist @MsVanillaRose @LifeNewsHQ That doesn't prove it wrong, that's not even an issue. It's a fairly young comet, and it still has quite a lot of passes to make. They're 4.5 billion years old and the sun just now started pulling them in? That's a precise window of existence

San Francisco Bay near Corte Madera: I took a video about the @GoldenGateFerry cruising around the bay. In several cases at 5 pm, there is #science that there is rainbow water (sun's rays that lighten mist from the ferry). On the back were waves and birds following the ferry. #SF

@ocotilloisland my ipad stopped being portble after 5 years because the battery would die without it plugged in so im using a mid level cintiq in the stu and pencil and paper on the go

This Day in Sports History…. On August 1st, 2020 the USA defeated Europe in dominant fashion 6-2. A rainy front 9 doomed the boys from across the pond as the US jumped to a 3.5 to 0.5 lead. The Sun came out on the back 9 as the Stars and Bars shined brightly all the way in! 🇺🇸🏆

@djonesbutchers Well spotted Dave...also the 4th house on Place in the sun, is the one they view on their own..and they never like it. One day we will see it happen, but not at the moment because they are all repeats

Scottish Cup semi-finals here we come! 🏆🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Gala 144 for 5 from 20 overs (U.Indrasiri 53, J.Crooks 23) bt Dumfries 103 for 8 from 20 overs (J.Halls 2 for 9, S.Loumeau 2 for 14, R.Irvine 2 for 18) by 41 runs 🏏 Gala meet @the_forfs in semis on finals day at Arbroath next Sun!

rank top 5 my fav heroes in ml (since 2017) 1. sun 2. nana 3. paquito 4. gatotkaca 5. thamuz rata2 fighter 🙃 emang jiwanya di offlaner wkwk

@Phrost_Knows @TheKevinTheory And what's worse, I had an amazing time and weekend. I'm truly in the sun right now and I hope you niggas are sick to your respective stomachs about it.

Sun in 5 Aquarius, Fifth House

Slight fever today, oscillating between 37.1 and 37.5 so I'm exhausted and feeling like my head's on fire. Slight soreness in knees and spine, nothing like when I had COVID though. The arm pain is a bit better and I'm begging the sun to set so it's not 40C outside at least.

@Trampolinecare You too George! Its a good are happy,foods in oven & sun is out atm!

MULTI EVENTS ALERT : At time Sun Aug 1 16:01:40 2021 there have been 5 alerts raised in the last 15 mins for flights with IATA destination BGY #AvGeek…

They attempt to kill his legacy with lies, injustice, evil, and the love of the "state". But we'll never forget Imam Jamil. We'll be at the gates of his prison in Tucson, AZ on Sun, Aug 15, 5-7 PM MST. Are you with us?✊🏽 RSVP to the protest now!

@rebeccamakkai My paternal grandfather was a violent drunk, until someone cut his ear off in a bar, and he found Jesus. He became a circuit preacher, and died of a stroke standing in a tent in the hot Texas sun.

【オリジナル曲】『Breeze in the Sun』/ Sputrip 1st【公式MV】 @YouTubeより

@BDliveSA Just cool the pipes. Out in the sun uncool. Colder gas, more dense. No need to take it to a liquid state.

@AzBobbyl @gr73159199 @Rstandiego @KevinF3394 Its the hawks and its not very close. The suns went to the finals with a top 5 mvp candidate whos 36. The hawks did just as good (if not better) against the bucks in the ECF with almost every single key player being under 23, and largely without reddish and hunter.

Happy birthday, captain! 💙 so much things i wanna tell you but it wouldn't be enough just in words, you're more special and precious than everything. thank you for being mark lee whos always hard worked to show the world that you're exist to shining.

次は今回は値下げダメだった50万円以上の着物が5,000円で売っていたので、いつかタイミングを見計らって、撮影用に購入を試みるか⁉️🤔 今日購入したドレスもそれなりに高価みたいでしたが😂💦

@Ruben393939 @CNN Yes, his human flesh died 5,000 years ago. His spirit living in the Sun of God in the Heaven. Where he is, you are there also.

ear: I'm in the Goldilocks zone, not too hot nor too cold

Led? They won 2 games, and PG shot 9-26, 5-20, 15-20, and 6-15 in the last 4 games vs Suns…one good game 😂 both of them are SEVERELY overrated, but I will take Beal in a heartbeat.…

@Love_Venji_ This scene is one of the best in this episode. Like.... Eddie and Buck are so amazing friends for each other and B love Chris like his own sun sooo....pls more scenes Chris xBuck xEddie in season 5

@EthnicPatriots Hawks ok to be in top 5 but the Suns ? Lead by Cp3 😂 (36)… the knicks led by who? Like this list is a joke

MULTI EVENTS ALERT : At time Sun Aug 1 15:18:37 2021 there have been 5 alerts raised in the last 15 mins for flights with IATA destination BGY #AvGeek…

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the Rangers are handing Mike Foltynewicz the ball. In 19 innings THIS MONTH, he's allowed 22 runs on 22 hits 12 OF THEM BEING HOME RUNS. His 10.42 ERA is backed up by a 10.73 FIP. GIVE US OVER 4.5 RUNS -120 @DKSportsbook

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