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@JimRussellSD Beginning to sound like Susan Collins

@ResisterSis20 @realTuckFrumper @JoeManchinWV @LeaderMcConnell To be fair..neither does Joe Manchin. He’s the Democratic Susan Collins. Feigning concern and happily cash fat checks from the @DNC while undermining the core values of the Democratic Party every chance he gets. Can we stop pretending Joe Manchin is Democrat now? Soon? Ever?!

in these uncertain times, i can think of no better time than to call susan collins to serve as our ambassador to the court of st. james.…

Mac Thornberry (R, TX) / Susan Collins (R, ME)

The climate and energy provisions in this bill are essential for the future of the country and the world. With tax provisions the entire bill is paid for. Please support it and urge all your R and D colleagues to do the same. @SenatorCollins @SenAngusKing…

@amyklobuchar Why didn’t you answer his question about Susan Collins? You are saying the same thing over and over again.

As a Mainer I resent @SenatorCollins attitude towards our voting rights. We should be allowed all the rights afforded by Klobuchar's legislation. Democrats introduce new legislation to protect voting rights… via @MSNBC

@TheSundayShow @amyklobuchar @CapehartJ Susan Collins says there is no problem with voting in her state. Let's see....oh Maine is 94.4 white. Hmmm.....

Watching #communist @BernieSanders on @FaceTheNation attempting to draw fellow leftists such as @MittRomney or @SenatorCollins in to help pass the largest #Socialist legislation in Untied States history. #sickening

@roadwarrior1234 @StacyNoe3 I totally agree. I don't believe the following won on the Republican side in 2020: Lindsey Graham Mitch McConnell Susan Collins Yet, we don't see Democrats saying or doing anything.

@its_alexflores @PensiveTM @lyladiaz "don't care if they win or not so long as they make money" extends perfectly well to who the dems chose for my own state to run against susan collins. sara gideon, a TERRIBLE campaigner, but an EXCELLENT fundraiser. campaign ended with $10 million left over.

@cooltxchick @DaveBedore1 Not so sure I agree so much. But love the Susan Collins reference.

@marceelias @AdamKinzinger Let's question all the Republicans on this. Not just Kinzinger although at this point I'd have a hard time believing Susan Collins would be "concerned" about whether or not people would be able to vote.

@boyjurassic I hope I don't forget too many: Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham Louie Gohmert Kennedy from Louisiana Susan Collins I haven't finished my coffee and this is all I can remember off hand. Any additions?

@OccupyDemocrats The @FBI "investigation" of Brett Kavanaugh's accusers was a disgraceful sham. It must be reopened. @Scotus @Scotusblog @Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorCollins @ChuckGrassley @LindseyGrahamSC @DirectorWray

It’s time for the #LGBTQ community to expand on bipartisan success of Infrastructure to pass the #EqualityAct with @SenatorCollins & many more @sunjournal @freedom4allusa @Right4LGBTQ…

@PapaAndPolitics @DemocracyStorm @SenatorCollins @FedSoc The women and men of the state of Maine are the ones that need to be taken to task over this. They had an opportunity to make a difference and decided once more to throw their support to that beach, knowing fully well she is a pathetic liar and full of herself. 🙄

@funder Susan Collins, because she knows better, but bows down anyhow.

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