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@1sawstars @r3latetoyou2 Traitor yes was a mess but brutal was enjoyable, my point is that that other tweet was harmless so there wasn’t motive to mess with Olivia and her mvs

@r3latetoyou2 Don’t feel attacked if it’s the truth, traitor and brutal can’t be the best mvs but they aren’t boring

se viene nueva era emo sad por que no viene olivia a españa

me estoy poniendo tensa y no quiero faltar el respeto a nadie a si que me voy de tw 5 minutos para ver si me despejo

olivia ven a españa no seas así y si puede ser madrid mejor un beso GUAPA

ven a España porfa olivia no te pido más bueno y que esté barato también…

@olivioIa @PopCrave me watching olivia drowning in traitor mv


not to be dramatic but olivia has literally already dyed her hair pink for traitor mv…so by that logic…what if sweet is coming

@ngutruoc12h dạo tháng trước chị mới ngấm deja vu á =))))) ncl chị lâu ngấm nhạc nhẹ nhàng í trước hôm liv up mv traitor 2 ngày chị mới ngấm traitor cơ mà =))))))))

me when I looked at my phone after i finished my homework and i found out that the traitor mv was out #traitormv

Never forget Sikka and Kerafa family intentions. All victims families still suffers. #3rdNovember1988 #RoyalMDP #SaveMaldives #1988Massacre #Traitor #MDP #corruption

it’s so funny how we thought tour announcement was 4 days after traitor mv

@CymCymAlt @pussyofavirgin7 I can accept it being better than good4u or traitor but Talia Ryder was in the mv!! Outsold.

@povsince se for pra fazer q faça um nível os 3 primeiros mvs, pq se for pra entregar um q nem brutal e traitor melhor trancar a era msm

traitor mv is giving the man mv views 😭 i hope ibytam never follows that 😩

Me when she suprise dropped brutal AND traitor mv…

Cuál es tu opinión sobre el mv de traitor ? Por favor se sincero/a

i’m gay and a woman and olivia still released the mv for traitor, trust me she loves us!!…

jenna and van when they missed the traitor mv…

@livpoetry JAMAIS o mv de traitor é lindo, o problema é que é muito básico e não tem história, quando a música daria uma história muito boa, mas tirando isso, é um clipe perfeito. o clipe de brutal é só ruim mesmo

me when she took 5,000 years to release the traitor mv:…

me when she dropped traitor mv with 0 notice…

me when olivia released traitor mv out of nowhere:…

They are the real traitors of this country. Put them in Jail. #GameskraftFraud

fyi tadi malem gue nonton carpool karaoke harry, and oned too, sott on xfactor, new traitor live performance, atw 10 minutes performance on snl, new little mix mv called between us, and history mv (honestly gue lg kangen bgt gatau knp)

liv releasing the traitor mv on my bday is so true of her

It wasn't just the ppl. It was the praising of snl. It was the fact tht they clearly said a name and she didn't shut tht down. It was wearing an eerily similar outfit in DL mv, the use of the guitar in traitor mv tht livies r so proud of. The dragging of his mental health.

watching traitor mv rn for the first time

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