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@HRC @GeorgeTakei @rgay I don’t believe Chappelle is transphobic, having watched the special. I believe he’s misunderstood out of context and means well, in addition to being very funny.

@MbolaGeneive @ZellersErik @FunnkDrummer @GeorgeTakei Oh wait a racist gay is going to act like slavery and the continuing racism and prejudice against black Americans was nothing. Everyone listen up.

@GeorgeTakei You didn't catch the UFO joke did you George

.@WilliamShatner what's with @GeorgeTakei after all these years? I'm beginning to think they should cast you two in a remake of the Odd Couple.

@GeorgeTakei This is nutz. I was born and raised Christian. This kind of stuff is not at all what Jesus' life was about & anybody trying to pass this off as "Christian" has missed the entire message of His life.

@GeorgeTakei Stupid people usually are stupidly serious🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸

@ZellersErik @FunnkDrummer @GeorgeTakei It seems some in your community including YOU are EVEN MORE RACIST THAN STRAIGHT WHITE MEN.

@ThePizzaGuy98 @GeorgeTakei Please stop projecting your own insecurities onto other people. Just because you don't think we're capable of breaking the cycle is no reason not to try. Go be a quitter by yourself, leave me out of it.

@GeorgeTakei They probably never breast fed….😂😂😂😂😂😂

@AndiLynnee @65Beth @GeorgeTakei Can't come up with an argument 🙄 not using those last to brain cells to the best of their ability hu?

@GeorgeTakei And I thought "trunk or treat" at churches was bad!

@CroyEaston @GeorgeTakei Yeah, that’s really what they have a problem with 😒🙄

@Geralds_Tweets @JLemisanthrope @GeorgeTakei He’s trying to shut you up, bully you and make you ashamed of expressing an opinion, treat him with the contempt he deserves

@thewritingkit @GeorgeTakei @sundene It was never a Christian holiday - it was appropriated from the early Celts. Samhain is when the veil is thinnest and ancestors are honored.

@JLemisanthrope @Tacreamer @GeorgeTakei Additions: I'm illiterate with a short attention span, have mental health issues. Any more?

@Secti0n31 @GeorgeTakei History will always repeat itself, humanity is no where near smart enough to stop it from happening. All we can do is slow it down a bit.

@GeorgeTakei @JamesV1971 They are pro fetus, don’t care about actual children, certainly don’t care about adopted children and believe that “the gays” shouldn’t be able to adopt. Beyond that, they have fought against paid family leave forever, and watered down FMLA when they had the chance!

@jimkaldem @GeorgeTakei You say that like it's a good thing. The later example is the old model. We are trying to evolve.

@BradTakei @GeorgeTakei The Broken Hearts Club wants their check back. I guess you didn't need the money or were those same sex kisses forced on you? Poor lil tink tink. Guess you're all alone in your grandstand.

@GeorgeTakei Hard STOP. How you gonna pretend like he hasn't cracked jokes on all the groups you mentioned including black people, handicapped, drug addicts, old people... 🙅🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ JUST STOP with the pity party competition.

@Ericmem @GeorgeTakei Halloween is rebranded Samhain - a Celtic holiday to honor the ancestors and celebrate the dead when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. St. Brigid was originally a Celtic deity as well. Beltane (May 1) had too much free love so they just tried to forget about it!

@GeorgeTakei We should replace every conservative Christian idea with Ween the band.

@MichaelBerrySho Well, George Takei probably has a lot of experience with Guinea pigs.

@GeorgeTakei His parents obviously DIDN'T take the time to nurture during his critical first months and it shows.

@ZellersErik @GeorgeTakei When did I lie about you? I have not made a singular assumption about you, I don’t know you! on the other hand you just went from implying to full on saying I am transfobic. Who’s lying? Maybe there is no hate where you are trying so hard to see hate.

@JLemisanthrope @AlleeCatBlues @InkedVater @GeorgeTakei @DaveChappelle I didn’t say she died because of it. You’re bullying her views right now so…? If she liked him cool. Why’s that your business? Go buy content you like and don’t watch or support what you don’t. Cancel your Netflix. Christians and ISIS want shit banned. If that’s what you want k

@BradTakei @GeorgeTakei You may not be old enough to remember Clayton Moore who played The Lone Ranger on TV, but he began wearing the mask in public long after the series ended. He thought he WAS the Lone Ranger. He went to court to gain the right to the personna. He lost the case. Tragic.

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