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Diana Taurasi talking like she’s untouchable and it’s true. WNBA ain’t gonna do nothing to her

🏀👩 Taurasi - Parker / Mercury - Sky 🏀ESPN GOT EVERYTHING COVERED. A PIVOTAL GAME 3 . 🙄🏀👩😄🔥🔥🎉

@j_samu3ls Diana Taurasi is hilarious y'all😂💀 can't wait to see what she has for us tonight🍵

I'm predicting a 30-piece from Diana Taurasi tonight👀🐐

Did Twitter poke the bear 🥴 let’s go Diana Taurasi 👏

@ChelleShocked_ Yeah they let Taurasi start getting it going late in the game and then can’t stop her

A scoring machine 🌪 In Game 2, Diana Taurasi passed Lindsay Whalen for third on the #WNBAFinals Points Leaders List 👏 #WNBAGoat #WNBAFinals 🐐

@Biz_Lamar Man I dont mind Griner getting 28 but damnit we cant let Sky Digg and Taurasi also have 20

@Surgtech1321 Been up since 4 am, was hoping to get a nap in…no such thing 🥴

Diana Taurasi seemed nonplussed about the fine she was handed, saying she had “no control over that.” But she quipped: "I’m used to giving donations. I feel like it’s been awhile. It’s for a good cause.” @TheNextHoops

Sandy Brondello on fine after Taurasi's contact with a ref: "She was helping a teammate. I don't think she noticed who was around her. Isn't that what you teach your players? If someone needs help, go help." #WNBAFinals

Pregame: @SBrondello on Taurasi fine: She was going in to help a teammate. I don't think she saw who was around her. Isn't that what you teach your players? If someone needs help, go help. #WNBAFinals

Candace Parker. Diana Taurasi. Courtney Vandersloot. Brittney Griner. Kahleah Copper. Skylar Diggins-Smith. Allie Quigley. Sophie Cunningham. Azurá Stevens. Brianna Turner. Stefanie Dolson. Shey Peddy. Chicago Sky. Phoenix Mercury. You don’t want to miss game 3! #WNBAFinals

Phoenix Mercury guard Diana Taurasi has been fined $2,500 for making inappropriate contact with a game official, it was announced today by Bethany Donaphin, Head of WNBA League Operations. #WNBAFinals #WNBATwitter

“when twitter speaks, the league has to make decisions, right?” -Diana Taurasi, probably

And fans want the league to suspend Taurasi smh The game is better with her playing, get over yourselves.…

@TheVision_13 I get real nervous before the games whenever theres new drama... I can't wait for all of this to be over with Taurasi silencing the haters

Si vous avez raté le Dernier match De la finale WNBA, voici les highlights De Diana Taurasi, qui a le droit de pousser les arbitres violemment, sans être inquiétée d'être expulsée. Le match 3 a lieu dans 1h.

@WNBALead More people will see and hear the vulgar and unacceptable behavior of Diana Taurasi.

😂 Y'all are WILD for letting them do y'all like this…

seemed to be an all game duel between Copper of the Sky which resulted in yesterday's ruling for Taurasi. #wnba #wnbaPlayoffs #wnba2021 #countit #nba #atlantadream #chennedycarter #connecticutsun #dallaswings #seattlestorm #suebird #breannastewart #stewie #phoenixmercury

We go over some major news that possibly impacted the previous game for the Phoenix Mercury. The NBA made a regular and somewhat joyful appearance in support of the Mercury. Diana Taurasi gets fined for pushing Referee during the game in the Sophie Cunningham return between what

I Hate the way the fire emoji looks on this app. That hot wheels ass shit

diana taurasi just spoke courtside before game 3 about the ref incident: “when twitter speaks, the league has to make decisions, right?”

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