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I am not trying to be incentive, but how much money does your family have to have, to have the FBI do all of this? They really had a press conference on national TV, for a missing person.

As a true crime aficionado, I’m pretty creeped out by the play by play people have had going over this. That being said, the internet essentially lead the FBI to her body, so while it’s all been a bit borderline grotesque, the attention helped the family get closure.…

@nypost I’d be double checking if the @FBI is confirming anything. We know how they investigate rape cases. #IncompetentAgency

the fbi finding gabby petito close to the van that her bf came home in is throwing me. :(

The FBI has scheduled a press conference for Sunday afternoon.…

The FBI confirmed a body matching the description of Gabby Petito has been found in Grand Teton on Sunday.

@elilevin90 @KeithThompson1 I thought the same. The FBI agent clearly seemed almost…nervous. Odd behavior.

why would they announce to the runaway potential suspect that they can now track their location via their phone ??? is the fbi dumb or are they stupid ?…

The FBI says that the body remains they found near Teton NP is “consistent” with Gabby Petitos description…. And Brian is still missing. It’s absolutely crazy. My heart goes out to her family

Its heartbreaking to hear the FBI's announcement of the body remains of #GabbyPetito were found. CBSN carried that statement live earlier this hour & afterwards @CBS legal contributor @LevinsonJessica joined @LanaZak on this sad news. @CBSNews @robjgifford…

@TampaHoss I’m also curious about a “Gabby’s Law” that allows the FBI to more closely monitor POIs so they don’t go “missing.” Not necessarily arrest but have in a disclosed location where they can’t leave.

Local law enforcement in Utah and Florida as well as the FBI are to blame for the horrible handling of the Gabrielle Petito case. They let Brian Laundrie flee from his crime. Prayers to the Petito family and friends.

@parisdog Even the FBI can't screw this one up. No mystery here

One of my friends camped near their van in Grand Teton when this likely went down. They've been in contact with the FBI.…

The "evidence" as in autopsy will be avaliable this time tomorrow. The FBI called Gabby's parents and sent their condolences. Gabby is dead and Brian's parents should be arrested for "Obstruction Of Justice".…

Looks the FBI just found the remains of #GABBYPETITO in Grand Tetons National park. This is awful, but at least her family has an answer now. I pray they find #BrianLaundrie alive so we can find out why this happened.

Why didn’t they tell the FBI the day he left? They should both be prosecuted, this is insane…

Breaking news via @nytimes. The FBI has found what they believe to be human remains “consistent with the description of” 22 year old #GabbyPetito in Wyoming.…

Why hasn’t the @FBI held a press conference for Dulce Maria Alavez? Her family deserves answers, but likely won’t get any because she isn’t white. Make her trend, retweet this, and maybe we can give her case national attention.…

@Megan_Leighhhh_ @NorthPortPolice Forensics is a technicality. She had identifying tattoos, physical features, personal belongings etc. The FBI would not have told ever parents it was her unless they were sure.

a YouTuber found that girl, not the FBI ... they were too busy cosplaying

Statement by @NorthPortPolice “We are saddened and heartbroken to learn that #Gabby has been found deceased. Our focus from the start, along with the FBI, and national partners, has been to bring her home. We will continue to work with the FBI in the search for more answers.”

Why is social media piecing together this #GabbyPetito case quicker than the FBI? Why can’t they track Brian’s phone? Why did it take him literally DISAPPEARING for them to make him a legit suspect? I have so many questions.


@FreeBritneyNyc They found her body , did you listen to the fbi conference ? The clothing match so sad

#BREAKING 🚨 The FBI confirmed a body matching the description of #GabbyPetito has been found in Grand Teton on Sunday. #abc13

@Leelze32 I mean it’s obviously going to be her, of course, and when the family has been notified it pretty much says it’s her, but for the media to say “yup, it’s her for sure” when the FBI didn’t, that’s shitty.

@ToastBloss They do. It just isn't as apparent as this case is. Look at the origination. Couple from Florida leave her mother's home in NY, crosses country, she disappears, he reappears ALONE in HER van at his home in Florida. Due to the geography, it becomes a case for the FBI.

Absolutely heartbreaking, seeing the FBI agent so choked up during the announcement is another level of sad. I so hope justice is brought for Gabby. 😢💔…

@Divanista96 @danielsgoldman @RDEliason What's hilarious is by this standard Hilary was guilty of collusion and fraud with Steele and Russian agents to get the FBI to wiretap her opponents campaign. Where is the pee sex video anyway? My god it's so corrupt.

@KFCBarstool You're exactly right, some of these folks needs to be hired by the FBI! The police has done a lazy job by just letting the boyfriend wander off after showing up without her! We all knew his bald headed ass did it! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Just beyond me!

The FBI said law enforcement found remains of a body they believe to be Gabby Petito in Grand Teton National Park.

@metamantra Absolutely. I hope the FBI can now help join the hunt to find him in order to get some answers.

Here’s the official word from the FBI on the body found that matches #GabbyPetito 💔…

@ReutherWalter @OhHeyMan420 @Acosta @NotHoodlum Because they weren’t cases of national interest. That is a commentary on America not the FBI.

The FBI confirms that the body they found matches the description of social media influencer Gabby Petito, who has been missing since Sept. 11th.…

The FBI must be almost 100% certain, or else they wouldn’t have held this presser, right?…

@MeghanWPTV @WPTV I hate how the FBI says “consistent with” while NPPD says “confirmed”. Unless there is a huge difference in the time line.

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