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@stevenled15 Looking at new suvs lol Hyundai palisade or kia sorento

@AmericanFietser When i'm riding an upright Dutch-style bike, i'm eye-level or higher with people in (unmodified) large trucks/SUVs. Presuming you're in a non-SUV and lower down, it may just be the angle at which you're able to see inside the vehicle

@travis_robert These Trumpers with their gas guzzling SUV's and 4X4 pickups should be paying at least $10 bucks a gallon to make up for all the damage they are doing to the environment.

@FoxNews Approval?????? For what? The Afghanistan disgrace? The hideous price for gas? Illegals coming in non-stop? His lunatic assessment of white supremacy being THE ISSUE???? His racist assessment on Kyle while quiet on the racist murderous SUV? Home prices?

So, Ellis thinks that “white supremacy” caused #DarrellBrooks to drive his SUV through barricades and run over and kill / injure dozens of people. No, I’m going to say that the evil heart of Darrell Brooks did that. #WaukeshaMassacre #WaukeshaChristmasParade…

why don't media reports on brian kelly include that he's responsible for the death of one of his players? he took the "convicts vs. catholics" things to reality.

Daryl Brooks drove the suv that KILLED 6 people and injured over 40. The SUV was his weapon of choice.So sad we have to be distracted from the loss of all these families to make this point.

🚨WANTED-Attempted ASSAULT: 11/22/21 at approx. 10:20 AM, at Citgo Gas 1225 E 233 St @NYPD47Pct Bronx. The suspects shot at a victim sitting in a Dodge Dart, then fled in a tan SUV. Any info call at 800-577-TIPS. Reward up to $3,500.

@indystar (Corrected) Was there a driver, or did the SUV manage this all on its own, absent human agency?

@clnbrns I test drove one back then and I really should’ve just went with it even if it was only a lease. I just couldn’t fathom 2 suvs in the same house. We had an Isuzu Trooper at the time.

The what?????? Landzre??😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

The moaning turn spoken word 😭😭😭😭

@dumevi_promise On the truck is written Boston Police & the SUV has 1767 STATE POLICE written on it. Are those Ghana Police Service vehicles? Seek the truth & speak same. This NDC propaganda go send you to somewhere in Asylum Down ooooo. Watch it!!!

@5Irontpmoval72 @MSNBC No one is claiming that the SUV was unmanned, dippy.

Working together, PPD Officers and PRCC Dispatchers were able to locate the boy and the SUV within five minutes. Please review this release to see if you can help investigators ID a suspect as they continue to review evidence.…

@montanamoonbeam @CNN If I only read CNN headlines, I would think inanimate objects like SUVs are suddenly mowing down parades, rocks are jumping off the ground hitting Asians, and bullets stray away from guns on their own and kill when its evil people driving SUVs, hurling rocks & firing bullets

The flagship, plug-in hybrid performance SUV from BMW's M Division will wear aggressively angular styling. #BMW #Hybrid #News #BMWConceptXm #BMWXm

kelly would be an idiot to leave ND for the expectations and standards we have at LSU, and facing Bama each year. scott woodward would be a complete moron to go after this murderer and drown our program like this. i'd rather have mark stoops or bill Clark ANY day of the week.

Silly CNN! A car wasn’t driving the SUV. A White hating, no talent rapper monster, Darell Brooks was. This thing…👇🏼…

CNN (you are the lowest form of life on the planet!) So an SUV caused all those people to die? not a black EVIL scumbag behind the Wheel who was sending his god lucifer sacrifices??... keep up the lies, you are already guilty for crimes against humanity with the COVID Scamdemic!!

@Don_Quixot3 @NBCNews “Police said that before the incident they had been called to respond to a domestic disturbance involving Brooks, who was alleged to have fled that scene in the SUV and then driven through the parade…”. It is UNDER INVESTIGATION.🤷🏽‍♀️

The BAW Yusheng 007. A compact SUV sold from 20011-2017. Has some relationship to a joint Beijing Jeep collaboration. Made by state owned Beijing Automobile Works (BAW) #China. #365daysofPRCcars #Automotive #cars #365daysofChineseCars 21/365…

@NBCNews I blame the SUV for allowing itself to be used in such a negligent manner.

@JamesSa75888275 @NeilLowenthal1 I work on Federal property and not a single electric charging station for cars to be found. We really aren't doing much. Many of the charging stations are Tesla-specific as well. I see lots of SUVs with one person in them. Big cars are king in the USA.

I beg to differ isn't it the red SUV that is receiving the new charges??…

The 2022 Chevy Traverse is on sale now at El Dorado Chevrolet. Schedule a test drive and discover how this full-size SUV will transform all your future adventures. Browse our inventory ➡

And it’s not just people committing those crimes. SUVs are on the loose.…

@TeaPainUSA Wasn't he the guy trapped in the SUV that killed innocent people

@brianstelter How bout some clarity on the suv that drove into a crowd of people.

@AwesomeKingston @Snoshi2 we just did our annual drop off this week (a month later than normal) more than $8000 in gift cards and the trunk of our SUV filled with clothes

$TSLA “A woman died and four other people were hospitalized after a suspected drunken driver in a Tesla SUV hit a car parked along Interstate Highway 880 in Union City early Sunday morning, according to the California Highway Patrol.” cc: @icapulet…

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