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I’m going to be this guy but for Avatar: The Way of Water

Watched the trailer for Avatar The Way Of The Water and looked at the comments and found this. And this dude absolutely nailed it on the head with this comment about Avatar The Way Of The Water. This is one of the best comments I've ever seen regarding a film.

Anyways, Avatar: The Way of the Water hits theaters on December 16th.…

Avatar certainly is a 10/10 film. It's an absolute masterpiece. No one could imagine the impact this film was gonna have on cinema and how it changed it as well. Its absolutely insane. There's a reason why James Cameron is one of the best directors. Bring on The Way Of The Water…

Landing near Utah Beach and traversing the Contentin peninsula, I recently transversed much of the same Normandy countryside Edward III passed through on the way to Battle of Crecy in 1346.…

@pk_kenzie Wait, are you not excited to see the continued adventures of Jake and Neytiri in Avatar: The Way of the Water?!?!?!?!

reassumir avatar hoje no cinema só me deixou mais ansioso pra the way of water, james cameron vc sabe q é uma lenda

@owlisaurus Wait, actually, we don’t even have to theorize; there is a pregnant Na’vi in the Way of the Water trailer

@BROKEN_TENREC @WATER_F3NN3C @TwoTailKitsune @ANT1_TA1LS @BLU3_BLU4 [ The former doctor took a moment to think on this.. ] Well, if Sonic is there, then hopefully he can vouch for me being.. different to other versions of myself then. Very well, lead the way, Pepper.

Oh and the Way of Water clip they showed was incredible. It 100% looks like “we spent 13 years developing the technology capable for this”

Finally got a picture of the water in adopt me I love the way it looks in a certain light

@GeorgeMonbiot then natural and other fertilizers are sent down stream to put carcinogens in the water in metro areas and go all the way into the gulf of mexico and create a massive zone where stuff can't live because of hypoxia. that's what unregulated development does :)

the way that I’m 26 and still afraid of boiling water 😮‍💨 so scary, so hot

The clip of The Way of Water looked even better than the remaster of the original. God damn!

@bmanoriade @Kayblaze_ @divinechimobi @Gistloversblog1 What cultural respect Abi mourning do men go through when they lose there wife? Do they sit on a chair and shave their heads the way they do women? Do they wear only white clothes or black for a period of 6 months to a year ? Do they get to drink the corpse water d way some…

@bamtoritxt water water water!! bring a portable charger, snacks like protein bars or smth easy. merch = get there supererrrrr early and link arms on the way in n out of you’re going with someone else. stream the artist(s) the WHOLEEE day to get excited!! :))))

@Mr_Ceyram You’re telling me that the likes of Stormzy and Usher flew all the way from the UK and America respectively into Ghana to play for free??? Broo don’t be stvpid 😂😂😂 we know you dey try set agenda nanso this no dey hold water 🤣 such a fooorish tweet 😤

Just water all your roots You're a daisy, baby, I swear I love the way that you grew And I love the shade of your hair I'm only 17 I could be mean, but I'm such a baby You're only coming clean But just look at me, Mari you're a lovely lady.

@JoeConchaTV He’s back in Avatar: The Way of Water

@ScottSullivanTV Yup, whole film looked absolutely incredible. And The Way of Water scene was just gorgeous

@BilgeEbiri 🪐✨ One of my all time favorites films 🌱🌾🌿. Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) 🪸 will totally nuke the audience 💥 into spiritual awareness 🌊🕊. #AvatarTheWayOfWater

And people left as soon as the credits started and missed the clip for Avatar 2. SUCKERS!

@RockMusician3 @TeamPelosi But communists might! You know when hot water is so hot that it almost feels freezing? That’s where communist thinkers have the capacity to come all the way to the other side of the spectrum. They despise the same things we do, they just have the wrong solution

When the Avatar title came on the screen, someone yelled out, “Papyrus!” It might’ve been me.

Seated for the #Avatar re-release, and the lady next to me has been talking about how much she loves Avatar, but has never seen it in 3D. The internet loves to crap on the movie and how well The Way of Water will do, but I think some greatly underestimate its cultural footprint.

AVATAR (2009) Re-Release in 4K HDR / IMAX 3D Since Avatar is on one of my All Time Favorite Movies, wajib banget kembali lagi ke Pandora. Film 13 tahun lalu tapi visual effect nya the best parah! Ada 3mins preview Avatar: The Way of Water di mid-credit @bicaraboxoffice

The beautiful preview for Avatar: The Way of Water only gets me even way more amped up for this upcoming sequel. The first film has some script issues, but I feel like the possibilities of what James Cameron can do with this second film are now endless. Take all of my money!

I just posted "The Way of Water” begins to tell the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri, and their kids), the trouble that follows them, the lengths they go to keep each other safe, the battles they fight to st..." on Reddit…

Can’t wait for Avatar: The Way of Water to release and take over

@stlcty03 One thing about CoD is that after 15 years there isn't a major influx of new players the way there was at the beginning. It's base, probably in the millions all know how to play now. They've been playing for years and years. They all know how to strat and work. Hard to find noobs

Went and saw @officialavatar today in imax 3D with my nephews and my mom and it was great.. idk why I didn’t see it originally in theaters .my first time watching it was on dvd when it came out 😬.. and the clip at the end of the way of water wow that’s gonna be AMAZING

@Natasha40166078 Omg I didn't knew bub Tc of urself Take breaks if u need Drink alot of water Stay Hyderabad N I'm proud of you the way u handling everything

Revisited Pandora in theaters earlier today, and man, if the movie can look that damn good 13 years later, imagine how great The Way of Water is gonna look?

Saw a cool preview of Avatar The Way of Water during today's Avatar screening:

@RICHARDLNEWBY Just came out of my screening. The story is still very simple and generic, but the visuals were absolutely mind boggling. I saw this once in '09 and never again so I was genuinely moved by some of the visuals. The preview for The Way of Water genuinely broke my brain a little

Ainda pensando no trecho de The Way of Water que mostraram depois de Avatar 🥺

The way I miss people simply saying "I personally do not like it / it does not correspond to my vision / what I wanted" instead of all these mental gymnastics that try to come off as smart but hold no water to anyone having some knowledge on topic.…

@Browntable_Ent Just came out of my screening. The movie's still super generic, but I could not believe how good it looked and how I could ever forget that. The preview for The Way of Water genuinely broke my brain a little

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