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"Huagharghroigh arghargh" - Tim Allen

"Ughaughhaughugh hoh augh" - Tim Allen

"Harghrugh, arg urrugh ugh hargh, hargh ugh" - Tim Allen

"Huagharrgh arrrrugh hargh" - Tim Allen

"Oughaughaughharghhhh ugh" - Tim Allen

@AnnaMia1111 @atensnut but we still give a shit about Tom Hanks though. Kid Rock, Tim Allen, meh not so much

@ofctimallen Where can I find The Santa Clause items? Shirts caps etc. My 3 daughters and I have been watching The Santa Clause ever since they were little. They are now in their 20s and 30s. It's a Christmas edition 🎅🎅🎅🎄🎄🎄

"Hohhoh hoh? Arg hoh hoh arrrrugh arrhogh haugh? Rughhhh ugghh" - Tim Allen

@SteveDeaceShow 2 Great TV dads that was missed yesterday. Same actor Tim Allen Mike Baxter - Last Man Standing Tim Taylor - Home Improvements

"Arrghugghh ughargh urgh arrgh, hoh. Roigh ughough" - Tim Allen

"Oughhargh augh. Arrrrugh arrrrugh rughhhh arrugh, hoh" - Tim Allen

@ofctimallen I thought Disney/ABC didn’t like you. I guess they’re just hiring you for one more role to replace the character.

"Hoh hohughugh arrgh hoh hoharrgh ugh" - Tim Allen

"Arrhhhughurgh arrghhogh, huaghoughough" - Tim Allen

"Hohhuagh urrughhhhughhhhugh arrrrugharrrrugh" - Tim Allen

"Huaghargarg ugghh hargh. Augharrghharghhuagharrrrugharr" - Tim Allen

@ofctimallen Fantastic! Relying on Pure Michigan commercials, previous movies and shows isn't enough!! Need more Tim Allen!!!

"Aughurrroighough harghurrroighhuagh" - Tim Allen

"Roighaugharrarrgh urrugh" - Tim Allen

Tim Allen off Home Improvement intelligent but we going stupid

"Urrroighhogh rugh arrgh augh ugghh roighough. Urrugh, ough" - Tim Allen

"Arrroigh hoghhoh hoh? Hoh hoh ough huagh hargh, augh" - Tim Allen

@LowresWB The Santa Clause 2 with Tim Allen 5 stars I liked it

"Arrrrughurrugh argough hoghughhoh" - Tim Allen

Day 68 of inviting @ofctimallen on the podcast. Let’s talk some classic cars at Bob’s Big Boy. 👋🏻

"Arghargh urrroigh. Ugh. Urrroighugghhrugh arg urrroigh urrugh" - Tim Allen

"Arrhoh hhhugh, hoh hohugh harghaugh" - Tim Allen

"Hoghrugh... Hoh hohhhh ough" - Tim Allen

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