Top Tweets for Tom Cotton

@SenTomCotton Republicans like Tom Cotton never help solve America’s problems because they spend all their time lying and sabotaging others who want to lead us in a positive direction. Vote him out.

@SenTomCotton Why don’t you do something useful? All you people do is run around complaining, and blaming President Biden for everything! You look ridiculous! Everybody sees right through it!

@SenTomCotton We're not as stupid as you think we are....

@SenTomCotton Oh honey. Check your 6. Your house is filthy. Your party (and by extension you) are not worthy All I can hear is her.

@chipfranklin Nope, Josh Hawkeye and Tom cotton have to go with the matched set.

@SenTomCotton Oh FFS Some families can’t even afford to buy gifts for their kids

@therecount Tom Cotton “knows nothing about legislating or science, or being human.”

@Ignatz_58 @SenTomCotton I keep hearing about the soaring price of milk. I paid $2.99 for a gallon of milk today!

Americans politicians like Tom Cotton who attack physicians have to be the slimmest creatures on earth. Pure ugly US trash.

A real senator, who wasn't a smug, dead-eyed nazi like Tom Cotton, would look into profiteering and intentional price gouging.…

@SenTomCotton Senator: I haven’t faced a single lack of anything. What are you talking about? Shelves are full—yes, inflation is high…but, gotta say the pandemic affected the entire globe’s economy. Crying about it? Really? Put on your big-boy pants.

@FAIRImmigration @BreitbartNews @SenTomCotton Unfinished shoddy "wall" of famous Mexico payment scam. Insurrection 1:01

@SenTomCotton Tom, the supply chain issue is due to China's 7-week quarantine for sailors.…

@Chris_1791 @FoxNews Can someone remind me if Tom Cotton's specialty at med school was epidemiology? Or whether the congressional bureaucrat ever went to med school at all? #DunningKrugerPosterChild

@SenTomCotton Your daily reminder that Tom "Ears McFuckstick" Cotton will never be president of the United States of America. #EarsMcFuckstick

@SenTomCotton Inflation is global. Is Biden controlling the world economy? Stop lying and do something to try to help for once.

@SenTomCotton Biden has been working to ease the supply chain crisis. Meanwhile, you're doing this.

@SenTomCotton Didn’t you promise us updates about the woke military crisis? Thanks for more performative nonsense.…

@SenTomCotton "REMEMBER they and their families are all vaccinated. They only fool you into dying alone"

@SenTomCotton The supply chain crisis is global, hit critical mass last year, and has been exacerbated by our reopening and increased demand. Your lies and smears are absurd. Are going blame Biden for inflation on par with our own in every other OECD nation?

@SenTomCotton Biden single handedly caused a global supply chain issue? Damn!

@FoxNews Said the life long bureaucrat - @SenTomCotton - stop flapping your lips, you’ll never be President

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