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Believe me when Mandy and Toxic Attraction go up after Halloween Havoc the NXT Women's division is in good hands

Ultimately the devil is self-destructive. This is why being around a toxic person is damaging to you. This is also why God tells us to "Come out from among them." If you're healthy and continue hanging around a wicked person you WILL be hurt. #ToxicAttraction

@Nickisawesome92 @DelanteaWashi19 Damage Contol is not on the level of Toxic Attraction. Cause Gigi and Jayce are book quiet strong something Kai and Iyo aren't. Also Bayley most likely winning and Damage CTRL need some people for WarGames

when she returns to main roster with this theme and goes to the ring to sonya as blonde face mandy but then attacks sonya rips her wig off revealing her hair dark brown and the toxic attraction music starts playing

@babytatakookie @enbfics @kookbunbun or depictions of sex — they simply don't feel sexual attraction ~ google and you don't have to say sorry. I myself didn't know about them being toxic so it's ok 💜

Alba Fyre, Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark join forces to combat Toxic Attraction

Men who hit you up whenever they feel the need too<<<. #ToxicAttraction #ilovetoxicmen #toxicgirl


@DelanteaWashi19 @AlexaBliss_WWE Maybe she'll turn on Bianca at extreme rules so Bayley wins and I'll hate it cause then damage control is just the new toxic attraction

@DylanMatthews91 You are only bringing up toxic attraction and probably Indi ain't no one else ready

@HellcatPerez I Tried To Warn Alba Fyre Can't Dethrone Mandy Rose And The Faction Of Toxic Attraction Will Be Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame In The Bright And Shiny Future In WWE Women's Division

Toxic Attraction was meant to be a supergroup while damage control is meant to be a mere nuisance

It took 4 months for anyone in that locker room to even stand up to Toxic Attraction

The only thing I hated was how long it took for the locker room revolt against Toxic Attraction to start At least we're seeing one start already against damage control

The 3 girls in Toxic Attraction made sure that at the end of the day they looked good and so did Raquel during their feud

When Toxic Attraction used to beat down Raquel it actually looked convincing

@HellcatPerez @rosendevilletm Exactly toxic attraction they’ll go down in the history books as the greatest dominant women’s faction and they’re future hall of famers

Nobody in Toxic Attraction has ever won a title in WWE before last year

Did Raquel lose something big in the feud with Toxic Attraction yes but she benefitted from it

Why do I love Toxic Attraction because maybe they didn't go out of their way Their first day to call the entire women's ficus garbage

Toxic Attraction, the upstart team from NXT, and a late substitute in this #TagTeamTournament, advances to the next round with the Win over Natalya and Sonya Deville. The Montreal crowd is PISSED! 🤣🤣🤣 #SmackDown 8/19…

they said "beauty doesn't matter" but in reality pretty faces always win 💕 #ToxicAttraction

Give Raquel that one moral win over toxic attraction before she went up

@WWE_MandyRose How was ur day going so far my love I want to be wit u my love an I hope we can be partner wit each other an we can meet face to face but I am so nervous an shy we can be in a personal room together we can have time wit each other an I want to join toxic attraction wit yll guys

@LaceyEvansWWE I really hope something changes. I love all heel women - Bayley, Sonya, Shayna, Toxic Attraction, Cora Jade, etc. But, unfortunately, there's something about this character that I don't even love to hate. I suspect much of the audience feels the same? Unfortunate.

Always remember there's no Riott Squad or damage control or toxic Attraction without P.M.S @TheTerriRunnels @JackieMooreTx

@eethwin_ @LordAdam5 @ForWomenScot @jk_rowling @PinkNews No actually. LGBs are about same-sex attraction. QTs are about gender. The attempt to force us together while working to erase us is typical of abusive, homophobic toxic masculinity.

@KJonhson92 @MissMANIA30 Give a new group all the titles the same thing they did with Toxic Attraction last year

@sayshanta @slate_s42 Judgement day is boring and so is damage control. Toxic attraction is way better than both of these groups that’s who should be running the womens division on smack down.

@KJonhson92 @MissMANIA30 No I don't enjoy a Toxic Attraction redo just with 2 grand slam champion and Dakota

Nuevo post: Previo WWE NXT 4 de octubre 2022 | Toxic Attraction vs. Fyre, Lyons y Stark -…

@xo_pinkishheart his dungeon makes it so incredibly obvious he struggles with same sex attraction and tries to overcompensate it with aggressive, even toxic masculinity. Sewing is a means of him embracing a more gentle side insofar as his masculinity, which channels into his sexual growth, imo

Here’s my Top 15 favorite wrestlers in WWE right now. Roman Reigns Karrion Kross Matt Riddle Carmelo Hayes Gunther Butch Toxic Attraction Sami Zayn Kevin Owens Chad Gable The Usos Damien Priest Bron Breakker Tyler Bate The Creeds #WWE #WWERaw #SmackDown #WWENXT

Hey there! Bad taste in men? Become a Police Officer! We chase the same men you do, may as well get paid while you do it! 🚔🚓👮‍♂️#cophumor #badtaste #ToxicAttraction

The Law of Attraction felt too much like toxic positivity to me. I like how with the Law of Assumption I can honour how I'm feeling whilst creating an affirmation that puts me in the mindset of already having what I want.

Truth is- Damage CTRL stans believe in their hearts that they’re gonna be booked like Toxic Attraction. You can’t outdo the doer

It's kind of cool they made Toxic Attraction so dominant in NXT but realistically are they gonna have a good run on the MR as a group? Cuz I can't imagine the current top women losing to Mandy so much and her being champ that long on RAW or Smackdown

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