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@wahwe_2zawe fortnite loves to attract en eff tee skins like guggimon, kaws, agent jones( troy baker enft)

This is without a doubt the most bullshit article you have ever posted, did you at all pay attention to what happened to STALKER, Troy Baker, or any Ubisoft dev about NFT’s…

Announcement: Next year I will be voiced by Troy Baker

I want to work with Troy Baker again. Think they'd like to be Vortical Cockateel Areaman in my next game?

@gameonmatty Invest in NFT's at your peril. See what happened to Troy Baker.

Give it up for day 6 of @TroyBakerVA remaining silent on his business partner stealing from 15ai.

Galera pilhada com TroyBaker mas... toma essa…

@PowerOtaku o que achou do André passando pano para o NFT do Troy Baker? uashauhsuahs

First Tinashe, then Troy Baker, and now Serena, I can't be a fan of NOBODY lmao

@lAinspidergirl @Cosmos54 Troy Baker does nfts there's no way that could be Kanji

@TroyBakerVA @VoiceverseNFT Cool so you are backstabbing other VA. That is nice.

@TroyBakerVA You are too much will avoid games you are in from now on. Hope the industry will drop you like a hot potato.

the taskmaster or whatever her name was, not Troy Baker Elon Musk

Since we're all pissed at Troy Baker for the NFT stuff just remember Arkham Origins let's you repeatedly punch him in the face

Hey @TroyBakerVA. I just got the chance to watch the interview you did with @Charalanahzard and I was one of the few that was disappointed. I'm so glad you took the opportunity to share your perspective and kudos for admitting that you screwed up with that one.

AJS News- Cheaters Abandon BF2042, Troy Baker Pushes NFTs, NO 4K Blu-Ray... via @YouTube

@haneame_cos Troy Baker, yes. every other no.

Season 2 is back. Haven't got time watch it yet. I hope it will continue to be good as season 1 perhaps even better. The invoker voice sounds so familiar... 👍😁 #dota2 #DragonsBlood #animenetflix @TroyBakerVA…

@TroyBakerVA Its ok Troy, its pandemic, times are insane and future is uncertain more than ever before. So you want to make some more money. Im not mad about that. Just dont try to wrap me a poo in nice gift wrap. Its still poo

Troy Baker-backed NFT firm admits using voice lines taken from another service without permission •…

I don't know anything about Troy Baker, but like, from my understanding he's the Ricky Gervais of voice actors? At least that's the impression I get of him lmao.

You’re at E3. Everyone is having a great time. Neil Druckmann seem a little excited. “We have a surprise for you guys.” he says. All of a sudden Troy Baker comes out and starts to make NFTs. When Troy is in the middle of drawing, someone else starts walking to the stage. Lights

Source: I’m pretty sure this is the last time I use comments on Troy Baker’s NFT post unless there is way more out there that I’m missing. And with that, good night. Time to sleep.…

@pinkdemonica He wants them to remaster p4g and replace Troy baker with someone who doesn't support nft

@WestonIroh Did someone fr get u Troy Baker’s NFT 😭

Man Troy Baker is a phenomenal voice actor

@SpringNuts_ Adam Raised A Cain, Independence Day - Bruce Springsteen Ma Baker - Boney M Try To Remember - Harry Belafonte Tower of Strength - The Mission Broken Wings - Mr Mister Palki'r Gaan, Runner - Hemanta Mukhopadhyay We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) - Tina Turner Troy - Sinead

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