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@CynicqlObserver @Rolyab44 @HailHydra666 @DannyMinter5 @TulsiGabbard I seldom express feelings here. I have expressed them on the Web, however, vociferously. Read this, if you dare.…

Incredibly disingenuous, @cenkuygur. Tulsi didn't say that there was no racism in America or in the Arberry case. She said that America is not a racist country. Do you understand that difference? Of course you do, but dishonest smear merchants gonna dishonestly smear. #tytlive

Sooooo..... If you make a citizens arrest you can murder??? The emm Effers almost got away with it @TulsiGabbard #TYTlive Racism is alive and well in this country . Just look around . look who got away with it . Many .

@catturd2 This may be confrontational. But if he takes Tulsi gabbard ad vp and she switches parties since she is moderate. Landslide for the GOP

From now on, we should just start calling her Tulsi Grifter. #tytlive

@TulsiGabbard Absolutely correct. Especially, with the uncertainty of the new COVID variant. If the countries start shutting down and supply drops, inflation will soar..

@Dan_Donovan_17 @CrequeRashida @LeJuanWilliams @TulsiGabbard A lot of racist murders off the top of you head for a *not* racist country. Was it easu to get them arrested & into court? Was anything covered up? What if there was no video evidence? Was any video hidden? Lots of easy to answer questions that lead to America being racist.

Right Tulsi, because Justice was carried out in one case, America isn’t racist. 🤡 Nevermind centuries of slavery & a systemically racist criminal justice system that keeps black folks in prison for longer sentences than white folks for the same non-violent drug offense #TYTLive

@TulsiGabbard And the cost of the climate crisis? Far greater than the Build Back Better act

It takes incredible churlishness to take a good, positive and completely true statement from Tulsi and try to smear her motives as @AnaKasparian and @cenkuygur are disingenuously trying to do. #tytlive

@MintPressNews @AlanRMacLeod The left gave her the boot, so she seized her only opportunity: a hard right. Which tells me that Tulsi is a standard-issue politician. She stands for whatever puts money and a modicum of power in her pocket. 🤮🤮🤡🤡

Fuck tulsi, let her grift the right.

@TulsiGabbard Chase that money gurl!!! Selling out looks good on you!!

That's the longest I've ever heard Tulsi Gabbard speak without finding a way to gratuitously slip "aloha" into what she was saying. #tytlive

@CalvinW92709090 @TulsiGabbard You want to do this the easy way without the hard part in between.

@TulsiGabbard Why is he trying to label you liberal or conservative? I don’t like political spectrum labels. You are pro-whatever-makes-the-most-sense!

@TulsiGabbard would be the greatest 1st woman president. She's got love, and that's all we need

@TulsiGabbard Why did you not make that argument when you served in congress?

You're still wrong about Tulsi @AnaKasparian. I know this without even having heard the story yet! #tytlive

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