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So I have been trying to craft all the turkey day stuff in animal Crossing and I had all the clay I needed but when I went to craft I ran out of clay because I needed 40 to craft everything I just went to get my net and found the missing clay

And so begins the turkey pot pie.. with bacon. Figured today is the last day the turkey is ok to eat!

@Millie_Morris trust me when i say, i feel the same way. i mean… i think they would like each other, but i see somethings of them in each other and they wouldn’t like it, at all. i worked on turkey day, so i didn’t participate in the festivities. i hope for friendsgiving next year!

@PaulStanleyLive I wanna rock and roll all ni-i-ight, eat turkey every day ⚡️ 🍗

@wjxt4 Hey guys! I stream the news. I watch you guys every day. When the live news ends, you are still running Laurens turkey hunt story. A little out of date, no?

Had an absolute blast running the Turkey Day Run & Gobble Wobble 5K on Thanksgiving Day a few days ago! Super grateful for a healthy body and the ability to run with these awesome gals! 🦃🏅@TurkeyDayRun #Thanksgiving2021 #Runnergirl

Boiled me some turkey necks n stuff it’s a good day

📷 The Journal Journey Part 65 Coming off a great Thanksgiving break takes some inspiration sometimes.  Hoping all out there had an awesome Turkey Day and enjoyed the time off with family, friends, fun, rest, and relaxation.  Like most, this...…

@conradlandais I believe they were given to larger WPN stores to be given out as prizes at events, like FNM and such. I'm sure they all made it into players hands, and were not held back by anyone for the secondary market! That never happens, right?🙄 My Turkey Day was great! How was yours?😁

@AlexButterfly01 They were surprisingly successful. Barbecuing the turkey turned out to be a good idea, but it actually tasted better cold the next day.

that one day i randomly made the decision to cut sugar (except for fruit) cold turkey was a ROUGH one.

Happy Monday everyone , we are back!! New podcast dropping tonight. Thank you #The Monday #CyberMonday #TurkeyDay

@MyNamyIsAmy How did you enjoy Washington, and turkey day?

The fucking media is still covering the orange stain and what he did on Turkey day- I have no more fucks to give- can we move on from this psychopath…

@Bluertwo I so badly wanted miracle whip on my day after Thanksgiving turkey sandwich this year, but all that my mom had in the fridge was Kraft lite Mayo. So disappointed!

Nothing beats a bowl of homemade soup on a cold day. (It's also a convenient way to get rid of the leftover turkey carcase and fresh veg.)

@AlexButterfly01 I broke the raw frame up and made stock the same day, salvaging about 12 ounces of boiled meat for soup. Used that and some stock for the chowder Saturday. Kind of imitated Manhattan clam chowder, but with turkey.

@nuovoatlantide @heissenstat @wellsla I dont know that guy, but the thing is, in present day Turkey, anyone can get arrested for any bloody reason, man. Sad.

Anyone else eating turkey for the @Millions ‘th day in a row? 👈🏼👀 Nonchalantly shilled their @ - bc they give back… I like givers… giving is dope… soooOoOoo… be a giver.🌎

Send some healing vibes my way. I should have worn an ace bandage to work today. Sprained this doing my Turkey Day 5k with Doodle Bug and I just want the session of RICE afterward to have been enough.…

@kenny5alive Actually yes. That whole veggie-whatever tends to be part of their identity. Not absolute but we’ve seen the infernal turkey ham so… are they Seventh Day Adventist’s or something?

@EunAeSoo You know... Turkey day, it said so in Animal Crossing last year [Does a lil' 👉👈] So... maybe we can do some stuffing now that I'm awake

On the International Day of Solidarity with Palestine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey stated in solidarity with the Palestinian people, saying we will continue to stand by brotherly Palestine in its just cause. #PalestineDay #FreePalestine

Now that TURKEY DAY IS PASSED, Don't forget the BRO HOLIDAY LUNCH, Dec 23rd at @BigLugCanteen See who beer gets spilled on this year! Show up around noon, look for bros.

@mutantmo @vip_katelayne we bought 4 boxes of stove top when it was on sale for turkey day...its so easy and delicious although probably totally loaded with salt

Hope everyone had a great turkey day and I'm heckin stoked for all of the fabric and foam I bought on sale!!! Raze cosplay here we come. Or should I say, let's get this party started!!!!! #streamer #gaming #VALORANT #cosplay

Turkey "Yurdal Gökçe, police officer from KHK, fell from roof of his workplace in Gebze, died today. In one of his latest social media posts, "Weren't we human beings, what alienated us from people." he wrote. Yes, one day KHK people will return, but those who left will not."…

@wpence21 @Kevo_Bevo @ofk_aaron Cold turkey 6 1/2 years ago and was smoking 2 packs a day. Ate lots of sunflower seeds Skittles and starburst. You will notice a Hugh difference. Congrats Kevo I remember when you said you were giving them up.

iPhone reminded me today that exactly two years ago, I was in Turkey 🇹🇷. There is not a day passing by without me missing Istanbul. Can’t wait to go back!

today is the day jesus ate a turkey

My favorite time of the day is when it's time to settle into the night. Hoodie, fuzzy socks, cookies, iced coffee, cozy blanket and favorite show/ movie. PS, dinner is a leftover turkey sandwich made with Duke's mayo, spicy mustard and garlic cheese herb bread. 😋

Drew this in October but I figured best to share now after turkey day is over. 🐻🐕

@trippyxshit I threw the last of turkey n ish out today ..trash day is tomorrow for me So that shid had to gogo

2 buses shielding motorcycles from the wind for them to cross the bridge safely. This happened during a stormy day in Turkey. Another reason to love this country! 🇹🇷…

早上好! Let's make a sandwich to start a wonderful day! Open the fridge, and grab two pieces of croissants. Take turkey as the protein, onion and lettece as veggies. Finally, add some cream and cheddar cheese. Have it with a cup of breakfast tea. Enjoy your morning!

After a relaxing week off filled with turkey and board games, I’m thrilled to share that tomorrow will be my first day as comms director at @Frost_Giant Studios! I’m super excited to support the talented team working to build the next great RTS and can’t wait to get started.

Mojo’s Christmas menu will launch Tuesday 30th November, a day earlier than usual but what the hell! It’s nearly Christmas and we all need a bit of good news at the moment! #itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas #christmassoup #turkey #festiveflapjack #mojosroxx

おはようございます! Let's make a sandwich to start a happy day! Open the fridge, and grab two pieces of bagels. Take turkey as the protein, avocado and sprouts as veggies. Finally, add some cream and cheddar cheese. Have it with a cup of breakfast tea. Enjoy your morning!

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