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@nate53850701 @MarvinYNWA @NLHTrainer @SportsCenter People think the Mavs choked this series just because they were up 2-0. The only reason they were up 2-0 was because of fluke shooting by THJ and with Ty Lue still having Zubac and Bev in rotation. The series shifted after the Clippers started playing small ball.

@NoEazyBucketz Leading doesn’t mean he’s the most important or impactful. Ty Lue has been recorded on the record, stating that Curry was their main objective in their series.

@TheLydiaCruz I thought of you as soon as he Ty’d the game.

@JGoesHollywood @LEBRON6SZN @wojespn He wasn't + Ty Lue is one of the best coaches when it comes to finding players to open looks

Perso je trouve pourtant le fit avec NY assez évident. Il manque du shoot au Garden, et ce n’est pas Barrett qui upgrade. Si tu drop un meneur gestionnaire style Lonzo, un shooteur comme vavane, un ailier polyvalent comme RJ, un 4 technique (Randle) et un 5 costaud. #Boston2008…

@BigBoss52112110 @JrueBurnerAcct @BullsGotNext Gives me LAC vs Mavs after the first 2 games when PG an Ty Lue said they ain't worried and everybody called them liars ..these players be knowing something man 😂

@R3qtX @DrFreak_phd @kd2icy @SportsCenter Umm I'm not but ok assuming isn't really a good thing kid. Your crying over what someone said on the internet 🤣

@DrFreak_phd @R3qtX @kd2icy @SportsCenter Tf did you say? You don't know him and you say he doesn't know gymnastics?

@R3qtX @kd2icy @SportsCenter But you don't know him and that's a messed up thing to say...

Celui qui me fait le plus kiffer perso : Lamelo Bouknight Hayward Bridges Kai…

@R3qtX @kd2icy @SportsCenter What you want him to send a video of him doing it?

@OsheaJacksonJr That team was better suited for the finals ! Ty lue did a poor job managing egos

@ievaxol Always & always, ty for sharing it!!💕& god that’s so true! If I was gonna melt into a puddle, it’d be for That scene right there👀it’s gonna be so good!! Lue fits the role too perfectly, but we love him!!😭💕& I’ll share snippets soon if I’m lucky, jealous Exarch pls possess me

@CryptoMiguel_ @nugsie99 @iohandles @kevinlove @KingJames @TheRealJRSmith @RealTristan13 @channingfrye @Rjeff24 The funny thing about that whole statement was "Ty Lue drew up the play". He couldnt draw a bath, let alone a basketball play. 🤣

Es Delía el Ty Lue blanco? Todo el tiempo tiene cara de no entender que está pasando a su alrededor.

@charlesmockler But I do love that Zu established himself on the roster under Ty Lue too, when that seemed more questionable early in the season. I dunno who starts/finishes, but Zu should see plenty of court time.

@PxAllen04 Playoff performer, top 15 pg, coach, also included… how many point guards in the league right now can honestly outplay Rondo in a 7 game IF Rondo head coach wasn’t an idiot like Ty Lue??? He spanked Westbrook in the bubble. Cmon man

@SulloReport With Kawhi out a huge part, if not all of the season I reckon he’d do real well with us, especially with Ty Lue coaching him I reckon he’ll get him in good spots and playing well this season. I wouldn’t mind us seeing if he wanted to come over the road

The only thing Serge needs to do “better” next season is be available (and maybe hit more shots right at the rim) He’s got a defined role under Ty Lue that works fantastic for the Clippers, let’s hope we see it for more than 41 games next year

@ItsKingsBruh ehh, when kawhi gets back i’d have to see the paul george-kawhi-demar fit. but w/o kawhi i think it’s a great fit with the way ty lue prioritizes shooting and space it mitigates demar’s flaws on O at least some and he’d be on a team that can guard. i’m rollin

i think id the clippers land demar, in this current west climate 2-5 is in play. not a big demar guy. but the talent is obvious & as your #2 if u can surround him with the elite shooting the clippers have, he’d function in a lot of the same ways lac uses kawhi. under ty lue? yes

Team USA is at their best on run and gun.. when the pure hoopers gets to make their own decisions and unleash their physical gifts.. Theyre designed to control the tempo and not play on this slow grindy fiba style.. Even Ty Lue could coach this team better than Pop

@joeylinn_ I don’t mind him coming back, Ty Lue isn’t going to play him 40 minutes a game if he’s just out there running around not doing anything

Ty Lue to play this game over. GOAT ON GOAT.

@DragonflyJonez Ty Lue played with Jordan Shaq Kobe Dirk Kidd McGrady Yao Rodman Mutombo Dwight Glenn Rice Joe Johnson

@Matt_Barnes22 @DeMar_DeRozan @allthesmoke @shobasketball How about back home but to clips. He can have a big role next to PG and Ty Lue is a great coach #whatsburning

i’ve learned so much and will continue to learn. terance mann himself has taught me a lot. look at this dumb ass take that was dead wrong. sometimes all a player needs is a coaching change. doc had t mann being a point. ty lue just has him out there essentially position-less.…

@Matt_Barnes22 @DeMar_DeRozan @allthesmoke @shobasketball How about back home but to clips. He can have a big role next to PG and Ty Lue is a great coach

@nugsie99 @iohandles @kevinlove @KingJames @TheRealJRSmith @RealTristan13 @channingfrye @Rjeff24 Look it up guy, did you even watch that game? It was clearly in a huddle where LeBron says “I want Ky to have it. Let him have it.” Ty lue drew the play for Bron. He scratched it and said no give it to Ky

I literally love how I can’t pick up on social cues

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