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@PeterBurnsESPN Is this satire bc everyone else is stoked

Did you get some good seats for the game @Mlucky1015

Blown coverage after blown coverage, what is going on?

Where is the offense from the 1st quarter for the Jayhawks #kufball

@jim_4th @BoreiaArtopoios @catmum6702 @RachelT1722 @RevDaniel @Jetzphan I'm sorry that happened. But I bet you do remember the circumstances around that and what it entailed. While others who weren't affected wont remember. That's how it works. I wont diminish your experience. All we ask is to not have ours and our efforts to keep kids safer.

@jim_4th @BoreiaArtopoios @catmum6702 @RachelT1722 @RevDaniel @Jetzphan Also 40 years for me. I grew up in a smaller corn town. And while you don't recall, people like me do because it completely scarred us. The point being, you don't have to live through the trauma so it doesn't affect you. Trust me, I'm glad you don't have to.

Y’all quit bitching about the no calls this is Alabama

INT BABY!!!!!! Rebs are hungryyyy

@jeff_ruff 5 yards on what should’ve been damn near a home run.

We’re gonna need big defensive plays and some turnovers to swing this thing. Punch that ball out LFG REBS!!!!! @OleMissFB

@Carson_OKC I’m glad they handed it to Ollie, but it really feels like they’re trying to prove a point to the people that questioned the pass heavy start to the game…

@YBatoba They look really good! I’d rather the brand on the helmet but I prefer full body Pete over just the head for sure.

@NDjsmall @NotreDame @NDLoyal Herp derp *academic joke* I guess when it's all you have ... you shoot your best shot lol

@CFBHome Virginia Tech is always losing to G5 opponents.

@FauxCaridiNTC Unnecessary shot down field. Stalled the drive.

@jim_4th @catmum6702 @RachelT1722 @RevDaniel @Jetzphan Lucky you. I had multiple teachers that egged on the students and bullied me in school. Guess what? My story is not unique. When you're not a minority it's easy to overlook what you're not noticing. It doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

Is it just me or is the @WatchMarquee scorebug wrong pretty often the past few series?

@SplashEdition You honestly have to shoot based on feel - and every single shot is different in each mode. Lol.

Yo Tyler Davis been at Clemson forever 🤣🤣

@jim_4th @catmum6702 @RachelT1722 @RevDaniel @Jetzphan I grew up in the 80's and teachers encouraged and participated in my bullying. As much as you want to say it's only subjects taught, it's because you come from a background where you were able to focus and participate in school socially as well as academically.

@jim_4th @RevDaniel @Jetzphan School taught me to be afraid of who I am which kept me from studying and paying attention being constantly afraid. Funny, when I went to college, I graduated with honors. If you're white, heterosexual, and "normal", your experience is very different. Be thankful.

@detroitplair I think I was leaning that way too. But Holmes knows best, ig.

@_312DARIUS MBDTF has some of his highest highs (Runaway, All of the Lights) but Monster one of his worst tracks on any album. LR/CD >

What’s happened to Clemson’s pass rush this year? No pressure up the middle from Tyler Davis or Ruke. Not much LB blitzing either.

@LEXDIAMONDSLINX All this. Drake made a lotta music worse, rap + R&B. Bro never had any range and def wouldn’t cut it as a true singer but people love songs about shallow, toxic relationships. So now we get more nonsinging ass people tryna vocalize as long as they have the right “persona.”

@BSarver35 @SirSullalot There were also two winning seasons in the screenshot he was replying to. Just clearly not a numbers guy in the slightest

@hog_run @gannonbreslin @awfulannouncing Lol had nothing to do with race Makes it about race Smh

Bring back jumbo package insert Tyler Davis please and thank you

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