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@ContraPoints When did you become so demure, Natalie? We want to see the video but our lives don't depend on it. Everything's fine.

Fuck me I’m hanging so bad, I could potentially be dying

@EricEstepp17 If I can get to your back bumper on exit you’re in the way!!

Goddamn, it feels good to be a human.

@Halalcoholism @WillytheC Right wingers hate it for having too much woman stuff, leftists hate it for being a badly written and nonsensical story.

@page_eco @AkiyoshiKitaoka I can't be the only one who mostly sees white in the yellow space. It looks more yellow when I don't focus on it, but if I look closely it's much closer to white than anything else.

@KeteIMarte jon miller was talking abt how the blue jays returned to rogers centre and dave flemming said “named after tyler rogers”

Ranking the players on the giants 26 man roster: 1: Bryant 2: Posey 3: Crawford 4: Gausreeks 5: Yaz 6: Tyler Rogers 7: 🐧 8: Desclfani 9: Ruf 10: Duggar 11: LWJ 12: Wilmer 13: McGee 14: Casali 15: Leone 16: Jarlin Wagner 17: Wood 18: Cueto 19: Jay Jackson

The only place on Earth wherein you can be in stab your eyes out traffic jams at both 4,250 feet & sea level within an hour is the state of California.

MLB Former @MVDiamondDawgs Tyler Rogers struck out two of the three batters he faced in the eighth inning of the San Francisco Giants' 8-6 win over the Houston Astros Saturday. It was his fifth consecutive scoreless outing as he tied the NL lead with his 49th relief appearance.

Average vertical release point, all 2021 pitches: 1.20 feet <--- Tyler Rogers 2.18 feet <--- Adam Cimber 2.26 feet <--- Ben Rowen @B_Rowen 🤜🤛 ... ... ... 6.96 feet <--- Ross Stripling…

Most pitches thrown since 2020 with a vertical release point of less than twenty-one inches? Tyler Rogers -----------> 1,165 Rest of MLB combined ----> 0…

Tyler Rogers had this beautiful basement door slider the other day...ICYMI

Tyler Rogers, Mechanics (home plate view/slow)

Tyler Rogers, Painted 71mph Slider. 🖌️🎨

Tyler Rogers and Jake McGee are amazing. I love watching closers. People who thrive under pressure are unique. #sfgiants are lucky to have them.

Tyler Rogers - San Francisco Giants 1.0 IP, 2 Ks

Why do work days drag and on weekends you blink and it’s over

@DetmersTroll I too am a Mike Yastrzemski enjoyer and Tyler Rogers enjoyer!

I freakin’ love Tyler Rogers

@RealToddKalas There's Tyler Rogers, Taylor Rogers, Trevor Rogers and maybe a Trevore Rogers coming (or maybe not)

@extrabaggs Tyler Rogers does not follow the law of Gravity with his pitching

Unlucky Out: Chas McCormick (2) [HOU] off Tyler Rogers [SF]: 90.2 mph, 17 degrees (Lineout)

I'm not sure anything could have helped the Astros against Tyler Rogers in that inning. He mesmerized Correa and Tucker.

The funky arm angle god Tyler Rogers carved the Astros up!

Suddenly Tyler Rogers is a strikeout pitcher.

known strikeout artist tyler rogers

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