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@MechelleV @chicagosky @WNBA @PhoenixMercury Ok but Mechelle, is Vandersloot playing tonight? She had her left foot in a walking boot after game 2. 🤷🏻‍♂️

¿Puede ser Courtney Vandersloot una de las jugadoras más infravaloradas de la #WNBA?

Wade says not many point guards can balance passing vision with speed and shooting ability the way Vandersloot can.

James Wade on Courtney Vandersloot: "I think the way she controls the tempo and game, she's probably the best passer that ever lived. Her control, her balance. She has great balance, great touch. (Q: @James_M_Kay)

@ailmacbarros Temos que espalhar a palavra de Courtney Vandersloot 🔥🔥🔥

#SKYTOWN & #WNBA All 2nd team Courtney Vandersloot getting up shots before Game 3

So as he said this is a match up I don’t need or like & Roc was hyping him up in the background I knew it was over lmao. I swear this work was for Mike P 🤷🏾‍♂️…

Chicago Sky Guard Courtney Vandersloot Makes All-WNBA Second Team

Chicago Sky point guard Courtney Vandersloot was named to the All-WNBA second team ahead of tonight's Game 3 against the Phoenix Mercury #WNBAFinals…

PJ Fleck laughs whenever there’s a Liberty Mutual commercial

Unlike you i appreciate the fact that i can get 700 different flavors of lemonade and mix and match to my choosinf…

"The @chicagosky are dish pizza deeper than their range and these two share more than a ring as they go for an #WNBA one." #BasketballBuzz 'Sky Spousal Sharpshooters Vandersloot (@Sloot22) & Quigley (@alliequigley) Flame Downtown Phoenix'… #SkyTown #CountIt

Who’s winning in a matchup between the All-#WNBA teams? 1st Team: Diggins-Smith, Loyd, Stewart, Jones, Griner 2nd Team: Vandersloot, Ogunbowale, Charles, Wilson, Fowles

Sky stats headed into game 3: • Courtney Vandersloot 16.0 PTS, 12.5 AST, 3.0 STL • Allie Quigley 18.5 PTS, 4.5 REB, 1.5 AST • Kahleah Copper 18.0 PTS, 9.5 REB, 2.0 AST • Azurá Stevens 9.5 PTS, 8.5 REB, 2.5 BLK • Candace Parker 14.5 PTS, 8.0 REB, 3.0 AST #WNBA

Mrs. Vandersloot worked with 4th graders today on character traits & vocabulary!

Sky come back with a nice Spain PnR—Stevens screens and then rolls, Quigley backscreens for her and pops—which does its job removing the help defense as Vandersloot just takes it herself and ties the game. #SKYTOWN

🏜️ has a trio of prolific 🌟s who are playing at their best. 🌤️🏙️ has two great distributors in Vandersloot and Parker, but could also get more explosiveness 💥 if it gives Diamond DeShields the ball. What will happen in #WNBAFinals Game 3?…

Yet another option was to go to the post. In this elbow action, the drive was deterred, and Courtney Vandersloot top-locked Diana Taurasi to deny the 3-point attempt. So DT took the mismatch to the post for the easy layup. Smart adjustment.

@jcajindos @chicagosky Yo, you are not totally wrong, Joe. But chucking up heaves like this may have negative effects on their form and in-turn, result to them shooting the ball poorly to start the game. Lets go Vandersloot. Expect a big game from her tonight! #NoCeiling

@kaylados @TheSkyShowCHI the exercise also attempts to correct the Sky's biggest mistake from game 2 from an mathematical perspective, which was Vandersloot not hitting the 3/4 shot at the end of regulation

@itsBTerrell Also Vandersloot should be first string all star.

... and again! Vandersloot goes over the screen, can't quite get there, and DT nails it with Dolson, who switched off Griner last time, perhaps reluctant to do so again. Little extra step by BG setting the screen makes all the difference.

Elbow > horns for PHO, and another good look. Copper once again steps against the ballhandler, and since Dolson switches weakside onto DT, BG is wide open with DeShields not switching (as Vandersloot did above). Horns has been really effective for PHO #WNBA

How can you not love the flare screen... Dolson sets one on Peddy to spring Vandersloot for the late-clock catch-and-shoot three. Nice cut from Copper, too, out of the weakside corner to remove any potential help from DT; BG's too late to get out there. #WNBAFinals

@WNBAcp Courtney Vandersloot should be 1st Team !!!

Once again... CP. Handoff to Copper. Stagged screens offball for CP. Good things happen once again for the Sky! This time, CP just hangs out down low, Turner can't quite fight through the traffic in the paint, and Vandersloot puts it on the money for a nice basket #skytown

SO good from PHO despite the miss. Right back to horns (see two clips above). This time Vandersloot doesn't switch on the first DT screen, but Copper still steps against SDS, while the BG screen helps the non-switch to get DT wide open for three. Great sequencing from PHO #WNBA

Sky right back at it—PHO ices the ballscreen and Vandersloot makes a Chris Paul-ian dribble underneath the basket and out that draws extra attention from Turner, taking her away from CP, whom Vandersloot finds for the catch-and-shoot three. #NoCeiling

DT points to her elbow > horns. She reaps the benefits herself, too, as Copper has to step on SDS dribble, so the Sky switch, and DT calmly posts up Vandersloot and scores an easy two. A set that's been really effective for Phoenix—and we'll see more of it.

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