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Hamilton vs Verstappen 3D Crash Animation - 2021 Italian GP a través de @YouTube

PONTO A PONTO! Nosso gráfico mostra a rivalidade desde o começo da temporada entre Verstappen e Hamilton. Quem vai terminar o ano com o título da F1? 🏆🍾 #F1noBandSports #F1 #Hamilton #Verstappen

Felipe Massa piensa que Sergio Pérez tiene el potencial "para estar a dos o tres décimas" de Max Verstappen #F1.…

Piloto com maior talento puro que já passou na F1 — Como não tenho muito conhecimento, fico entre Hamilton e Verstappen…

gente cadê aquele vídeo lá que o cara fala "olha o verstappen puto"

FIA to investigate 'unusual' Hamilton, Verstappen collision… Verstappen held accountable & docked 3 starting places for next race! NOT champion behavior for sure……

@ftblmill Hamilton or Verstappen, most ppl support Mclaren bc they’re English and Lando Norris drives for them

@SkepticalThat Nothing important. They just waffled about how Max didn’t check on Lewis even though Lewis was reversing. Their whole account is anti Verstappen so I wouldn’t really read much into anything they say. Also when they are wrong they call you a DTS fan or ignore you

@ftblmill Verstappen almost killed Hamilton at Monza trust me its clarse

@MakimasD0G if somebody give me a pizza w pineapple I would do a Verstappen x Ocon seriously 🤢

RACE RESULTS Iain secures his third top 10 finish of the season, finishing 9th. Bottas wins, with Verstappen and Vettel finishing behind him. #F12020 #RangersRacing

excited for f1 season to continue so hamilton and verstappen can pretend they won’t keep crashing into each other.

@AlpecaF No te puede dar igual y decir que es juego de equipo. Por esa filosofía, que en Sochi, Bottas se choque con Verstappen, total, es juego de equipo. En el momento en el que tu puedes moldear una norma o regla a tu gusto según te convenga, estas adulterando la competición. Sin más.

Verstappen’s penalty “not such a handicap” at Sochi – Horner · RaceFans…

@BaaschIda I feel so sorry for you. And I'm Dutch. Hamilton does charity. #maKKKs Verstappen is now selling some sort of pyramid scheme. Vive la difference! Hamilton is king! I despise #AnnoyedBarker verstappn

@EgThigh @chorusco @MrPitwall @redbullracing @alex_albon why are you comparing them to verstappen? it’s like you know you’d lose the argument if you compared the 2 drivers directly

@ndegroot89 It’s like Verstappen and Hamilton without the 10,000 comments on social media

@Charlie_N20 How could I ever forgot watching Verstappen dominating yet another weekend of F1👀👀

acho muito engraçado as pessoas falando com a anitta como se ela fosse presidente do brasil…

Daniel Ricciardo esta 100% seguro de que Max habría ayudado a Hamilton si este estaba herido tras el accidente que protagonizaron en Monza. #F1 #Formula1 #ItalianGP #Verstappen #Hamilton #Ricciardo…

@mickeyycheco @crashalong_f1 So ignoring lap 1 turn 4 argument and analyzing the actual incident, the incident was caused by hamilton who had control of the curve and had squeezed max into the curb but verstappen was significantly alongside hamiltons car and therefore by the rules must be given space

@mickeyycheco @crashalong_f1 Now why didn't the FIA penalize verstappen turn 4 lap 1? Because the FIA is very lenient in the first lap as everyone is trying to get ahead of each other. Verstappen at this point it was switched around in position and he was very brutal with hamilton but he was allowed to

@ragnhiId because for the past few seasons Verstappen would have wiped the floor with Ricciardo

@TommyWTF1 I think it would be a 4-man title fight between Palou, Verstappen, Herta and Russell, with Newgarden, Leclerc, Alonso and Dixon occasionally winning races.

@munssoned @will_madison @TommyWTF1 probably. mans a beast. though itd be great to see how he would fare against drivers in the same machinery. He’s rarely matched in F1, besides a few ferrari years and now verstappen.

@mickeyycheco @crashalong_f1 Well in a way they both are to blame but lewis more than max because at this point lewis is controling the curve, also note Without the sausage curb verstappen probably would have been able to make it into the inside. It's the failure to give space and the curb that caused it

Saudade de ouvir um "NO CAPRICHO, MAX VERSTAPPEN"

Pelo lado positivo, falto á escola e tenho desculpa. Nem sabemos se há serviço mínimos ou não, é chegar lá á hora do autocarro e ver se tens algum ou não.

@norrxsmount Ainda bem, a Maria fifi q habita em mim fica sempre alerta com as palavras "Vai pro inferno" haha

@JasmijnF1 Max Verstappen!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💪💪💪💪💪💪

Um beijo pra todas as vascaínas que me seguem

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