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@aRizRoseEtLeMac @CuistotR @Thinker_View @bjr_bonheur tout a fait... Depuis toujours le taux de CO2 varie et les effets de serre existent (source des conditions de vie sur terre et élément de la photosynthèse). La vapeur d'eau donne aussi les nuages qui filtre les rayons. les dinosaures sont les vrais pollueur vu leur taux de CO2

@CaptainA711 @MeSlengTeng @BBCPolitics Well; I don’t personally suffer. But I am aware that it’s too simplistic to just apply that logic to everyone. That view is outdated and disrespectful to a proportion of overweight people for whom less in than out just doesn’t work and can be a source of misery.

@Murcut This is the view that immigrants are to be valued only as a source for cheap labour. If they fall short, cut em loose. Exploitation is cool again, in ON.

@KantrowitzDavid @nytimes It's a capitalist way to view the world, and the free market system would tell you it's not just useful but ultimately necessary. Point being, always consider the source of the message.

SA🇿🇦 Open Tenders Source: Endumeni Local Municipality Contract No: B04/2021-22 PROVISION OF SHORT-TERM I... Closing Date: 18-Oct-2021 12:00 view >> Young Stunna #EswatiniProtests #SouthAfricanOpenTenders

@KamalaHarris It actually has a higher chance of causing you harm or death as is clearly backed up by the data for anyone intelligent enough to view source data and not msm/gov propaganda can easily see.

@Marmalade_Fires The problem is bigger than people lying. It’s become acceptable to have a world view that has very little contact with reality. Then we just pick the sources of information that support it. Often, as long as Someone Does Something, the matter is seen as closed.

-Painting the big picture: When done right business planning gives you a view of the entire business as a whole. It gives you better ideas on how your strategic goals meet the operational demand, how your cash flow is to be managed, how to source the funds etc. (2/4)

Are you researching a current event? Or interested in hot topics in the news? Use Access World News to view articles about recent events and topics! For example, view sources on the supply chain strain. View more Hot Topics through Access World News here:…

@UnfamilrThought @DavidKrae @_BarringtonII The Wiki is actually quite good, and well sourced (check the embedded links to view the source material)…

@RiddyMuppetiers Riddy is he still a long way away from the sack? (In your view or your sources idk)

@punk6529 What's your view on the question you posed? I think it has to be open based upon the underlying values of the crypto community -- mainly, open source. However, that contrasts with DAOs forming and championing exclusivity.

In a more granular view, the +$970 million single transaction adds up to exactly 15,000 BTC 🐋 Source:…

You can also view the contract here, it's open source:…

@LazyAndroids @raao_sandeep @Cocos41324346 @DiscussingFilm Beating endgame😂😂😂😂😂. You mean “Migu” The source of that is Geralts Twitter. And do you really think it’s believable to get 500 million views in a week

@JodosGoat @Starr2013 @AP ya i dont read any specific news org. i stay away from all those that have extreme bias towards or against either side. and i read multiple sources. its possible for you to do the same and i suggest you do before you ruin this country with your athoritarian views

Hey @ItsHogg, just wanted to let you know that I'm getting a deprecation notice on View Rendered Source for the use of navigator.userAgent (line 35) "To fix this issue, replace the usage [..] with feature detection, progressive enhancement, or migrate to navigator.userAgentData"

@billsfanmonica @GeoOnAir @SpanishEP I don't like him either but I don't put that out over the air where he can possibly hear or be told about it and decide not to participate with anything to do with that source. Aka: the bone. I support ur views but keep that S to yourself. Dont make ur problems my problems

@methos64 @Shayan86 Lack of critical thinking and low education. There's so much information online but they disregard anything that contradicts their views while consuming sources that back up their views, becoming more polarised and entrenched. It may just start from some scepticism.

This is what the truth is up against. Unfortunately there are people who look to this and embrace this view instead of trusted news sources.…

@Haggis_UK What a fool that man is. People you know are the most likely source of infection. How can anyone elect people like him. It beats me, irrespective of your political views.

I believe @DevXInitiative has a great model for supporting Open Source, with a long-term view and a focus on sustainable, scalable development. I’m thrilled and thankful to be sponsored by DevX, and I look forward to working with them to sponsor others in the Rust community.…

Tune into this #energythinkspod to see why Anthony views venture capital as a source of enduring prosperity for underserved and underrepresented communities. #energyfuture…

@Semmy04870866 We have cross-checked with our sources and wish to inform you that the points awarded to the players have been updated accurately. To view the scorecard click here:…

@Chris2_0_0_9 @patricknouwen @Meehaul @cafreiman @Mark_J_Perry Weird that you are so desperate and can't source Mussolini's quote on corporatism. Your view of Posobiec is most likely projection.

If you would rather use another payment source. I have two. 1. 2. With the second option, you also get access to my writing content for as low as $5 a month. There are also a few free posts you can view without payment.

Big tableau update for #gischat users “Map Layers: Multiple Data Sources- We are enabling customers to layer multiple spatial fields in the same view from multiple data sources.”

As for her departure ... our sources didn't have details on the negotiations behind the exit, but we're told the bottom line is it wasn't simply her decision after hitting a breaking point. The network was ready to move on ABC Privately Calling BS on Meghan McCain's Toxic 'View'

View of the cargo ship ‘Highcliffe’ afloat after launch at the shipyard of John Readhead & Sons Ltd, South Shields, 10 September 1927 (TWAM ref. DS.RDD/4/PH/1/486/2) Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums Source Flickr (Flickr)

An investigation revealed McCain was the source of the toxicity. ABC privately disputes Meghan McCain's claim about The View's 'toxic' workplace — and reveals a different reason for her exit…

@ashfurrow @dannolan @__HarshilShah Is it to view them as goals, not something to beat yourself up over? As in, taking them so seriously will only make become a source of stress in your life, but as aspirations they can help change your habits by providing you perspective on your movement and fitness.

@neqone @senatorshoshana @Kolyin Yes they want to be allowed to sue you for literally doing nothing more that clicking View Source Because if you point out a security flaw they can sue you for finding out and then they can't get in trouble for the flaw because now it's fixed

A view of the passenger liner 'Berengaria' under tow on the River Tyne (TWAM ref. 1027). She was owned by Cunard and in 1921 was sent with ‘Aquitania’ to the Walker Naval Yard of Armstrong Whitworth, where both were converted from coal to oil burning engines . Source TWAM/Flickr

@Marcscott91 @JeffreyRothsch3 Sorry, but paying attention to the likes of Fox News and OAN is massively stupid. Do not expect respect for people who get their world-view from such a source.

Huge part interview fly source view available television. ◥•ﻜٕوِدٓ•◤ ﷼ ﺧٕٓصٍٓمٍٰ ﷼ ـــꝏ LOVE158 ꝏــ.سيفورا ـــꝏ FF3 ꝏــ.سـيّـفـىْ ـــꝏ YY11 ꝏــ.نمشــــى ــꝏ MM221 ꝏــايوا ـــꝏ TT38 ꝏــ.نــّؤنْ

goin to your site and hittin VIEW SOURCE baby im a HACKER

View of the passenger liner 'Berengaria' heading out to sea after her conversion from coal to oil burning engines at the Walker Naval Yard, c1921 (TWAM ref. 1027). Source Flickr (Flickr)

Literary Quiz: What was the original source of this quote "... and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." that Hemingway used as the title of his book?

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