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@ThatBoySterl_ We just dont have the oline for ryan to prosper, forget Cam. They need to do what they gotta do to get Deshaun Watson 🤣

To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra, Patrick Watson (7:59 pm EST)

Congrats to Mr. Watson & Mrs. Avant’s class for winning the first ever Golden Spatula Award for having the most breakfast & lunch participation in the school nutrition program! #LibertyForAll #CharteChoiceChange

@parallaxoptics I used to hang out in The Slymepit during the whole New atheist schism when PZ Myers and crew split from the rest during the #ElevatorGate thing. Hilarious stuff. The funniest part was anyone believing any man was hitting on Rebecca Watson, no matter how drunk

Let’s see if Miami wanna talk Watson for Howard straight up

@kirsten_watson Amo a los dodgers!! Amo a la afición de reds!! amo el juego!!

@watsonameliaEN All days are good! We just need to make them better

#ThisIsUs stars Chris Sullivan and Susan Kelechi Watson stepped out in style for the #Emmys red carpet! Check out all the pics:…

Truth of the matter, is if you truly want Deshaun Watson to pay fur his sins, you’ll put him behind the Dolphins offensive line, and saddle him with all the career ruining bad Dolphins juju.

@edcyr11720 @CodeNameOmar @jwasoden @flasportsbuzz Watson has done more with less. Don't fool yourself, he is a top 5 quarterback. Youre telling me he couldnt convert those 4th downs? Mhmm

@BigSargeSportz Do you think there is a point where Watson decides he will play for the Texans? Watching the way they play is quite inspiring

@EmberBat and I took out puppies for a walk today :3 Watson even met another corgi!

@HG_Watson To be fair, that is an emergency.

@USchuepbach @watson_news Die Art und Weise, wie Tamedia mit #JSH umgeht, zeigt doch deutlich, dass der Verlag eine (politische?) Agenda verfolgt. Der Megafon Beitrag und die Pandemie darauffolgenden TX-Group Berichte sind Paradebeispiel schlechten Journalismus. Ist von diesem Buch mehr zu erwarten?

@AdamWinkABC13 Question do the Texans get a exemption to not have Watson’s contract count a against the cap with everything going on???

@Laura_Dudas Hey @Laura_Dudas , where have you been? Everyone here on Twitter & riders know that @JimWatsonOttawa @AllanHubley_23 & Watson Club "brown nosers" like YOU have got us to this state on LRT. Not sure you really earned your 6 figure salary if that's really all you can say #ottnews

Kiesten Watson, repórter e host do Los Angeles #Dodgers, disse hoje que Mookie Betts compartilhou um momento que teve com Kobe Bryant, onde ele disse que Kobe disse a ele que sempre há uma maneira de deixar um impacto duradouro na vida das pessoas (e fãs). #MLBnaESPN

@Eli_Watson_ Imagine having skeletons in your closet and you try n dog someone else for just CHILLIN w someone else . Imagine….. imagine.

Deshaun Watson Need to Come Back Davis Mills is not ready for no NFL Game

@flasportsbuzz This is such a bad idea, these idiot's (Grier & Florea) if they just have had the ball to take Fields @ 6 we wouldn't be having to give up a kings ransom for Watson

@anconlon @RapSheet Would’ve been Deshaun Watson’s revenge game. Schedule came out before allegations.

@HG_Watson I stopped consuming too! (for different reasons)

Russel is trash @Seahawks trade for deshawn watson

Sobre os Pominhos que foram na page corrigir o aniversário da Hermione. Entenda: Hermione: 42 anos. Emma Watson: 31 anos. Hoje é aniversário da personagem, não atriz 😂😂😂 Compartilhem essa informação pls ✨❤️

Domingo de bajón, extraño a mi Watson

The #ShoutoutSunday this week is for every superb “Shandy” alive!! Hope you all have a fantastic week coming up! 🤍🎸 (Song: “I’m Happy” - Sean Angus Watson)

@flasportsbuzz Drew Rosenhaus should shut up and mind his own business. If Watson wants to Miami. Take a pay cut and play for 10 million or less until legal issues are taken care off. Not gonna trade for someone who will be banned from the NFL if the accusations hold up

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