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@EtherealSana 3-4-1-2 is the way forward with a combination of Puli/Havertz playing behind Werner/Lukaku

@NiiNiiFC Saying we sell Werner/ziyech or puli who would you replace them with niinii

@Louis_Beneventi Line up vs Villa: We need to play a back 4 not a back 3, we should play: Kepa, James, Sarr, Chalobah, Chilwell, Saul, RLC, Barkley, CHO, Werner & Pulisic. Thoughts?💭

@CFCPys Werner will make a better decision and pass, ten times than Mount in the same situation.

@HavertzHive @CFCPys We need to play a back 4 not a back 3, we should play: Kepa, James, Sarr, Chalobah, Chilwell, Saul, RLC, Barkley, CHO, Werner & Pulisic.

@wing_hamid @gyaigyimii He's finished. Werner would have scored that goal 😀😀. We told you guys he won't succeed in another league

@SM13_CFC @iam_ivoots @stnenkali @SignEveryone And that’s what pace and pressing give you. At 2nd half kante was introduced and we started controlling the game and when werner comes in we pressed, get possession and attacked a lot better.

@CarefreeHavertz @tradu81 @HKSaratov It’s not shameless it’s facts, Tammy has CL goals to his name in the 20/21, it just doesn’t fit your narrative, also the guy you back (Werner) was also the same 9th with Tammy😂😂

@ckeikotlhae @TimoWerner @ChelseaFC Yes that’s what I’m talking about you understand football sir he’s very good in attack very tricky and course a lot of problems for the opponent defenders that run his magical he also know how to assist creat space for his team mate to score

@ZedZedmitwaly @LfcKevin1 @ChampionsLeague Timo Werner is the best player in the world. Don't judge him at all. Since you're not a professional footballer yourself. See how dumb your argument sounds. messi is finished. the sooner he realizes the better for everyone

@EnglishPL GOAL! Rudiger fires in from a Werner cross and Chelsea add a late third. #PL

@fakhrialkautsar Bused komen kapan tau ini. Btw, yg jadi masalahnya itu dia kumat hampir semua match. Dari dulu ini pemain emang paling sampah. Jauh mendingan Werner kemana mana yang masih bisa buka ruang dan bahkan assist. Lah mountol apaan selain maruk dan tukang sradak sruduk ga jelas.


@EnglishPL Werner on for Chelsea as Tuchel takes off Havertz. #PL

Werner kalo urusan kerja keras sama assist patut diapresiasi, tapi kalo untuk cetak gol waduh susah deh😂

@SebastianRffer1 @Icke41 @rannfl_suechtig Taunting heißt verspotten. Es geht um Respekt dem Gegner gegenüber. Entgegen dem Björn Werner und manch anderer geht es nicht um den Verlust der Emotion sondern darum, dass man sich freut und jubelt OHNE den Gegner zu dissen und gegen ihn zu gestikulieren

@KallzLFC @AnfieldEdition We have Timo Werner up front. I promise you we aren’t scoring everything

@Ernesto59082088 @TimoWerner @ChelseaFC We as a human we are not perfect but we have our differences but mind you he’s already successful and has so many followers and have money too my dear focus on your life and try to be successful nobody is perfect try to encourage people that are trying in life

@NoContxtMonstar ☝️ been saying this we all know Werner bad at finishing but he makes the attack more fluid

@MilanGlobe @CompsACM Lamps can you see what you’ve done here. The fastest player in Chelsea pre Werner

@ChelseaFrance première période équilibré, deuxième sa été une balade londonienne des bleues. Thiago silva 36 ans top performance en première league c'est pas donné à tout le monde , kante , rudiger , Alonso très bon. Soulignons la belle entrée de werner qui ouvre les espaces + passe d.

@jaysilva_milton I think Werner is a great impact substitute I’ll be real

@Vincent1z @hebron28 Lol! Too hash. Make he biz Timo Werner or even Sancho, dem go gist am small.

Turismo Nacional: Pernía ganó en Alta Gracia y Werner fue uno de sus escoltas…

@ishanshah04 @FrankKhalidUK hopefully either of werner or mount, will be good if both score the next match 😂

@CarefreeHavertz @tradu81 @HKSaratov The logic is lacking because Tammy got us 4th in the league and Werner in the attack got us, guess what… 4th in the league, also Tammy still contributed to our CL aswell

@SpursITKhub Agreed we were never going to win that game, but it could have been 6 or 7, are you happy about that? I mean Dier clearance of the line, couple of great saves from Lloris, customary Werner misses. We were an absolute shower.

@Ernesto59082088 @TimoWerner @ChelseaFC Wether you like it or not he’s part of our recent success he help us a lot check out last. Season during lampard regime he was the one bringing all the assist and winning penalty when you criticize also try to praise someone for their good we don’t have it he’s a human after all

@TimoWerner @ChelseaFC I think I rest my case by saying we created more chances on goal when TimoWerner came on We need him starting our matches@ChelseaFC

@TheOfficialFNG Niran u have to be best mates with Timo Werner for Chelsea to consider

@SavageFootballl Pergantian kante yg sangat jenius dr tuchel, seriusan stlah kante masuk liat ritme nya luar biasa 🔥 yg msh kurang supply utk lukaku, perform mount & havertz yg msh gitu2 aja... Next match hrsnya tuchel berani starting werner + lukaku 💙

Werner + Lukaku always seemed like a no-brainer to me idk people are so surprised it worked

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