Top Tweets for Western Conference Finals

Damn… wait, does this mean 2019 western conference finals???…

KD for obvious reason is better but he will forever lose the respect for joining a 73-9 team that came back and beat his team after being down 3-1 in the western conference finals. Giannis legacy is just more respectable not greater…

Since da nba eastern n western conference finals😂😂😂😠😠🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾…

@treceswife I don’t believe either have been to the western conference finals

@macwfnz Funfact: Mitch's last act on the basketball court as a player was getting ejected after fighting Hakeem Olajuwon in the Western Conference Finals.

From 2011-2018 the only way to win an NBA championship was to be in the western conference and beat Lebron in the finals. That’s insane

@HoodieLaMelo I was watching 2012 western conference finals. I don’t understand how people hate Westbrook.

@Sweeegu @realsonofisfada I'd back my take up anywhere and I did against you. The same PG that led his team to the western conference finals even without Kawahi? Lol. I've been doing this shxt for 7 years. Everyone gets predictions wrong. Stephen A, sky pundits. I didn't get PG wrong anyway but continue.

Western Conference Finals: Lakers vs Nuggets (4-1) 27.0 pts, 10.4 rebounds, 9.0 assists, 0.6 steal, 0.8 block, FG% 53.6, 3P% 28.6

@SirRobertBuford @KGsGOAT @TheKuberReport Meanwhile in actual reality when he had those players in their athletic primes, he went to the western conference finals. If Cassell hadn't went down with injury, they would've won the championship. Without a 20/7 player took the shaq and Kobe Lakers to 6

@Mikieds @elberizko Your clippers couldn’t even win a Western Conference Finals tho lmao. We already won a title with just 2 of us.

@K8005882300 @KendrickPerkins KD led a team to the finals at 23 in the western conference. Giannis got past the 2nd round for the first time when every team had injuries to their stats

@JayCondone Western Conference Finals is definitely gonna be Warriors Vs Lakers looking at how this shit is going🤣🔥. We ain’t worried, we got Steph, Klay, Draymond, Moody and etc. Shall I go on?

@IslandKingD @Complex Steph destroyed KD in the 2016 western conference finals. KD never won a ring without Steph and never will. Winning matters unfortunately for your argument.

@KGsGOAT People have short memories man. Last times these all were healthy they beat the rockets 2 in a row coming back and swept the western conference finals.

@nedstarkpls 26.5/7 a game on great efficiency, has the ability to go for 60 a game, made multiple western conference finals. hes def at least up for debate

@BlazersBetta @ItsEric999 winning? kyrie has a ring and dame hasnt made the western conference finals.

@mkd087 @SJSharksNewsIG Explains his no show performance in the Western Conference finals against St. Louis.

@JoeGabrielDraft @jackfrank_jjf He was the second best player on a finals team and 4 western conference finals teams so how does he hurt his team’s chances of winning? The OKC teams he was on had no depth too

If the #LakeShow strategy is to surround LeBron and AD w/ a bunch of old vets then AD has to 1) stay healthy and 2) play at an MVP level if they want to sniff the Western Conference Finals. #NBATwitter

@Jazzyflyfish That means it’s much worse for Donovan Mitchell since he’s gotten half as far as Westbrook in the playoffs seeing as Westbrook has been to the finals and western conference finals 🤔. Can’t use team excuse since Mitchell has a All NBA teammate. Add 90% of NBA players as well

@KingJosiah54 until the western conference finals....

@ShaleEdman @YnotFRMdaRoc @LegendOfWinning I could really start hammering bron....pointing out things like in 2007 his cave had the 5th best record against the western conference during regular season. Had he been in West he is a #5 seed...underdog in the 1st finals...out 1st round. Finals appearance=💩

@BestSporter @DallasStars He's the reason we got to the western conference finals last year...but ok.

@FunkyDiabetic1 Kyle Lowry is almost a guaranteed ticket to the Western Conference Semi-Finals at least on either team but I would think he chooses Dallas over New Orleans.

@fugosloyalty @AniruddhaAIyen1 @anthonyVslater @GSWReddit The Clippers was in the western conference finals last year. So, their best player available will want to go in a team which didn't make the playoffs ? You also know that PG is from LA ? Yo also know that the Clippers are building their new stadium ? Another name ?

@Mac_Sauce1 The western conference teams that have the best chance at the finals.

Mavs vs. Lakers 2022 Western Conference Finals. Calling it now. #MFFL

In Game 7, Clyde Drexler and Charles Barkley combine for 71 points against Hakeem´s Rockets to win the game for the Blazers and to advance to the Western Conference Finals

@ron_alann @readjack Melo went to the playoffs every year in Denver. He also made it to a Western Conference Finals

@JaredMeetz @jac3td @susan1234456789 They need more shooters to have a chance of getting back to the western conference finals.

@8sump8 @WiLLa4chin @josh2saint By the Clippers. You gave up PG to get SGA. The former made it to Western Conference finals, meanwhile SGA lead OKC to a 22 wins season. The Thunders didn’t even play their best players after the all star break... Yeah, it must be really fun to be an OKC fan. Let’s go assets!!

@GdcSergio 21/22 Western Conference Finals Dallas Mavericks - Houston Rockets (Mavs in 7 🥵)

@weluv_mar @BullsGotNext Lol mark the tweet they won’t even make western conference finals

@Beastin25_8 @alecgwin @TheAthleticDEN @TheAthletic @NickKosmider I thought the Athletic's whole model was 1 dedicated reporter to each pro team? How are they not gonna have a reporter of a team that litmade the western conference finals last year.

@LakerFan4ever87 @TheHoopCentral @TheAthleticNBA Throwing in dame isnt fair. His team actually wins and he genuinely thought they're contenders considering theyve made it all the way to the western conference finals. Klove signing a max deal in cleveland after lebron left is totally on him.

@HuntPatterson_ I'm predicting next year's Western Conference Finals ends in 7. Next year's finals ends in 6. Then it's just too damn early 🤷‍♂️

Western conference finals is going to be Lakers vs Golden State 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @chrissgaytaan

I’ll bet anyone that in 3 years the rockets will be right back in the playoffs and prob in the western conference finals🙏🏽 @HoustonRockets

Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr as the head coaches, that is… huge, especially when you consider their seminal role in the Western Conference finals, over the course of the past two to three decades. Phil Jackson’s tenure with LAL would’ve never been possible without Shaq:Kobe

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