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@TODAYshow u mean, how did Biden's "basement hiding' of 2020 winter Covid, win him an election, w/o real presidential campaigning like Trump did, outside; & do ask if Kamala Harris presence at th White House riot of 2020 got her to be VP, when she dropped out of campaigning prior. #parents

In related news, White House confirms it does get hot outside during the summer months and cold during winter. 🤷‍♀️. "The Science" is catching up, thank you for your patience.…

@WhiteHouse 20 kids in my classroom no ventilation or heat on cold winter days. Schools are open but not safely.

@ClimateReality @UNFCCC @NASAClimate @NOAAClimate @WhiteHouse @IEReporter @INBeyondCoal @inhsedems I’m so bummed out this winter. Not much snow in where I live in Jeffersonville Indiana. 😭😭☹️☹️

@Soybeansweater @WhiteHouse @CNN @FoxNews Ask the Russians how the winter worked out for them at the Battle of Stalingrad.

@WhiteHouse ask yourself: why would Russia want to start a campaign in the middle of winter? Their own history cites how stupid that is. Don't get fooled. #Ukraine #Russia @CNN @FoxNews

@Tom_Winter i hope soon they all go to jail so we can relax i thought after we got him out the white house it would be over with, and with his swamp in the white house refusing to pass any of bidens bills to help us, they need to go to jail all of them!

@GOPLeader The idiocy of your tweets is mind boggling. Biden is at the “Delaware White House.” Just like Trump had his “Winter White House.”

@kermalou @foltown @Yamiche Hey it was the previous president who had the Winter House in Florida. Turned his Florida resident into a 2nd White house.

Doing the tourist thing - the obligatory selfie in front of the White House, in today’s bright winter sunshine

Winter of peril and impossibility: Biden faces hard truth at annive... (the Guardian) oe Biden spent decades in Washington, striving to reach the White House. Add your highlights:… #LeftWing #Politics...

Winter of peril and impossibility: Biden faces hard truth at annive... (the Guardian) oe Biden spent decades in Washington, striving to reach the White House. Add your highlights:… #worldnews #news #i...

@Tom_Winter I just got one question… What is going to be done about it? We all know this family is basically a bunch of criminals but at the end of the day people are still saying that this man this criminal can be put back in the White House SMH #WeThePeople

We have a national security risk in the White House, but, hey, at least we don’t have mean tweets (except those wishing a harsh winter of death upon us).…

@mattdickinson75 @JackShellSays Be out on White Bear lake all winter building houses. Come on by

@ChereeseFerrei1 @JoeOloruntola @Tom_Winter Still and to thank that family affair in the White House was Ok?

@Mayoisstillspi1 I'm sure Ginny and Clarence will be down at the former winter White House.

The new tRump crime syndicate winter, spring, summer, fall White House 🤣…

@HouseGOP How close is that to the "Winter White House" or any of the Trump golf courses? Seriously...just shut it.

@dangerboyz407 @benshapiro Well the bar is kind of low right now since the last President was the laziest in history, starting his days at 11 and playing golf every chance he got. I don't recall Biden pretending his house in Delaware was a "Winter White House" like Trump did---and you said nothing.

@HouseGOP Got an issue with his Winter White House? That's wild.

@HouseGOP Is this a joke? Trump called maralago winter White House

@Tom_Winter Donald Trump America's first okie joke president with hidden criminality $$$$ Stealin' -4- Alivin' $$$$. We have "DISCOVERY!!!!" ..Why he claimed RIGGED so-angry losting the White House. "HE LOST A-SAFE HOUSE !!!" then turn the people on the government.

@POTUS Dear White House resident, with winter well underway, could you please tell me when to expect severe illness and death?

SNOW WHITE Some of my friends call me the #whitequeen why you ask?Well I paint almost everything white: fences, walls, trim, my motorcycle, barn, chicken coop, goat house, pretty much everything! But on this rare winter occasion #mothernature did all the painting for me! ❄️🤍❄️

Wednesdays Lunch Menu *Chicken & Rice Soup *J&B Chili Dog w/All Beef Hot Dog, Chili Beans, Onions, Cheese & Chips *Beef Sugo & Pasta w/Braised Beef, House Made Fettuccini & White Wine Herb Sauce w/Sauteed Broccoli *Winter Beet Salad w/Candied Walnuts & Berries *Quiche *Sandwiches

@Tom_Winter But…. But…. They received no pay while serving in the White House. 😂

@AshleyRParker @maureendowd Please share the news stories about Trump going to Maralago throughout his term. Just 3 links that criticize Trump for going to his "winter white house." You all gave it a nickname, but for Biden to go to visit his actual family after working all week is an affront? Bye.

Home from college on winter break. Watching at a friend's house, 5 minutes away. Took me a half hour to drive 3 miles home afterwards... in all that snow! White knuckles all night.…

END) Delta Dan posted Mar a lago, wonder if that has something to do with Friday? Not sure but find it interesting Trump used "Winter White House" in his tweet before he was president. Also on the 18th 2 day ahead theory? No idea but fun! Habby 🍿 day!

@ChuckWoo5 @te3ej @TheWellsReport Why isn't he in "The Winter White House"? 🤣🤣

@eegorebeaver @NeverDNC @AB9RF @MelissaJPeltier @LRLeake @mj_ruleoflaw @Shannonwas2 @Tom_Winter @jarule @MarthaStewart @MsLaurynHill @wesleysnipes My white-wing republican father started a neighborhood petition back in the late 70's to try to keep an Italian family from buying the house behind us because "Italians weren't white".

@JamesRosenTV @POTUS @WhiteHouse How can the administration claim to be trying to lower inflation while it is pushing anti-fossil fuel policies that increasingly appear short-sighted, noting Europe’s energy crisis this winter stemming from similar policies?

@KamalaHarris @VP @WhiteHouse @WHCOS Even more so now as court ordered evictions resume, in middle of winter, as COVID hospitalizations crest to highest intensity in pandemic 👇🏾…

@graybussh @HapPendley @ChuckCallesto Listen bussh, or should I say bush league , the White House said there would be a winter of death for the unvaccinated. Me and my beautiful angels are all vaccinated, and survived Covid . You do the math

Once upon a time I thought this too, until I learned how much work, equipment, and money went into us being able to drive safely up here in the winter. Shouldn’t she already know this? She works in the freaking White House.…

@LaraLeaTrump please!!! Trump spend so much time at gol courses after saying as president I won’t have the time. He had plenty of time since he spent his mornings watching TV. How many trips to Fl did he take. It was called the winter White House. Don’t throw stones at glass

@JamesRosenTV @POTUS @WhiteHouse With all the horrible things China is doing, can the US give our athletes a WINTER OLYMPICS here insted of allowing them to go there, and invite other Nations. It can make such an impression in the world. The best chance for this administration.

Dan Scavino posted, 11hrs ago, at Mar-a-Lago. The Winter White House. Coincidence? There are No coincidences.😎🇺🇸🦅

Damn day 29 of death winter. Still pure blood and still alive. You angry about that? @POTUS @VP @WhiteHouse

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