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@Can_Skeptic_Wm @TheSizzleReport I don't blame the FBI or Wray, I blame Trump and his cadre of criminals.

@PamKeithFL @BeBeReal6 @FBI Why is Christopher Wray still there? Literally no one, not one single person, installed anywhere near our government by TFG should still be there. And for the record, this includes Louis DeJoy.

peoples names from 100 years ago were fuckin wild. Red Skelton. King Vidor. Greta Garbo. Fay Wray. Roscoe Ates. Power Rangers Villains or Real People?

@GadenGens Said this for absolutely ages at the start. Gaden just stepped up to a ridiculous new level. My god I can’t wait to join and gen some serious mails.

@JoyceWhiteVance Imagine the talks he had with Barr and Barr did his deeds via these talks. I am sure he also called Wray.

VIDEO: FBI Director Wray Goes Full Sergeant Schultz on January 6 Questions

Got the Wray ready for Suicide squad 😤

@Gypseagina @sandibachom @OPCGhost Cause Wray...Barr and DoD and State Department and the CIA and the Secret Service all knew...

💥Biden And Harris Approval Ratings Plummet Across Multiple Polls…

@cmonionline Abba Kyari simply sang the song and was freed. The name of The Bureau's most popular song is "only for sheep". The name of the director's daughter is Caroline Wray.

@OUnderfolder @Kreegan @ADJ5859 @HuseinMubarak @CNN @ChrisCillizza Yes maybe she has known about it all along. Maybe she had it in childhood. Things can exacerbate mental health. It is not a steady course. And by the way, I have 3 disorders myself and could tell I had them even before I was "diagnosed".

@iam_wray This be some capital expenditure oo. Tire don enter 30k 😩

'LMAO, who are you?!' Alex Vindman begs for help 'getting the word out' on his book no one cares about and HOLY MOLY that's a lotta backfire…

Team Hawaiian Kingdom? Activists want some U.S. Olympians to surf for a different homeland…

Puerto Rico’s tight-knit Jewish community battered but united after Surfside tragedy…

Climate change fears spur more Americans to join survivalist schools…

@RepAdamSchiff @trw8511 @GOPLeader Help get rid of Wray he has disgraced @FBI and protected tRump and Kavanaugh

This. Guy. GETS IT. --> Hardhat Intellectual RAILS on societal ignorance (sheep?) over Biden, CDC recommendations, and forced vaxxing (watch)…

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