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The BOPU will be working on a water service line curb stop valve today, on E 19th St., which requires a closure of the left-hand lane of E. 19th btw Bradley Ave. & Duff Ave. ~ 2-3 days. The BOPU thanks you for your cooperation.

@CoderInCrisis They cry about how Wyoming holds them hostage but never think about why Wyoming doesn't want to be told to operate like New York. They'll never understand why checks were put in to protect states' rights. The Federal government was limited for a reason.

@fiercefreckled A True Democracy involves City States, Greece was the World's First Democracy & had City States. Also a True Democracy relies on Popular Vote, not some Electoral College. If we did Al Gore & Hillary Clinton would of been Presidents. But No States like Wyoming need to be heard.

Today’s the day to practice your drop, cover, hold on moves in the Great Wyoming @ShakeOut earthquake drill, taking place at 10:21 a.m. There’s still time to register:… #Wyoming #Geology #ShakeOut #Earthquake

From affordable housing to business development, municipal water systems to fire departments, broadband to distance learning, our suite of programs is helping rural Wyoming communities thrive.

Parts of the Mountain West have some of the nation’s highest rate of COVID-19 cases. Montana, Idaho and Wyoming combined are averaging about 2,600 new cases a day.…

It’s box that delivers Hope to Wyomingites who may not have Hope left. Spots are still available for our Saturday builds. Can you be someone’s Hunger Hero? and start your weekend off Feeding Hope! #feedingwyoming #hungerheroes #feedhope

Ready to *kick* off a good weekend at home! 😉 🆚: Wyoming ⏰: 4 pm 📍: Boas Soccer Complex 🎟️: 📺: #BleedBlue | #WhatsNext

@bobaagard @ChaseThomas89 @betterutah @SpencerJCox That was one of my favorite political moments of all time. I still randomly threaten to “make Utah rectangular again” by taking back the missing corner from Wyoming.

Coming Out in Jackson: A Wyoming Photographer’s Journey to Find Belonging…

@AdamZientek3 I’ve been a Chiefs fan for fifty years and a Wyoming fan longer I follow Wyoming players though out the NFL but Josh Allen is a amazing person to watch and talk too🤠

@J4GProject @Ashley_Brown6 Maybe the dirtbag lawyer has her phone and Brian's. Or maybe both are along the road somewhere between Wyoming and Florida. Could be anywhere.

@dadlaz @Strandjunker The problem is 2 senators in South Dakota and Wyoming have the same power as the 2 Senators from states like California and Florida. The latter 2 represent at least over 50X more people.

To the left of the frame is Teton Pass, one of the steepest passes in the country, with daily commuters between Idaho and Wyoming, and issues with runaway trucks. Sometimes people discuss the possibility of a tunnel.

@kalena141 @HicksMicah @JustChillieh @SamRoseAuthor @leisa1979 @FBI They hadn't charged him with ANYTHING yet. Experts were commenting: "He could face the death penalty." It's still legal in Wyoming & Florida. It was a Wyoming federal court that issued the arrest warrant for the fraud. And the federal govt still uses the death penalty too.

@ChrisCBS4 So no alien friends visiting southern Wyoming I guess…

This is how it’s done. The Texas legislature has grown fat and complacent. Florida and Iowa — and soon, Wyoming — are taking the lead to protect people from medical Jim Crow. If your “red state government” — from the Governor to the legislature — is not, fire them.…

Serrano: Wyoming's immigrant community needs to be armed with information - Wyoming Tribune

A mask-wearing mandate will continue for at least another month in a Wyoming school district where a student who wouldn't wear a mask got arrested for allegedly refusing to leave her high school.…

3/ @CityDao is building a city on the blockchain starting with a parcel of land in Wyoming. They have 1 “first citizen”, 50 “founding citizens” and 10k “citizens” - all NFTs.

i stop listening in class for 2 minutes and teacher starts talking about the girl who’s remains were found in wyoming. we were talking about buying cars.

@baseballcrank It’s bad enough to even have a branch of government that gives West Virginia and Wyoming the same power as California and New York, but to allow a minority party with 41% to block everything is even more abusive and undemocratic.

TechNet is thrilled to welcome Ruthie Barko as Executive Director for our new Colorado and Central U.S. Region. Ruthie will oversee TechNet’s advocacy in Colorado, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.

Japanese Americans were not allowed to serve in the @USNavy during World War II, but incarcerees in Gila River, AZ, spent part of the war building scale-model versions of U.S., German and Japanese warships for the service, the @HeartMountainWY Sentinel reported #OTD in 1944.

@J4GProject Not sure if this is “evidence” of a crime. Evidence that Brian was there, but the crime is in Wyoming. They’re looking for a missing person and no foul play is suspected in terms of his demise that we know of.

"Please join me in a prayer for the wild at heart trapped in a cage. The largest #wildhorse roundup in U.S. history is underway in southern #Wyoming. When it’s over, nearly half of our wild horse population will be gone." #keepWYwyld…

The daily effort in anxiety and stress relief. Photo taken Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Jutting up to 13,775 feet above the prairie-like landscapes of Wyoming, the magnificent Teton mountain range feels almost like a mirage. #hcmpl #togetherky #community #selfcare

These moron progressives screaming it's unfair that California has such a massive population and "only 2 Senators" while Wyoming with a miniscule population also gets 2 Senators act like the House of Representatives doesn't exist, where CA has 53 reps and Wyoming has 1.

Sonhei que eu finalmente tinha ido pra Wyoming fazer minha expedição nas montanhas, porém arreguei pois tinha muito urso e neve.

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