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porque es que es re importante, por ejemplo al inicio cuando no hacía eso me re confundia en porque una ciudad era importante en una novela y en otra no, aún cuando a veces estaban en la misma dinastia

C’mon man! They lost 60% of their starting staff. They just did this so Yadi and Edman didn’t go into the rotation.…

It’s hard to justify hitting a player with baders speed behind Yadi. You’ve seen it already with Yadi holding Bader back. Why not switch them? #stlfly

It'll be nationally celebrated when the Brewers cheating lab is raided by the FBI

PorfA diganme que no estoy loca y que no soy la única que antes de leer una novela danmei averigüa en que Dinastia esta basada y se lee todo sobre esa dinastia en Internet??????

Oh hey look, yadi is batting 5th with that incredible .293 obp, .383 slug and .676 ops. Clearly the person that should be batting 5th (or playing 90% of games but I digress)

Next up, the Portland Japanese Garden (the best in the US according to Matt). The vibes were strong, but there will always be something so artificial to me about these gardens created within a coniferous forest. Matt was there for the photography, but I did my own (that's Yadi).

@keyadian lu gue pukul ya, yadi!!! tapi thank u 🥰

@ThtKashmiriGuy @unkonfined Hindu rashtr is more important than Akhand bharat.Gone are days when we were of same religion and culture,then we had akhand bharat.Wo ab nhi rha kuch bhi. Kyunki yadi Pak , afghanistan ko saath laaya utne muslim extremists aayenge,jo ab nhi jhel skte,india k nhi jhele jaa rhe.

@bschaeffer12 Why do we continue to bat Yadi 5th? He isn't that kind of hitter anymore. He was fresh early but age and wear and tear of the season has inevitably "caught" up with him. It's not a bad take. Just a reality of an aging player. 162 is a long season. He needs more rest

@Snowman_Sparks @Cardinals No! I don’t think so. It’s a chilling feeling in the air when Lester stepped onto that field. Just like 2011 when Yadi got hurt and came back. There was a different feel that year for that team.

The ball that Yadi caught was hit 109 mph and had a .980 xBA btw, great play in horrible conditions

Alguna playlist que me recomienden para el Fitness (los quehaceres domésticos)... Que no sea reggeton, no sean vulgares.

Don't @ me. Yadi is destroying reputation with #STLCards fans by playing everyday and hitting 5th. He has a WAR of 1, an OPS+ of 88, a wRC+ of 84. It's all about him breaking records now, not helping the team win.

Another day, another adventure. Matt and Yadi still in town so we met up down near where I'm staying at Dean's Homestyle Cafe for a big breakfast. We talked cabins, guns, reminiscing about our grandfathers, and planned our day in Portland.

@shoetermcgavin @Cardinals Yadi has fallen off the past 4 years unfortunately, he just didn’t have any accountability. Depends on a lot of factors. If I want the highest peak it be Yadi as 🐐 (11-13) if I want someone for the best 10 years to build my team around its Simmons. Both all time greats though

@DOM_Frederic Need to make him and Wilson a cub for life, like the cards did with yadi and wainwright

@dgoold Good luck Yadi dealing with another head case in Lester! Your caught stealing % is going off the cliff!

@Cardinals @BallySportsMW @KMOXSports Bader needs to be hitting in front of Yadi. Cost us a run last night. Schildt needs to get his shit together.

Yadi got some range out there. Huh. Yadiel Hernández makes a dangerous run over the wet grass and track to get to a hard-hit liner to left by Robinson Chirinos.

God I despise media here. They've been getting questions from fans about why Yadi still bats 5th for about a month now and they still refuse to ask Shildt that simple question. You guys are shameless @katiejwoo @jmjones @TheCatOnBallyTV

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