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A USA se la pela que Putin deje sin gas a Europa. Pero la UE y Españita posicionándose con los yankees, que parece que le deben algo a Washington. Qué vergüenza.

pero eso no es importante para los espectadores estadounidenses, no no para ellos lo importante es que todos los fanarts tengan el tono exacto de piel, eso es más importante para sus personalidades ególatras yankees.

@MLBONFOX Yankees: 5 world championships since 1990 Red Sox: 4 championships since 1990 Cardinals: 2 Cardinals fans are fools if they think they’re better than or on the same level as Yankees or Red Sox fans.

Estas Escuchando la que Tiene Power Hits y Mas Now playing on DJ HERMAN RADIO: Besame by Play-N-Skillz, Daddy Yankee, Zion & Lennox! Tune in now. 🚨Sigueme en Instagram 🚨

BREAKING: Brian Cashman to replace David Cone in YES Booth. The Yankees GM is set to call over 120 games this year.

Episode 265 of the @NYYST_Podcast 👉🏻 Carlos Correa becomes a Boras client. Is that good or bad for the #Yankees? 👉🏻 The lockout continues. Are we in danger of missing games? 👉🏻 Which disappointing Yankee from 2021 will bounce back in 2022?…

@yanksgirl04 The good news is you should get his Yankees shirts at a nice discount now

@2mas2esCuatro @_Convertibility @agustinromm Ucrania no es Afganistán ni Siria, es un país europeo con más de mil años de historia. La gente de Afganistán se entregaron a los talibanes al día siguiente de irse los yankees. Ucrania recuperó y renovó el ejército prácticamente destruido luego de años de abandono. Hicieron ..+

Mitre, exjugador de Yankees de NY, es declarado culpable del feminicidio de una bebé en Coahuila…

@Sarcasticmomma5 @EMC_III A Yankee girl in RedSox Nation. You're 1 brave chick :-) Just makes me happy that a woman follows Baseball and Hockey (Even though the teams are Blecht LOL)


@fullautojayy I called a radio station one time when I was in middle school. It was a sports radio station on the Yankees/Red Sux playoff series🤣 Listen and follow me on @AppleMusic 🎵🎵🎵…

¡¡¡ #CheeseLovers y queso adictos, es vuestro día !!! Tal cual. Es el #DiaDeLosAmantesDelQueso, un invento muy yankee pero también muy "cuqui" Así que... ¡hala!, a disfrutar de los más de 150 tipos de quesos que hay en España, y los más de 2.000 que se contabilizan en el mundo.

@ffogSZN Dodgers com mais um SS não faz tanto sentido Não vejo e nem quero ele no Yankees depois das merdas que ele disse do Jeter

@bussyrus examples of an actual bosozoku/tsuppari/yankee content is the Crows series, Bebop Highschool, even Tokyo Revengers. imo satosugu rlly have the same vibes as an actual manga adapted into live action (that’s v entertaining imo) called ‘Kyou Kara Ore Wa’ aka From Today, It’s My Turn

Tune in for 3 hours of #Music, humor & more! Yankee Rose's #AnythingGozes!, #Thursdays @ 1 PM EST, only here on #HarmonyRadio, the station that love built! #Variety Quick Link for most players: Listen online:…

@SecBlinken Yankees leave Europe please. Don't come back. Thanks.

Les juro yo no me imagino a un pibe varón yankee a los 15 años leyendo Magnus Chase y entendiendo a los personajes o disfrutando del romance de Will y Nico🤌🤌🤌 vomitan

@SimplyShae13 I think I would literally fill out everything except cap. I wouldn't be able to suppress my "Yankee with no brim/ol ash Ketchum ass" thoughts.

I tried to Yankees: Off with your ass and #VoteYu

@FabrizioRomano Fab any news on that Yankee gk for arsenal

I call my makeshift kotatsu the Kotaahtz with the worst Yankee accent I can muster and I promise you it’s funnier in person

@NYC_prensa @LaRedTV @AgriculturaFM Checho te vamos a enviar en Mision con los Marines Yankees

@JuanDiLopez9 @Joako9810 @DDthestar1 @starlordargento @therealbuni Exacto, esa foto corresponde más a un yankee. Un yankee flaco diria kjjjjjj

If you had to choose between trading for one of the Oakland pitchers or signing Carlos Rodón which move would you make? #Yankees

@NKing17317647 @EMC_III So Yankees - despite living outside Boston I am a NY girl. I was a Devils fan until the hockey strike in '94. I then became a Flyers fan after living in PA for work and going to many games, now I follow the Bruins because I see more games around here.

FMK es un Daddy Yankee chiquito you can't convince me otherwise

@D_Madeo Darío discapcitado de cola ...gordo fans de daddy yankee polvo mal echo por tus tíos

@brooklynfizz J'en profite pour poser ma petite question.... Y a t'il en lien entre les différentes franchises de New York ??? Exemple quand on fait fan des Knicks on supporte les Rangers ou Islanders ? Mets ou Yankees ? Jets ou Giants ? Merci !!!!

#NowPlaying Sola (Remix) [feat. Daddy Yankee, Wisin, Farruko, Zion & Lennox] by Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Wisin, Farruko, Zion & Lennox

@SwissChard86 The worst. It’s like a Yankees fan around here. Tells me ALL that I need to know.

...and prostitute themselves to Northern “mudsills,” plebeian “Yankees.” All the North is full of these refugees, male and female.

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