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@JamesFox917 I think Goodwin has earned his way onto the team, at least as things currently stand. I don't know about you, but I'm keeping Goodwin and Lamb over the following guys: Blake Rutherford Billy Hamilton Zack Burdi Also, I wouldn't be shocked to see Yermin get DFA'd either.

Hopefully Seby Zavala learned from Yermin Mercedes the harsh lesson that if you swing for the fences with a lead, Tony LaRussa wants violence committed against you

@sportsmockery Seby going have a good week or so then get chopped down to size and then get all emotional like yermin Mercedes when shit doesn't go his way

@CardPurchaser I have flashbacks of watching Yermin Mercedes cards explode.

@MelCor454 @PigeePop Lamb or Goodwin won’t be on the playoff roster anyways. Both hit about the same and Goodwin is probably a little better on D. Lamb is like Yermin, he has no position. So…..🤷🏼‍♂️

@SoxMach_pnoles Yermin Mercedes : “The Sopranos” :: Seby Zavala : “The Many Saints of Newark”

@pmnottoli Have more than those 4 bowman? Gonzalez or Yermin for sale?

@UniqueMazique I get it but if Yermin seriously let that ruin his vibe, then he has bigger confidence problems than Tony being stuck in his 80-90's style baseball mindset.

@DrSublime I dont hate him, but I kinda attach Yermin Mercedes' struggles to LaRussa throwing him under the bus for hitting a 3-0 pitch for a HR earlier this season. His year tanked after the incident & just not a fan of the contingent that subscribes to all of the archaic unwritten rules.

In this picture, we can see an Olympic medalist... ...and a tennis player with anger issues.…

Can't believe we've had 2 players make mlb history this year & it's Yermin Mercedes & Seby Zavala!!!

This is not a contending team. Can’t do that against the Indians. Just can’t. Disgusting

@SoxMach_pnoles Give it a few more weeks. They will not rush Yaz. Yermin went 5-5 first game once upon a time

The White Sox are the first team in baseball history to have a player hit his first three homers in the same game (Seby Zavala) and a player get his first five hits in the same game (Yermin Mercedes) in the same season. #Baseball

@gillettenation This was quicker than Yermin Mercedes retirement

Seby with big April Yermin vibes rn 😂😂

@zakkjjames_ 93 Abreu, 91 Moncada at 2b, 88 TA, Minoso 42 card at 3rd. 91 Eloy LF, Kenny Lofton CF, RF Baines. Catcher was gold Yermin. Rotation All star Lynn, rodon, future stars Crochet. Topps Cease. Pen Hendricks all White Sox cards I’m sure I’m missing some (topps Sheets)

@wsxmatt Yermin will make a big return! Why do you give up on him so soon! Yeesh

@jgroc Watching La Russa stand up in defense of one of his players, Yermín Mercedes is like "must be nice"

What if Yermin Mercedes reincarnated as Sebb Zavala instead of actually coming back

@sgp2204 @ChuckGarfien Well let's see if he plays constantly you guys all said this about yermin but guess what happened. He got chopped down to size then pout and cried like a baby when he got sent down

First Yermin, now Zavala. What is going on in Chicago this year…

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